Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"The Poetry and Originality, the Perfect Freedom..."

Johnny performing to Edvin Marton's 
Chopin arrangement in Beijing. 
Exclusive photo courtesy of 
the Chinese Angels / Maria Ma.

Kayso I realize that we've already reached 11 on the Scale of Relentless Fabulosity via the Neverending AOI Picspam, but Twitter friends assured me last night that, as always, too much Johnny is never enough, so.... here. Have some more.

But first, before we get to this next gorgeous photo series from the Chinese Angels, we have random news to report:

(1) From Our Nerdtastic Sparkletistics Dept.: Johnny hit 110,000 Twitter followers yesterday! Thanks to lovely @ESJW for spotting the milestone moment

Let's recap: When I first started keeping track of this stuff (because it inexplicably makes me happy. Just go with it.), he had 41,172 followers on 03-02-2010. As of this writing, he has 110,034, for a gain of 68,862, or an average of more than 2,500 new followers per month. For scale: He has a scant 90,950 more followers than PChiddy, 95,506 more than US Figure Skating, and just 108,327 more than hate group "One Million" Moms, whose poignant struggles with math and relevancy continue to transfix the nation (1,797 = 1,000,000 in what alternate reality? Oh yes, the one where people tweet stuff like "WARNING: DC Comics has announced that the Green Lantern is gay" with a completely straight face and without a trace of self-awareness that might enable them to grasp how utterly stupid they're going to look not only in 50 years, but pretty much the minute they click "tweet"). Anyway: Congratulations, Johnny! We love you and your tweets (#iTent). And your Twitter pictures.

(2) Yao Ming Is a BIG Fan: The retired 7'6" NBA player from China was at the Shanghai show, as seen here in this Jumbotron photo posted by Artistry on Ice on their Weibo page:

And then yesterday the Chinese Angels tweeted to me that they had learned that, just like dozens of other fans who tossed flowers and gifts onto the ice for Johnny after his performances, Yao had thrown a small stuffed bear for him!

Johnny gathers up gifts from the ice in Shanghai.
Super-size image here.

Later Yao went to dinner with Joannie Rochette and Jeffrey Buttle, as shown in this photo tweeted by Joannie which looks completely Photoshopped except that it's not:

"Guess who I had dinner with in Shanghai 
last night?" Joannie wrote. 
It's like a bar graph: If Yao is Johnny's Twitter followers, 
then Jeffrey is US Figure Skating...

(3) Kings on Ice: I love this moment between Plushenko and Johnny at the end of the Shanghai show.

(4) "Johnny, please don't go...": Saying goodbye to Johnny is difficult in any language...

...and sometimes no words at all are needed.

New video!! Johnny's performance 
to "Fighter" in Beijing...

...and his Chopin from Shenzhen.

Which brings us to today's pièce de résistance: Beautiful new exclusive picspam of Johnny's Chopin performance in Beiijng, courtesy of the Chinese Angels and photographer Maria Ma.

These quotes about Chopin's own brilliant talent seem strikingly apropos...

The marvelous charm, the poetry and originality, 
the perfect freedom and absolute lucidity of Chopin's playing 
cannot be described. It is perfect in every sense. 
--C.E. & M. Halle

There is something fundamentally personal 
and at the same time so very masterly in his playing 
that he may be called a really perfect virtuoso. 
--Felix Mendelssohn

Here is a young man, abandoning himself 
to his natural impressions ... [who] has found, 
if not a complete renewal ..., at least a part 
of what has been sought in vain for a long time-- 
namely an abundance of original ideas 
of which the type is to be found nowhere. 
--La Revue Musicale

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view.

Bonus pics!! One more from Chopin...

...one from "Fighter" in Shanghai, 
courtesy of Machiko Oka...
Super-size image here.

...and an amazing rehearsal shot.
Many thanks to @Mengchhichi on Weibo 
for tweeting this to me!

Very special thanks 
to the Chinese Angels and Maria Ma 
for the exclusive photos!!

There's still time to contribute 
to Johnny's birthday gift!!

It's that time again!! Show Johnny Weir the Love 
is putting together an amazing birthday gift!! 
Details here. 
Just $5 gets your name on the card; 
deadline to participate is Friday, June 22!
Photo © David Ingogly.

Jampacked with exclusive photos from Junko Mi
and exclusive pics, vids, and stories of 
the Taiwanese fans' experience with Johnny, 
thanks to Zoe Cheng. A must-read!
Photo courtesy of Zoe Cheng.

From "The Essence of Poetry," the latest series 
of black-and-white photos of Johnny at rehearsal. 
Not to be missed. 
Photo © David Ingogly.

Landing quads and kicking ass 
at a Grand Prix event near you!
Read his comeback statement 
on his website!

New on Johnny's website!! Johnny returns 
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He'll be the headliner at the Saturday, August 4, ice show, 
and tickets are on sale now!! Don't miss it!

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with MAC is pretty much sold out, 
but I'm leaving this video on here 
for a little while longer 
because I love it so much.

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
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aaaack said...

Johnny is the consummate artist-athlete. What he brings to the ice is real, not just theater. He skates with his heart on his sleeve.

Thank you, Binky and Chinese fans, for capturing these photos and posting them.

Thank you, Yao Ming, for providing Johnny's stuffed Ping with a friend and ally.