Monday, June 25, 2012

LA Confidential

Victor, Tara, and Johnny on Rodeo Drive!
(Original photo posted by Tara on Facebook.)

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Photo © David Ingogly.

OK, June has just turned into the longest six-month stretch between May and July ever. Because Johnny was in China for two weeks, came home for one night, then flew to LA the next day for what is apparently the Never-Ending Secret Squirrel Trip to the West Coast, which still has another week to go, as we learned from Johnny's poignant late-night tweet. Sigh.

But hey! We have some cryptic picspam to tide us over whilst we languish here in the 12th of Never...

Our story begins with Starbucks, of course. 
(Is there any Johnny story that doesn't begin 
with Starbucks? I didn't think so.)
 Well, technically it begins with Starbucks on Friday
because all we know about Wednesday is that 
he took a photo with Instagram, and Thursday he was 
working on REDACTED for 16 hours
Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

Then he was off to the Toyota Sports Center for training...
Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

According to lucky bystanders, 
he had the rink to himself 
for a private practice session...
Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

...but as always, he's never too busy for fans.
Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

Photo tweeted by @Renee_Elena:
"@johnnygweir my rebel glitter pixie xD ♥ ‪#lovethisguy‬ ‪
#qualitymoments‬ ‪#johnnyweir‬ ‪#badass‬ ‪

Johnny with Bonnie Weinstein Crowe and 
her daughter, Sarah, a skater who took part
that day in the SoCal Interclub Championship 
Skating Competition. Bonnie later tweeted
"@JohnnyGWeir Such a thrill for me & my 11yrold daughter 
to see you skate today. What an inspiration! 
Thanks for the gracious photo/auto xox"
Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.

Johnny and Sarah. Photo posted to 
Johnny's Facebook fan page by Bonnie, who wrote: 
"Look who got to wish Sarah good luck this morning... 
 We love Johnny and it was such a thrill to watch him skate 
up close and to meet him. He was so nice (just as expected) 
and so kind to let us take this photo...  he even signed Sarah's 
USFS card (was all we had on hand that wasn't laminated). ... 
 It was so unreal to see him there. 
He rented out the rink and we got to watch him practice... 
always amazing to watch him but up close, even more unreal 
when you see the height and angle of those jumps, 
or how fast and complicated those spins of his are."

And we even have a brief video clip!! 
Tweeted by Bridget Hopkinson: 
"@JohnnyGWeir it was great watching you skate."
(If the video won't play for you, please try this link.)

And when he was all done, 
Johnny tweeted this photo: 
"Victory. Thanks Toyota Sports Center. That was fun." 
Love everything about this. 
Especially his sense of humor.

Then, late in the day, at last: some time to relax! 
Photo tweeted by Victor: "Rockin the escalade. 
Off to Rodeo drive baby w/ @JohnnyGWeir and @tmodlin!"

Exclusive photo courtesy of Tara.
Uncapped version here.

Original photo tweeted by Tara.

And finally, a "goodnight kiss!! :)"
Photo tweeted by Victor: "#love"

Bonus pics!! Wonderful new art 
tweeted by @ayukovon!

Random fan photo tweeted on Saturday by 
@_Jocelyn_Cab_: "#TweetThe4thPictureInYourPhone‬ 
@_devanmackyt_ @JohnnyGWeir"

And an adorable card for Johnny and Victor 
from the Chinese Angels: 
"Happy Marriage! 
And we're all looking forward to 
a little baby with GREEN EYES!"

Say Yes to Johnny on Your TV!!

Tara's episode (with bonus Johnny!)
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Don't miss it!! Fingers crossed for this moment to be televised!

Very special thanks to lovely 
Super Agentress Tara Modlin 
for the exclusive photos!!

Coming up: Yet more picspam from 
the wonderfully generous Chinese Angels!

New on Johnny's website!! 
He's heading back to Japan in early September 
for Fantasy on Ice! More info here!

Landing quads and kicking ass 
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germansoulmate said...

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou...that was a nice surprise coming back from lunch. Exclusive pics, vid...what more can a fan´s heart desire?


Ok...actually meeting the guys. and vids have to do for now. But one day, I tell` day...I´ll be a lucky one.

Thanks, Binky, and Tara for making my day a better one.

aaaack said...

Johnny is probably itching to spill the beans. But sister Tara is totally PR form correct in demanding that all the ducks be lined up in a row and dressed in macintoshes before that phalanx of ducks can march. In the meantime, us fans are mystified and trying to fit missing puzzle pieces together. Tara, take pity and toss us a crumb of news.

For Johnny happiness is marrying a soul mate (Vitya), the heartfelt applause of skating crowds, a warm puppy (Tyoma), and a Birkin tree. A firkin of Birkins and furs, please, and Louboutins on tap.

Dana said...

So, am I correct in thinking that we don't know why he's in LA? Anyone know if Galina is there? Being what time of year it is, might he be working on choreography? He usually does that around his birthday according to something I heard Patty say once about never seeing him on his birthday because that's when he gets his choregraphy for the next season.