Thursday, August 23, 2012

Level 4. Repeat: We Have a Level 4.

The Albino Peacock has landed. 
First appearance of Johnny at Champs Camp 2012. 
Photo tweeted by U.S. Figure Skating on Tuesday. 
Best caption, from dethspiralz on Tumblr: 
"He’s not gonna wear your shirt, 
or your cowboy ensemble
or take off his sunglasses. 
And you’re going to accept that."

So as usual, U.S. Figure Skating and I are experiencing a tiny communications lapse. Because when they tweeted, "We'll be bringing you loads of tweets/photos/info from #ChampsCamp," on Monday, I thought that meant they'd be bringing us loads of tweets, photos, and info from Champs Camp. But apparently their definition of "loads" differs slightly from mine. Theirs means just 37 Champs Camp-related tweets from Monday through Wednesday (37 tweets? I can spit out 37 tweets in 5 minutes in a discussion limited to whether we think Johnny will be tweeting soon or maybe later), only 2 of which included Johnny in any way: the tweet with the pic above, and this one from Wednesday: "On the ice running through their short programs right now are @JohnnyGWeir, @Adaripp, @DouglasRazzano and @rossminer #ChampsCamp." Which sent a shiver of anticipation throughout fandom....

...Especially since earlier on Wednesday, they had also tweeted this alert: "Practice is occurring at #ChampsCamp right now. We'll be at the @csworldarena to bring you performance coverage beginning at 3:20 p.m. ET."

Of course I thought that meant they'd be bringing us... performance coverage. Like: Photos. Maybe even some vids. Of skaters. Possibly performing... stuff.

But no.

So the day wore on, and I was enveloped in a variety of real-life stuff that precluded me from doing anything other than checking Twitter periodically to find fans fidgeting, sighing, crossing themselves, and quietly descending into barking madness as seen in these random snippets of conversation not necessarily in the order in which they were tweeted...

And then FINALLY....

Yes! He's alive! And tweeting! And skating! And OMG testing...!

And then... nothing.

Until suddenly...

Yay!!! "Level 4"!!! "Successful day"!!! (wait, what does "level 4" mean....?) (level 4's are the highest levels you can get on an element) (ohhhhh) Yay!!!!

And that concludes our loads of tweets/photos/info and our performance coverage. FFS.

So whilst we await today perhaps some Ice Network articles? Interviews? Photos? Instagrams of the back of his head? A twitpic of the glare off his sunglasses? SOMETHING?, let us catch up on some random stuff:

Leftover Chill NY photo, 
from Jaguar's Facebook album.

Fabulous fan art tweeted to Johnny and Victor 
by @ayukovon after the Chill NY event 
(and after Тёма was finally released from the
cone of shame): "Congrats to Тёма got freedom!! 
And happy to progress of your skate!!"

More fan art tweeted by @ayukovon 
as encouragement for Johnny at Champs Camp: 
"Ganbatte!! - with a memory of the other day."

The whimsical explanation tweeted by @ayukovon 
as to "why they became the dolls."
Part 1...

...and Part 2.

Also from @ayukovon. Love. 
Which reminds me of Ping's Poker Face performance 
as recorded by Victor.

And finally: Also from @ayukovon. Yes. This.

One more as Johnny prepares 
for his long program today: 
Gorgeous art from @fukunbo. 
Ganbatte, Johnny!!
We believe in you!

Bonus video!! Tweeted last night by Victor: 
"#chinspin; self-inflicted #anklebiting; #luvv." 
Best caption, from @coddycoddy88: 
"Level 4 moment."

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Previews!! Johnny with Australian Olympic 
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...and Johnny with the ever-fabulous RuPaul.
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aaaack said...

Thank you for helping me to see more and more parallels with the Hunger Games.

"May the scores forever be with you."

With fans sending pods of flowers, cheburashkas, and more.

aaaack said...

Thank you, ayukovon. Johnny would make a great anime cartoon character, too.