Friday, May 25, 2012

The Essence of Poetry

Johnny on the ice during warmup
in his Bosco "Russia" vest, of course.
 I love that when the GP announcements came out 
this past Monday, Johnny texted Phil Hersh 
of the Chicago Tribune: "Can't wait to be 
back in the game, and it all starts in Mother Russia."
Photo © David Ingogly. 
Please click twice for larger view, 
or click here for the amazingly detailed full-size image.

So I was dithering over whether to post today, since it's a holiday weekend in the US and I wasn't sure if there'd be much readership with Memorial Day coming up, so I asked on Twitter if anybody would be around to enjoy some picspam. And my favorite among the "YES!!" replies I received was this from Jenn Kittler: "Monday's the holiday weekend. Tomorrow's just another day in need of Johnny pics. ... Tbh every day's just another day in need of Johnny pics."

ITA. So here you go.

But before we get to the pics (yes, I see your eyes sliding on down the page there...), two quick happy announcements:

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And now, the picspam: The following photos were all taken during just the first eight minutes of Johnny's final warmup before showtime at Holiday Dreams on Ice (which means we still have a zillion more photos from the remaining 22 minutes...). 

During rehearsals on Thursday, he was in a happy and bouncy mood; on Friday, he seemed much quieter, a bit tired, and very intense. Earlier in the day he practiced the group numbers as well as his own programs during dress rehearsal; now, with just 45 minutes before the show, came the final run-through.

The lighting was erratic during the warmup, since the lighting guys were working out the final kinks for the show (they did a fantastic job, BTW), so the color photos from this session are very inconsistent. But the black-and-white versions are amazing. To me, their starkness best conveys Johnny's dedication, laser-like inner focus, and the solitary--almost lonely--pursuit of his passion as he prepares to give his final performances of 2011.

It's supposed to be 90 degrees in Chicago this weekend. But I'll be revisiting this photo series off and on, remembering the freezing cold of the ice rink--you can see how bundled up Johnny is as he begins his warmup, although he keeps shedding layers as he goes (yes, we have that picspam to look forward to)--how beautiful his skating is even in a warmup, and how much I can't wait to see him back on the ice for the Grand Prix series...

As always, please click any photo twice for larger view. Some photos also are available in super hi-res.

The essence of poetry 
is will and passion.
—William Hazlitt

Prior to Johnny's arrival, UPenn Class of '23 Arena staff 
fill in divots left in the ice from previous practices. 
The Zamboni will smooth the ice one more time 
before the show starts, but for now, the workers 
do a quick patch job. In the background are some 
of the young skaters, who are gathered here because 
they know that Johnny will be arriving any minute now...

The ice, both inviting 
and unforgiving, awaits him.
And so do we...

...and then we happen to glance over 
and he's already here!

He skates past before Davey can focus his camera 
as precisely as he'd like. 
He doesn't like the result--but I do.

Johnny's been on the ice for about two minutes 
when his attention is caught by a visitor...

Full-size image here.

...whom he is very happy to see.

After a quick 60-second break to greet his husband-to-be 
and chat with some fans...

...he's back on the ice.
Full-size image here.

The young skaters are positioned at 
every available doorway to get a peek at him.

Full-size image here.

Full-size image here.
Which I love because
you can really see the ice spray.

Full-size image here.

Full-size image here.

Full-size image here.

Please, please click this one to see the details. 
Absolutely gorgeous.
Full-size image here.

And one more...

All photos © David Ingogly.

Tuesday's post regarding the announcement 
of Johnny's two Grand Prix assignments: 
Quiet thoughts on the leap of faith that is each jump, 
each moment, and especially this moment
plus two exclusive new photos.

Landing quads and kicking ass 
at a Grand Prix event near you!
Read his comeback statement 
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New on Johnny's website!!
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Debora Walsh said...

I'm so happy that you decided to do the right thing and post the blog! Thank you Binky & Davey...The photos are beautiful!

I think the black & white shots are perfect for warmup & practice...they convey the cold stillness of the ice so well. When Johnny is doing his run-throughs in that icy atmosphere it makes his skating seem so much more personal and private. If anyone gets a chance to steal a peek at him prior to a performance, when the lights aren't as bright, and the sound of his blades is the ONLY sound you can it. Because if you think he's fantastic in performance, he's absolutely exquisite when he's moving all by himself.

aaaack said...

It's so neat to see Johnny in these quiet, almost private moments. And the way he lights up when he sees Victor.

Skating does take a lot of inner concentration and focus, a sort of levitation.