Friday, June 8, 2012

A Whole Lot of Socks. (And Happiness.)

Johnny in Taipei Thursday night.
Gorgeous exclusive photo 
courtesy of Junko Mi!

Yes!! We have new picspam! Much of it from the lovely Junko Mi, who has traveled to Taipei from Japan to see tomorrow's show. Junko's photos are always beautiful, and these are no exception--and we are very lucky that they actually got here, because apparently the hotel computers and Internet access have been very veeeerrrryyyyy sloooooooooowwww.... So these come to us thanks to the incredible kindness and patience of Junko, because she knows how much Johnny's fans always want new photos. Thank you so much, Junko!!

More from the hotel Thursday night: Flowers!
Photo tweeted by Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Junko Mi.

IDK what he's doing but I love his hair 
in these photos. Also: arms. O.O
Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Junko Mi.

Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny on Friday morning.
Photo tweeted by Junko Mi.

Johnny and Meg, Friday morning.
Exclusive photo 
courtesy of Junko Mi.

Almost showtime!! On Thursday, the "Red Temptation" cast 
held a press conference to talk about what reported 
as "the most anticipated event of the year" for skating fans. 
ETtoday also promised that Johnny would bring 
his "wild performances in the style of Lady Gaga."

From Yam News, who reported:

Openly gay U.S. champion Johnny Weir was also at today's press conference and announced the good news that he has completed a great event in life. With a happy smile floating on his face, he disclosed that his husband is a Russian lawyer and, after marriage, the biggest difference is that there are more "socks to be washed than before."

With the sweet yoke of marriage, Weir says with a laugh that now his performance on the ice will be better than ever because his "heart has fully tasted happiness."

Trr News called him "the United States' Lady Gaga on ice," 
and declared that he would once again bring his 
"Gaga shock and awe" to the audience. Do want.

Johnny on the ice Thursday.

And the beauty of Johnny on the ice brings us to the final installment of the interview from Figure Skating Days, Vol. 14. Here he discusses why he chose to perform in Miki Ando's "Reborn Garden," her charity show that was held in his beloved Japan this past March. And two surprise guests answer a few questions also!

Johnny Weir: 
A New Dream and a New Family
Part 3 of 3

"Japan is a part of my life"

You agreed to perform in the charity show produced by Miki Ando. Then you made a charity T-shirt immediately after the big earthquake. You took action for Japan. Why did you do that?
Japan has been a big influence on me ever since I first went there in 2004. I have had so many chances to visit there, and it feels like home to me. So, I want to stand up for Japan and help things get better soon in this heavy situation, or lend helping hands to their recovery. We were able to send a lot of contributions [to the Japanese Red Cross] from the T-shirt collaboration with Tadashi Shoji. It was just a little something I could do. If I could have flown to Japan the next day [after the earthquake], I would have done so. When Miki-chan called me, I promptly accepted. Because it is Japan. Japan is a part of my life. In recent years, coming to Japan has been a big part of my life. If it is for this country, which influences me so much and which I respect, even though it's only a little something I can do, there's no reason not to do it.

What program are you skating? And please tell me, what do you want to express through the program? [Note: This interview was done prior to Johnny’s performance in Reborn Garden.]
I'll perform a brand new program. It is by Edwin Marton, who is famous for creating Evgeni Plushenko's music. It's a classic Chopin masterpiece, and Marton has remastered it in a very modern and interesting way for his album, "Artist," which has not been released yet. I want to express "tragedy and victory," "good and evil," "black and white," with the program. I want to express everything that happened during this past year in Japan. At the same time, I want to bless Japan. Japan's activity and recovery are so strong. This program is special, just for Japan.

In the end, what message do you have for people who suffered and lost their beloved or their family?
Please find the power within yourself. It is so terrible when something happens to your beloved, your property, your home... But find your power, find your love, and find anything that you can pour yourself into. A broken heart can be mended. So, every cloud has a silver—no, gold lining. Even though you are in the worst situation, you must search for the best in it.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.

May I ask Victor's family about you?
They know me almost better than anyone. (laughing)

(to Victor's mother) How do you like the marriage of Johnny and Victor?
Lili Voronov: I think it is a wonderful marriage. I was surprised a little bit, but I really think it is wonderful. When I see them together, I know my son's eyes are shining with joy. This is the best moment as a mother. Johnny as a husband—he is the best son-in-law any mother could dream of. He is nice, and very kind and understanding, and always looking after everyone else, isn't he? Johnny sees my son like I do. (laughs) So I'm really pleased.

(to Victor's father) Were you surprised when they got married?
Tony Voronov: Not at all. I felt a bit surprised when Victor came out to us. Now we are supportive. Why? Because no matter what his sexual preference, Victor is my son. That's a fact. We are happy that my son chose Johnny, and that this marriage made my son happy.

Epilogue: The next day, Weir found me and said, "Thank you for your kindness to my family." His face seemed peaceful and satisfied.

Weir, with the best support there is—a loving family—is ready.

Bonus pics!! Photo tweeted by Johnny on Friday:
 "Day 2 of rehearsals in Taipei. I could use a little more sleep, 
although, any day I can wear tights is a good day. 
The tights in question are @Senanyc 
and they're incredible. Happy booty."

Rehearsal pics from Weibo!!

Flashback bonus pic from last year's Artistry on Ice: 
Johnny getting prepped for his amazing video shoot.

Very special thanks 
to my dear Japanese Angel friend 
for all her hard work in translating this interview!

And very special thanks again
to Junko Mi 
for the exclusive photos!

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From "The Essence of Poetry," the latest series 
of black-and-white photos of Johnny at rehearsal. 
Not to be missed. 
Photo © David Ingogly.

Landing quads and kicking ass 
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He's heading to China today
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germansoulmate said...

As a mother, how do you know your child is happy? Judging from my own experience, I see it in the eyes of my daughter and hear it when I´m listening to her talking. I don´t even need to see her to know how she´s feeling. I guess that´s universal all over the world.

Thank you for providing the place for that interview. I greatly enjoyed to also read what Mr. and Mrs. Voronov think about their son´s marriage.

These pics..Johnny and Meg look absolutely stunning. And happy.
I hope they have a great time together they will always remember.

Great send off into the weekend again. Thank you, Binky.

aaaack said...

Thanks so much, Taiwanese fans, for the photos. Hope you will enjoy a most wonderful and memorable ice show.

Hope Johnny and Victor's honeymoon will extend through all the years of their lives. Sounds like they are committed 120% to building a wonderful, supportive, and lasting relationship.