Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Weibo-rama

Johnny in Taipei in a top hat and tails.
Photo courtesy of Machiko Oka.

UPDATE!! New version of "Fighter" 
from the Beijing show!
If the video won't load for you, please try here.
Special thanks to @JJAngelstwit for the link!

thanks to littlehoarse! 

Well, it's happened. I am now officially awash in way, way too much Weibo-y goodness. So I've been sitting here all deer-in-the-headlights for hours now as Beijing stuff keeps pouring in on top of all the Taipei stuff that I haven't even run yet and oh BTW now he's in Shenzhen, having arrived there safely at some point on a day with the word "day" in it—I think maybe Wednesday, which might actually be today, although for our purposes "Whensday" seems more accurate—upon which he was greeted by yet more fans bearing gorgeous flower arrangements:

Photo tweeted by Johnny: 
"Thank you to my fans who greeted us at Shenzhen! 
Now waiting for the press conference."

And then apparently that happened...

...and they couldn't look more excited.

So the Shenzhen show isn't until Friday which I don't even know what that means, but I have a dim sense that we might be able to take a moment to sort of catch up on his trip thus far before that show happens by which I mean I can post 8,324 or so of the 47,927,562,319 Weibo pics currently available plus stuff from random places whilst he begins rehearsals at which he will be photographed extensively again...


So today we're going to take a completely random look at Artistry on Ice in Beijing because there's a really unique series of pics that I'm currently fascinated with from that performance--the same show about which he said, "I skated so-so tonight, but the audience in Beijing helped me through! Thank you to my fans! I am so honored to perform in your capital." But IDK which show he was at because all I keep reading is that he was amazing. And 5 billion Weibo users and their 47 billion pics can't be wrong.

As always, please click photos twice for full-size view.

We begin with video of the opening number! 
Because who doesn't love 46 seconds 
of Johnny in a top hat and tails?
If the video won't load for you, try here or here.

Performing his Chopin piece. 
He noted in the Beijing press conference 
that this would be part of his free skate 
in the upcoming competitive season.


And now we come to an unusual series of pics from Weibo that I can't stop staring at. Even though they're not super-huge, I love the way they're done.

Bonus Beijing pics!! 
My totally absolute favorite rehearsal pic. 
Please, please click twice for full-size view. 
Photo courtesy of Artistry on Ice. 
See the original here.

One more from the Beijing presser.

Photo tweeted by Johnny after the show:
"Missing home, @vitya_zvesda and Тёма! 
NY knee protection!"

And just one more:
from "Fighter."

Please click twice for huge full-size view.

Repeated by popular request: Johnny 
at the Beijing press conference! 
Video also viewable here or here.
Thanks to @hexia921 on Weibo!
Special thanks to littlehoarse 
for uploading to YouTube!

Transcript: Thank you first of all to my fans, for congratulating me on my marriage. It's very exciting, and it gives me a very nice new perspective on my sport, and training, and life, and not to take it too seriously, because there's always life afterwards, after your sport. But at the same time, it motivates me to skate and train harder, and work every day, because I have more than just myself to keep happy.

This year I won't be skating to Lady Gaga in this show. It will be my first [time] in China without Gaga, but I'm still bringing a very great pop diva, Christina Aguilera, onto the ice with me. I'm skating to "Fighter," and it's to represent this crazy journey that I'm going to go on and try to come back to competition this year, and I have to fight whoever to get in. It's kind of a precursor to how difficult the Grand Prix Series is going to be. But it's very fashionable--I'll have a pretty coat, and kind of a wrestling outfit, and-- I'll look cute. And the other performance, I'll skate in collaboration with Edvin Marton to his re-creation of Chopin, and I'm happy to say that that piece of music is a part of my new free program for this season. So I'm very excited to share that with my Chinese fans.

Meanwhile, Back in New Jersey...

Photo tweeted early this morning 
by Johnny: "My boys."

A lovely tweet from Victor last night.
Dear Victor, you are so very welcome.
Thank you for reading, and for joining all of us 
around the world in reveling in the magic 
that your husband brings everywhere he goes. 
We you both so much!
(And thank you to dear @jwaussiekitten 
for screencapping this so I could see the emojicons!)

Jampacked with exclusive photos from Junko Mi
and exclusive pics, vids, and stories of 
the Taiwanese fans' experience with Johnny, 
thanks to Zoe Cheng. A must-read!
Photo courtesy of Zoe Cheng.

It's that time again!! Show Johnny Weir the Love 
is putting together an amazing birthday gift 
Details here. 
Just $5 gets your name on the card; 
deadline to participate is Friday, June 22!
Photo © David Ingogly.

From "The Essence of Poetry," the latest series 
of black-and-white photos of Johnny at rehearsal. 
Not to be missed. 
Photo © David Ingogly.

Landing quads and kicking ass 
at a Grand Prix event near you!
Read his comeback statement 
on his website!

New on Johnny's website!! Johnny returns 
to perform again in Sun Valley this summer! 
He'll be the headliner at the Saturday, August 4, ice show, 
and tickets are on sale now!! Don't miss it!

Please click to vote for Johnny 
once a day as "Best Sportsman"
Because he retweeted Luisa Lotka to tell us 
he wants us to! (Note: With his "58.132" rating, 
he is currently in 1st place in both 
Figure Skating AND across all sports!)

Weibo, here we come!!
He's heading to China today
for Artistry on Ice: Red Temptation!

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Q and A! Go read it now!

with MAC is pretty much sold out, 
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for a little while longer 
because I love it so much.

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
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Johnny tweeted:
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aaaack said...

My how Tyoma hath grown...from a cupcake to a poundcake, or from a slider to a burger. What have you guys been feeding him?

I second Victor's comment that your blog helps makes Johnny's distance exponentially easier to bear. It also takes my mind off off a lot of bureaucratic nonsense occurring in another compartment in my life.

Atomic Wife said...

Awwwww.... MM... could you have ever imagined you'd be Johnny and Victor's long distance love connection? That is so sweet!!!

OMG.... FREE SKATE!!!!!!!!!!!!