Friday, August 17, 2012

A Super-Sparkly Silver-Sequined Spokesmodel on Skates

Johnny at the Jaguar press conference 
at The Highline in NYC on Thursday.
Would you buy a new or used car from this man? 
Absolutely. And whatever else he's selling. 
We'll take five.

So a few months ago when Johnny joined Instagram, some of us were amused to see that on his Instagram profile, he described himself thusly: "Two-time Olympic figure skater, Reality TV Star, Movie Star, Recording Artist, Author, Spokesmodel, Husband to @victorweirvoronov."

Spokesmodel? LOL.

But as spokesmodels go.... WOW. He was awesome at the opening of Jaguar's three-day CHILL NY event yesterday--and I say that without actually being there to hear him utter a single word in fulfilling the "spokes" part of "spokesmodel." But I see that he DID have a microphone--although when the first photos started hitting the Internet, we were all like WHAT is on his FACE? until we could get larger views and breathe a collective sigh of OHHHHH OK--so he must have said something, which I'm sure was witty and entertaining, as always, because also as spokesmodels go, he's certainly one of the more highly articulate, but the pictures alone are worth thousands and thousands of words that no one here is interested in reading at all because THE PICTURES.

So here they are. Plus there are tons more in countless galleries, including these: Getty, Wire Image, Film Magic, Zimbio, and also in the photo album on the Jaguar USA Facebook page.

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

According to media accounts, the event began 
with the arrival of 30 Rock stars Tracy Morgan and 
Jane Krakowski in the brick-red 2013 XJ 3.0 All Wheel Drive 
shown here, which was driven onto the synthetic ice under the 
life-size snow globe that is the centerpiece of the CHILL NY event. 
The two "were greeted by Andy Goss, president of 
Jaguar Land Rover North America, 
and the figure skater Johnny Weir, 
wearing a silver-sequined blazer, 
black shorts and a wink." 

A view from another angle. 
Photo tweeted by Victor.

There was some concern over Johnny's hair, as usual, 
in that it was feared that the mullet had once again 
been sacrificed. But as seen here and in a few other shots, 
it appears that Eric simply created some kind of 
amazing updo thingy, and so we are hopeful that
the mullet remains intact.

Tracy, Jane, and Johnny, 
with bonus Victor and Tara in the background.

The celebs with Jaguar Land Rover North America 
president Andy Goss, and bonus Victor.

And Johnny departs to join bonus Victor 
while Jane enjoys her photo op. 
IDK if he skated first and then the car arrived, 
or if he's leaving here to trade his wedges for skates...

...but in any case, here he is on skates. 
Photo tweeted by Victor.

Chatting with Andy Goss.

The celebs with Jaguar North America Brand 
vice president David Pryor.

OK, enough of the other people. 
Here's lots and lots of just Johnny on the ice. 
Which is generally how we prefer our picspam.

More bonus Victor and Tara.

Doing his best spokesmodel thing. 
Let's sell some cars!

Love this.

Also love these retro-looking pics.

And one more. 

Bonus pics!! After the press conference, 
it was off to Logo to do some filming for BGJW Season2 
Photo tweeted by Logo: "It's @JohnnyGWeir looking gorgeous 
at the Be Good #JohnnyWeir promo shoot!"

Photo tweeted by NewNowNext: "Sparkly and fantastic. 
Be Good Johnny Weir is back on @LogoTV 9/17 at 10/9c!!"

Aaaaand they'll be back at Jaguar 
again today from 2 to 4 pm!
Rumor has it that Melissa Gregory and 
Denis Petukhov may also be there!

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"Thank you @jpjweangels for my birthday book! 
I'm sorry it took me so long! I love you!!"

Photo tweeted by Victor: 
"From @sethmacfarlane to @johnnygweir 
#love! #stewie #keepsakes"
So cool!!

Posted on Tumblr: "I just found Johnny Weir 
skating around a parking lot 
in hot pants and a sequin blazer. 
So yeh, your mornings can all suck it."

This just in: East Coasters, you're in luck! 
Johnny is appearing at The Highline in NYC 
this Friday, August 17, from 2 to 4 pm
as part of the free, three-day 
CHILL NY event hosted by Jaguar USA! 
More info here and on Johnny's website!

on Johnny's Comeback Gift Fund website
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UPDATE!!! The return of Johnny to our TVs.
Set those DVRs now: New premiere date is
Monday, September 1710 pm EDT / 9 pm CDT 
only on Logo!

Previews!! Johnny with Australian Olympic 
diving champion Matty Mitcham...
International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

...and Johnny with the ever-fabulous RuPaul.
International fans: 
Please try this link or this link for the video.

Please be sure to read Johnny's fabulous
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My First Impressions of the London Olympic Games
Fierce Competition (and Fashion!) at London Games

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Debora Walsh said...

Johnny looks AMAZING!!! I mean he always does, but he just kicked it up a notch here! He is GLOWING!

Thank you Binky for consolidating all of this snow globe loveliness in one spot...I tried desperately to keep up yesterday on Twitter & FB, but the squee was seriously detracting from my day job! (damn coworkers...why can't they just stay outta my cube and let me Johnnify in peace??!!)

I wish I could have taken today off to go see him; and I wish I was rich enough to go there and buy one of those Jags onsite. I would proudly let Jaguar know that I bought it just because they had Johnny Weir there selling it! Master of Winterland, indeed.

WheresMyKoppy said...

I just found all these lovely photos on Getty Images through my link at There are probably lots more I can't see, but these are watermarkless! Is that a word? Anyway, most of the ones you have on your blog are not on my link, so thanks for posting them! So many lovely photos! And what a wonderful opportunity for Johnny, don't you think?

Another great job, MM!

aaaack said...

Everyone should hire their own celebrity spokes-skater. Glitter and ice make for everything nice.

Follow the clear brick ice road. And find Jaguars, cheburashkas, and panda bears, oh my.