Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Too Much Happiness in Our Hearts"

Johnny performing "Fighter" in Taipei. 
Exclusive photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

OK! We're still catching up with Taipei, but he's already been in Beijing for like two days now, so we're going to fast-forward briefly to enjoy a few moments from that leg of his trip before we backtrack again to Taipei for some really amazing fan vids and pics. Fasten your seatbelts, and please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Which may prove difficult if you have a bouquet to hold onto...

(As always, please click photos twice for larger view. Weibo photos are source-watermarked, so to save time in shoveling all this stuff out here as fast as possible, I've only noted the sources of non-Weibo pics.)

Welcome to Beijing!

The Chinese Angels greet Johnny at the airport 
with this beautiful huge new banner!...
Photo tweeted by @murasakiitoe.

...which they had stayed up all night to finish 
before he arrived. The banner reads: 
"2012 Johnny Weir 
Best wishes for a happy marriage! 
Welcome back to competition! 
See you in Sochi [in this year's Grand Prix Final] 
and see you in Sochi again [in the 2014 Olympics]!" 
Love it.

Johnny later signed the banner at the 
Beijing fan meeting, noting that it was the first time 
he had autographed anything with his married name.  
Photo via Weibo.

Chinese fans also presented him with 
these beautiful flowers at the airport. 
Photo tweeted by Johnny: "If this isn't a bouquet 
I don't know what is. Thank you to my Chinese fans!!" 
Although you can't really grasp 
the enormity of this bouquet 
until you put it in someone's hands for context...

...so here is my lovely Twitter friend @haohewuyin 
holding the flowers while awaiting Johnny's arrival...

...and here is Johnny with them.

Another angle. 
Love the Weir-Voronovs' Yankees hats.

The next day, the Artistry on Ice stars 
held a press conference in Beijing.
Full-size image.

Full-size image.

Love Johnny's shirt. 
LOL that Jeffrey Buttle is #NotClearOn 
where to put his hand....
Full-size image.

Yes! We have video of Johnny 
at the Beijing press conference! 
Here he speaks about his marriage, the upcoming  skating season, and what part his Chopin piece 
will play in his competitive programs. 
Video also viewable here or here. Thanks to @hexia921 on Weibo! UPDATE: Now available on YouTube! Special thanks to littlehoarse!

Meanwhile, Back in Taipei...
We'll begin with incredible photos of Johnny's performances courtesy of Junko Mi:
In the opening number.
Photo tweeted by Junko Mi.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
Performing to Edvin Marton's 
Chopin arrangement.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
During the "Batman" group number
at the beginning of the second act.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
During the finale.
Photo tweeted by Junko Mi.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.
With his crown of roses.
Exclusive photo
courtesy of Junko Mi.

More From Taipei:
"Too Much Happiness in Our Hearts"
The following comes to us once again from the truly wonderful Zoe Cheng, who captured in these exclusive photos, videos, and words the fans' amazing experience with Johnny while he was in Taiwan. Zoe's words are in blue below.
Greeting Johnny at the airport. Let the screaming begin. 
Watch closely for him RIGHT at the very beginning, 
and then it takes fans a few minutes to figure out 
how to get over to where he is. 
I love that he motions for them to come and join him.
Zoe writes: 
First impression of Johnny is that 
he’s a big boy who’s a little shy.
The box for the painting falls 
from the luggage. Johnny's surprised!

On the morning of June 7th, @juncolove suddenly proposed 
to request a fan meeting with Johnny. 
This request just popped up, and it might cause 
some inconvenience to Johnny, 
but he still promised to meet us at 9 p.m. on the 8th. 
However, Johnny didn't come back to the hotel 
from rehearsal until 10:30 p.m., and our reserved place 
for the meeting was closed, 
so the meeting was held in the hotel lobby.
When Johnny showed up, he’s like a big boy, 
apologizing to every fan. 
We all melted in his smile.
Then we played some small games, 
and those whose name tags were picked 
were able to take extra pictures with Johnny.
Johnny happily opened his gifts.
Johnny tried to write his Chinese name. 
He said he bought new sunglasses today. 
He promised us to bring Victor to Taiwan.
Everyone there eventually held hands 
and took pictures with Johnny. 
Even the security guard at the hotel lobby--
who had asked us to keep our voices down 
and not to disturb others--
was attracted by Johnny’s beauty, 
and put his job aside to take photos of Johnny.
It's a wonderful fan meeting. 
Sweet Johnny, we love you!

Finally, Johnny told us that he would have 20 minutes 
to take photos with us at 11 tomorrow morning 
to make up for the time we had waited.
And we are sincerely grateful to 
@MJunkoj, @mattii7, and Japanese friends 
for their information and assistance, 
without which we couldn’t have held 
such a wonderful fan meeting!

Johnny was in a good mood today. 
When we saw him outside the hotel, 
he’s on the way to Starbucks with Meg. 
He greeted us like a friendly big brother.
When he’s back, we saw him happily wearing 
the hair looping made by @macaronroom. 
Johnny was born to be a model.
Before he left for performance. 
He’s always smiling cutely...
...and busy signing.

At the show. It's packed. 
Not even one empty seat.

When watching Johnny perform “Fighter,” 
we were all so touched and all cried. 
It reminded me of his excellent skills in tournaments 
where he competed for high scores. 
We enjoyed more Johnny's interpretation 
of unhidden emotion. 
Through art he pursued the essence of human. 
His performance was like his personality; 
so truthful and genuine.

After the performance, 
Johnny took photos with us in the hotel lobby.
We were so sad to see his injured feet.
He’s really tired, but he still stayed 
to talk with us one by one.
When he’s talking with others, 
he’s not angry when we did funny things behind him.
The person looks prettier than the flowers...
What touched us the most was that he suddenly tightly hugged 
the leader of this fan meeting, @juncolove, and told her, 
“Thank you for all your hard work. 
Thank you for being so busy for all the fans these days. 
Thank you.”
(@juncolove stayed at the hotel day and night 
to fight for the fan meeting for us.)
What celebrity could be so considerate of his fans? 
Johnny is so considerate. Who cannot love him!
When leaving that night, he’s still so considerate to tell us 
when they would leave the hotel.
He didn’t want us to come to the hotel the next day 
to say goodbye only to find that he had already left.
When he went up to his hotel room, 
we fans finally relaxed and cried out 
because we had too much happiness in our hearts.

Time to leave Taiwan.
Johnny told the fans in Taiwan on this video
that he would come back.
He also encouraged fans with academic or life problems: 
“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes or failures. 
Don’t give up, and be strong.”
When he told us these words, we all burst into tears.
He’s like a kind older brother, warming our hearts.

And then we said goodbye.

Very special thanks to Junko Mi 
for the beautiful exclusive photos, 
and to Zoe Cheng for sharing the Taiwan fans' story 
through her exclusive pics and vids.

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Photo © David Ingogly.

From "The Essence of Poetry," the latest series 
of black-and-white photos of Johnny at rehearsal. 
Not to be missed. 
Photo © David Ingogly.

HE REALLY, REALLY IS!!  Landing quads and kicking ass  at a Grand Prix event near you! Read his comeback statement  on his website!

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germansoulmate said...

I´m in a very happy place right now.

Thank you to Johnny for all you do and for what you stand for.

Thank you to Junko. We will ever be thankful for all your work.

Thank you, of course, to you Binky for putting all the pics, vids and fan report in one place to visit whenever we feel like visiting.

Novia said...

I don't know what I love the most about this luxurious, generous outpouring of love for Johnny and FROM Johnny. I squealed at the pic of him in tux, and the Batman costume appeals so much to my geeky side I commend whoever designed it in the first place.

But then I came to the videos and pics of the fans meeting him, at the airport, at the hotel. That massive banner that is just crammed with love and good wishes. Those big, big floral arrangements. And the story of how patient he is, how kind. And how everyone cried when he left.

He left me weeping too.

If ever I thought that I would live just fine without ever meeting him, seeing him in person, I will read this post to remind me why I should make the effort.

aaaack said...

Thank you, Taiwan and Peking fans, for all these wonderful welcomes, flowers, banners, photos, and videos. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share.

Thank you, Binky, these blogs take a lot of time to put together. You are Superwoman!