Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome to the Oas-ice

Gorgeous fan art tweeted by Zoe Cheng 
to offer this thrilling reminder: 
We're now about 100 days out 
from Johnny's first Grand Prix event! 
Cannot. Wait.
(Hence the countdown clocks in the sidebar
and also here....)

Kayso between dragging myself through the hottest July on record in Chicago...

...and gasping for actualfax coverage of the Summer Olympics...

(coverage that's not ever so slightly time-delayed in the sense that the dinosaurs keep finding out who medaled before I do and then when the actual NBC coverage finally begins, the events are chopped up beyond all recognition and bloated with so much ads and filler that you forget what you're even watching and start idly wondering why you're suddenly reminded of that episode of The Office where they wore those giant padded sumo-wrestling suits and Andy floated away in a lovely lake filled with glistening, cool water...)

...I am a little desperate for a tall drink of something iced. 

Thus far the best things to come out of NBC's woefully inadequate coverage (despite surprising ratings that seem to suggest people are actually watching the primetime mishmash, though from what I can tell, they're also tweet-bitching about it every step of the way, which is apparently getting under NBC's skin just a bit) are (1) the scorn heaped upon it by... EVERYONE, summed up here by accomplished journalist Jeff Greenfield in a much nicer way than I could manage:

Yes. Since today's audience, unlike NBC, is familiar with that newfangled Interwebz thingy and also has opposable thumbz and uses them to watch the non-freezy/jerky BBC livestreams on their iPhones literally hours before NBC gets around to carting out Bob Costas for no reason at all other than to further annoy an already frustrated audience who's been on Internet quarantine since breakfast to avoid learning the results of the live competition they wanted to sneak off on their break and watch a few minutes of, you know, LIVE, WHEN IT HAPPENED, and (2) this fake Twitter account:

which picked up more than 15,000 followers in its first 15 hours of existence (NBC would KILL to get numbers like that for its regular programming) and whose first tweet obviously struck a chord:

So yeah.

The Summer Games are not quite cutting it for me.

Or for lots of other people, apparently. Beyond the incomprehensibly poor coverage, there's another compelling reason for our ennui:

THIS. Because many of us prefer our athletes without grillz and with the ability to walk on water. Well, frozen water.

Sigh. Yes. We are all...

...absolutely parched.

So I'm pleased to offer you exactly what we've been panting for:

A bit of sparkly winter here in the midst of our summer desert.

Some brief glorious picspam, shimmering there in the distance, which shall serve as a beautiful, gleaming, oh-so-inviting...



You're welcome.

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aaaack said...

Great blog, Binky, you super mind reader, you.

We need the count downs to Nationals and Sochi, too.

Shannon said...

Awww, I love Ryan Lochte and his grill. :). It started as a dare and is all in fun. He has a history of doing his own thing and has way more of a sense of humor about himself than everyone else does. He is his irreverent self and seems unconcerned about the pearl clutchers of the world. Reminds me of some other guy.... :)