Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye Champs Camp, Hello Japan!

Johnny greets fans at 
Narita Airport, Tokyo, on Monday.
Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

OK! While everyone else was busy doing whatever it is normal people do which I don't even know what that is, Johnny became a rhythmic gymnast, completed Champs Camp, contemplated a run for the presidency, flew 8,000 miles, greeted 8,000 wonderful fans who gave him 8,000 bouquets and who also all thought he seemed quite slim and wished for him to get more sleep, shopped (which probably goes without saying), and is now on yet another airplane headed to Fukuoka to teach a skating seminar with Miki Ando before returning to perform three shows this weekend in Fukui.

IDEK how he does it all. But here's some photos of him doing it.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Photo tweeted by @midnight_kurage. 
Approximate translation: "Pounding heart every time 
a large luggage silhouette approached. Outburst of anger: 
'Don't be misleading.' Then Johnny came at last!"

Photo tweeted by @ugachan.

Photo tweeted by @midnight_kurage.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Photo tweeted by @ugachan.

Photo tweeted by @ugachan.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Photo tweeted by @midnight_kurage. 
It appears from Google Translate 
(which is not always super accurate...) 
that the fan greeting time is over, and Johnny's 
checking instructions via phone as to what to do 
at the currency exchange and how to find 
the bus to the hotel. I think maybe. 

Photo tweeted by @ugachan.

Looking for the bus? IDK.
Photo tweeted by @ugachan.

Photo tweeted by @ugachan.
We'll assume he got to the hotel OK, 
because he later tweeted enthusiastically: 
"I can't wait until @Vitya_Zvesda, Тёма and I live 
in Tokyo one day. Japan makes me so happy!"

You may recall that Ineko is the lovely fan 
who has made several costume-clad bears for Johnny. 
She brought her newest creation 
to the airport to give to Johnny....
Photo tweeted by Ineko Nakagawa.

...and here he is with Fighter Bear.
Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Ineko Nakagawa.

Catching Up on Champs Camp: 
Team Building Takes Balls

When last we saw Johnny at Champs Camp, he had finished debuting both his short program and his free skate to the judges and was pleased that the altitude had not killed him. Next up: Friday, and the infamous "team-building exercise" that is apparently one of the time-honored traditions of Champs Camp. Kudos to U.S. Figure Skating for drawing fans in by live-tweeting the competition accompanied with twitpics! Here's what went down:

Photo tweeted by U.S. Figure Skating: 
"The athletes have arrived." 
But where's Johnny?....

...Ah yes. There he is. Those shoes. 
The socks. And the phone.

The athletes are divided into teams. 
Johnny's on Team 1, which will be performing to "Hips Don't Lie."
Left to right: Colin McManus, Marissa Castelli

USFS announces: "Tonight's team building is Rhythmic Gymnastics! Each team has a song and an apparatus." (Later we learn that Johnny's team named itself "Team Ball," per his tweet.)

Team Ball what are you doing. 
USFS tweets: "This should be interesting."

Then there was a reeeeeeeeally long pause between tweets, during which each team performed a 60- to 90-second routine. (Note: USFS promises to post video of the routines soon!)

Finally, about 45 minutes later, USFS declared Team 2--unfortunately NOT Team Ball--the winner. But here are awesome pics of Team Ball:

Photo tweeted by Johnny: "Team building Team USA 
through rhythmic gymnastics. Yay Team Ball!" 
Fans immediately re-christen the group "Team Amazeballs." 
Additional team member: Meryl Davis, second from left.

Photo tweeted by Doug Razzano: 
"Hooray Team Balls!" OK, that works too.

Photo from Ice Network's "Friday at Champs Camp" gallery.

Photo from the Ice Network gallery.

Photo tweeted by 
"Team building through rhythmic gymnastics! 
Team balls is #1 in our book!"

The next day: Photo tweeted by 
Doug Razzano with the caption: 
"Our image of focus this morning." 
(In response to thanks from @kwanette for the photo, 
Doug noted: "he's hilarious :)")

Photo tweeted by Johnny at about 8:30 a.m. 
Colorado time on Saturday: 
"It's ruuul early for a boys vs. girls 
judging system pop quiz..." 

At the conclusion of Champs Camp, 
Johnny tweeted this. 
We've already got you covered.

Bonus Japan pics!! Photo tweeted by Johnny 
as he began his trip to Japan: "Pod life. ATL-NRT." 
For more about life in pod sweet pod, 
please see this info on Delta's site 
(thanks to @ler_che for the link!)

Photo tweeted by Johnny from his hotel: 
"I'm so proud to be in Japan to represent my country 
and spread goodwill through sport!" 
(Dying to find out what this means...!)

Photo tweeted by @ESJW: 
"Thank you for always coming Johnny! 
Have a good rest. Love you!"

Fan art tweeted by @ayukovon: 
"We proud of you!! Please, please take a rest tonight."

Johnny at the DOG Harajuku store in Tokyo--
a favorite of Lady Gaga, among others. 
Read about the store here, and check out their website
Photo tweeted Tuesday by @Convoy_DOG.

And one more: Johnny is on the first page 
of the new October 2012 issue 
of International Figure Skating Magazine
The caption reads: "Johnny Weir captured the audiences 
with his avant-garde performance at China's 'Artistry on Ice.'" 
Photo available via a free preview 
of the digital subscription--check it out here!

Very special thanks 
to Ineko Nakagawa
for the exclusive photos!

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...and Johnny with the ever-fabulous RuPaul.
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aaaack said...

Thank you, Champs Camp attendees and Japanese fans, for all the lovely photos.

And thank you, Binky, for pulling this all together.

Thinking ahead to this fall, as they say in the Hunger Games, may the scores forever be with you.

aaaack said...

P.S. Tyoma wants a sleep mask with hearts on it, too. Sibling rivalry....