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Flashback Friday: Tour of Taiwan... With Bonus Russia!

Johnny greets fans back at the hotel 
after the first Artistry on Ice show in Taiwan. 
Amazingly, this photo was taken not long after this one
The things he does for his fans...
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

So today we're flashing back to the first Artistry on Ice show in Taipei that was nearly three weeks ago now, although it seems like it should be even longer than that because I believe he's spent at least three months in LA since last Tuesday, but yay I think he's coming home soon, possibly today, and apparently laden with See's Candies, which really demands twitpics--not that any of his Facebook fans would ever see them due to the ongoing Cold War-style hostilities currently enveloping his social media apps for no reason at all. Although I did observe that Twitter posted this cheery "Alert!" the other day: 

"We have fixed many issues with the Twitter for Facebook integration, including the ability to post to Facebook Pages, and added some new features!" 

Apparently one of which is the exciting new feature in which Twitter no longer posts to Facebook Pages AT ALL.  

Anyway, the only reason we're flashing back is because I have random fabulous leftover photos from Taipei that I sort of forgot about in the utter chaos that has been my week in which I earned a -3.0 GOE in sleep. So if this makes even less sense than usual, please me forgive, and enjoy the picspam which I did try to in order put, "order" as defined by the fact that these are photos and they are in some kind of vertical arrangement on this page zzzzzzzzzzzzz......

Oh! And also: Here, have a random interview done in English, printed in Russian, and translated back to English. Which totally sounds like we should end up with "My coach is going as Neo Sky," but thanks to the masterfully multi-linguistic Tatiana Edrenkina, we instead have a fascinating read that actually makes sense. Maybe Tati should go work for Twitter. ("Perhaps you don't understand: In both Russian and English, 'fixing issues' means NOT breaking stuff that worked up until the moment you 'fixed' it....")

At the hotel in Taipei on Friday.
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Before the show on Saturday....
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

...and after.
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Johnny shows fans his battered knees. 
Later he tweeted that his knees "were the ice's bitch" that night.
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

He also had sports wraps applied to his calves, 
as seen in this picture tweeted by Junko Mi. 
Junko explained to slightly alarmed fans, 
"The performance of 'Fighter' gives damage on his knee.
The care of the calf is for hard practice."

Johnny wants to show fans something from his bag...
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

...a whole box of sports wraps!
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

The universal sign for "take a picture?"
Or maybe further discussion of leg therapy. IDK.
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Johnny with "Ko Panda." 
Photo tweeted by Junko Mi, who tells us
"This panda is 'Ko Panda' in Japanese name. 
Johnny heard the meaning of 'Ko panda.' 
(Ko = small or child).
Ko Panda is a panda of my friends. 
Johnny heard it many times. 'Ko Panda?' 'Ko Panda?????' 
Ko Panda is as old as Ping. 
 I think that Ping is not jealousy. 
Ping say... 'Please play with Тёма.'" LOL.

Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Leaving Taiwan to head to Beijing...
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

He's almost kinda dwarfed here 
by the giant bus and the semi-giant bag....
Photo courtesy of Mutsumi Teshima.

Bonus pic!! One more from Taipei: 
Before the show, the lovely Machiko Oka models 
the crown of roses that Johnny is wearing in the other pics. 
Machiko has given countless crowns and bouquets 
to Johnny throughout his career, including the crown 
he wore and the flowers he carried at the Vancouver Olys
Photo courtesy of Machiko Oka.

Johnny Weir: 
“At Heart, I’m an Old Russian Woman"
Interview in Sport Express 
posted 06-06-2012
by Slava Malamud
translated by Tatiana Edrenkina

Part 1: Johnny Weir Returns

The three-time US champion, one of the most eccentric figure skaters in history, and the main Russophile of America has decided to come back to the amateur ice to compete at the Sochi Olympics.

“Let’s speak in English,” Johnny said after replying to my “dobroe utro” (good morning). “I’m afraid I won’t be good in Russian. I try, but I make lots of mistakes. Russian has so many rules… To learn all of them is too much for me.”

“Can you read in Russian?”

“I can read, I can write. I read your newspaper.”

“Do you like it?”

“Mostly. Give my regards to Elena Vaitsekhovskaya. We’ve known each other for a long time.”

A few months ago, Johnny unexpectedly announced that he was returning to competitive skating, as if he’d suddenly realized that he’d left something there. Maybe he just misses shocking those respectable judges? No one can say that the main troublemaker of figure skating has settled down in recent years. At least he continues to amaze everyone around.

“Those are the best loafers of all time!” a woman cried as she passed by the table where we were talking with Weir. And she pointed to Johnny’s shoes: black loafers sewn round with metallic pins. Johnny said, “Thank you.” The lady saw fit to reassure him that she was not joking, and that the loafers really WERE the best. Of all time. She didn’t specify how serious she was in researching the world history of loafers, but Johnny didn’t argue. Moreover, it seemed that he shared her point of view to some extent.

Today’s Johnny is an open and friendly man. He doesn’t hide his sexuality and all its consequences. Not long ago, he got married. To a Russian man, of course. Now he’s called “Johnny Weir-Voronov.” He also has a puppy named “Artyom Victorovich Weir-Voronov.” Does your dog have a patronymic? If it doesn’t, then congratulations, you’re not Johnny. And most likely you don’t have loafers like Johnny does, either.

Part 2: A Phoenix in a Fish Bowl

How’s your comeback to the competitive sport? How is the process going?
It’s pretty far along already. Both of the programs—short and free—are done, and I’m working on quads. I need to lose a couple of pounds, and then the whole summer I’ll have fitness training—I’ll be getting in shape.

Have you found new aches that you were unaware of before?
What new aches? I’ve remembered old ones that I’ve long forgotten about. But you know, I’m older now, and I have a new approach to training. I have a strategy.

You’re saying that the programs are ready.
In general, yes. They are not beautiful yet, but the skeletons are ready.

What can you tell us about them? Music, for example—or is it a secret?
The music will be special. I can only say that the music for the short program was given to me by Lady Gaga personally.

Oh yes. The short program will be cool. As for the free program… I’ve decided to follow the example of skaters from the ’50s and ’60s, when the free program was much longer and included excerpts from various musical pieces. I have the same concept, but with a modern interpretation and in high tempo. There’ll be many classical pieces—ones that everybody knows. And the theme of the program is the phoenix. How it rises from the ashes.

An allusion to yourself?
A big one. I will tell my story on the ice.

You enjoyed your life for the past two years—you ate what you wanted, you did what you wanted. What has pulled you back to the sport?
I’m really happy that I rested these last two years. I needed to leave skating and live without it for a little bit. You know, figure skating is a big fish bowl.

Fish bowl?
Yes. You live like a fish under glass. Everybody sees you, everyone knows everything about everyone, and rumors are constantly spread. In hockey, it’s probably the same… So I ran away from all of it, and I was happy. I got married. My life is beautiful at this point. I reassured myself that skating is not the only thing that I can do. And now I live my life not just for skating. That will be my approach from now on: I’m here on the ice because I want to be, not because I don’t have any other options.

Coming up: Parts 3 and 4 of the interview!

The print edition of the interview in Sport Express. 
Love that it's huge!! 
Photo courtesy of Tatiana Edrenkina.

Johnny tweeted this news early this morning. 
OMG!! So excited for Japanese fans!!

Our birthday project is complete!! 
for an exciting update!

As the Colorado wildfires continue to rage,
please send good vibes / prayers / wishes 
to all those facing this disaster. 
With much of American figure skating based in 
Colorado Springs, this affects many in the 
national figure skating community. 
Our thoughts are with you.

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aaaack said...

Johnny's face is like the ocean in that it looks different all the time with different moods and expressions.

Packed with Johnny there's the careworn old Russian woman, the balletic athlete, the idea-churning fashion designer, the PR pro, the skating correspondent, the proud papa, the starry eyed newlywed, the Josephine Baker-Fanny Brice cutup, etc., etc.

Thank you for capturing this, Binky and fans. And be sure to save all your columns and videos on a backup drive for the grandchildren.