Friday, August 3, 2012

"I Want People to See I Am a Warrior"

Johnny at the Ice House on Monday. 
Another day in the long, lonely pursuit of perfection; 
another skirmish in the ongoing battle of wills 
between warrior and ice.
Photo tweeted by Sora Hwang, who also posted
"Saw some of Johnny’s footwork and spins on Monday. 
So beautiful. Saw his jumps today and they are so solid. 
He’s back and he means business. "

BREAKING NEWS!! LogoTV press release issued today
says Be Good Johnny Weir premiere date is now 
Monday, September 17th!
(Countdown clock duly revised. OMG!)
And here are sneek preview clips from the new season
of Johnny with Olympic diving champion Matthew Mitcham
and Diva of the World RuPaul. 

International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

And in case there's still any doubt out there about the seriousness of Johnny's comeback intentions, a thing which of course in no way do I find highly irritating, the fabulous Lynn Rutherford posted this excellent must-read on Ice Network yesterday from which Johnny's "warrior" quote comes. The whole thing is quote-worthy, but one of my favorite parts is the very beginning:

Johnny and Galina.
Photo courtesy of Ice Network.
Johnny Weir does a butterfly into a camel spin, changes to an inside edge, and then catches his free leg for a "donut" position. After a few wobbly turns, he falls.

A minute later, he tries again. Another fall.

"You know, in the old [6.0 judging] system, I was taught to do spins effortlessly," Weir said. "Now, it's supposed to look like you're killing yourself to do something, and that's a little bit of a barrier. I'm trying to do things the kids are doing -- inside edges, with my body flipped upside down."

Weir's coach, Galina Zmievskaya, honed her craft in Soviet-era Ukraine. She has no sympathy.

"Rules," she said. "We can change nothing. So just do it."

Ah, Galina. How we've missed you, too.

In the article, Johnny discusses his long program for this season:

"The free is called 'Phoenix' and its pieces are by the group Escala ['Sarabande' and 'Requiem'] and violinist Edvin Marton [a Chopin selection]. I chose music I love and am inspired by. They are classics, but the way we've arranged the program nobody will think, 'Oh, I've seen this before.'"

As for choreography:

Most of the choreography is from the skater and his coach, with others lending expertise.

"Nikoli [Morozov] just works on steps; he is very good with the judging system," Zmievskaya said. "Johnny has a very talented body; he really feels the music. He is not a baby. In my opinion, he needs to make programs with his own feelings and not represent a choreographer."

I love her.

Cup of Russia is just three months away....

(All the feelings. All of them.)

And Now for Something Completely Different
 and Way Less Serious, Courtesy of Victor, 
Whom We Also Love.

Yay Japan!
(If the video won't play for you, 
please try this link.)

Which of Course Had to Be Screencapped. 
Thank You, Tati.

And Additional Pupdates of Cover Model 
Тёма "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" 

Photo tweeted by Johnny.

Photo tweeted by Johnny.

Japanese fan @ESJW explained that Тёма is wearing
 "a HAPPI coat. You wear it at the time of festival." 
And @yu_mico noted: "We call Тёма's wear 'Happi' 
and your pic&video makes us 'Happy'!! Arigato! xoxo"

And, Of Course, Picspam

As promised, here are the photos used 
in the montage posted on Wednesday. 
Please click any photo twice for larger view.

And said montage again. Because Monday is my birthday 
so I'm spending my pre-birthday weekend
continuing to enjoy this song on repeat.
And then I'm going to the Ice House show on August 18--
with Davey!--as my birthday present. 
Cannot wait!! So excited to see everyone there!
And tickets still available!

All HDOI photos © David Ingogly.

Johnny returns to Sun Valley this weekend!
He'll be the headliner at the Saturday, August 4, ice show, 


UPDATE!!! The return of Johnny to our TVs.
Set those DVRs now: New premiere date is
Monday, September 1710 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT 
only on Logo!

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New entry posted Tuesday! 
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Nancy Knisley said...

And don't forget this exciting news from the article!:

"[H]e hopes to test his programs at Finlandia Trophy in early October."

PumaJ said...

Getting ready to head to the airport for trip to Sun Valley. We will be seeing the fabulous warrior, Johnny, soon!

Blacklace28 said...

OMG he looks skinny in Tati´s screencap! I hadn´t noticed in the video. Great amazing post. I cannot tell you how excited I am for Champ´s Camp and Finlandia Trophy!!! At this rate I´m gonna be a big mess in a few months... Great post Binky and I´ll try not to forget your burthday in a few days but just in case... Best wishes!!!

tanarit1 said...

Do you have a link to Johnny's blog? I can only find the first entry

Binky and the Misfit Mimes said...

@tanarit1: Yes! Here are the two posts he's written so far (newest first):

*Johnny Weir Blogs: My First Impressions of the London Olympic Games,,20612225_20616808,00.html

*Johnny Weir Blogs: Fierce Competition (and Fashion!) at London Games,,20615224,00.html?xid=rss-category-SummerOlympics

Carmina said...

BGJW Season 2 coming soon??!!(...proceeds to bust out the front door of cozy apartment in Chicago, running feverishly up and down the street, screaming like a girl in a slasher film, hugging every person encountered, saying "the wait is over, BGJW 2 is coming!!..don't you know that??...are you stupid??")....well, it didn't actually play out in that exact fashion, but, meh, close enough...
....Sooooooooo incredibly happy the long (yes, it was too damn long) wait is finally OVER!!...Thank you Butch & Gramz, and, of course, the man that makes it all possible :) ....

aaaack said...

Johnny's talent is incredible and once in a generation, so I am so very glad that he is investing in himself.

The time Johnny puts into this effort will just be added onto at the end of his life. Because he will rest assured that he has given his blessed talent his all.

Here's sending some warm thoughts on those cold mornings when the ice is extra hard.

Bubblebabe3000 said...

Johnny, welcome back! I've missed you, ice skating just isn't the same! God's speed and much love xoxoxo
- Excited in Seattle