Friday, March 16, 2012

Until We Meet Again...

Johnny Weir. @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo tweeted by Johnny 
after his Reborn Garden performance 
with this message: 
"Thank you @JpJweAngels!! 
It is my honor to be here!"

The response from his beloved Japanese Angels.

And so we've come to the end of our Japan pics, with just these few bittersweet moments left to peruse...

Sunday, 03/11/2012
And the goodbyes begin: 
Johnny on the bus after the show (with bonus St├ęphane). 
Photo tweeted by @mariwizicecream, who wrote: 
"@JohnnyGWeir @vitya_zvesda I miss you Johnny! 
I believe you come to Japan again! 
Hope happiness for you and Victor ;) !"

Later that night, Johnny tweeted about his performance... 

which prompted a huge outpouring of Twitter love, best summed up by these tweets from @jellyfish967:

Johnny Weir. Photo © Junko Mi @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Monday, 03/12/2012.
Heading for the airport.
Photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Junko Mi @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny Weir. @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
At Narita.
Photo tweeted by @midnight_kurage.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Junko Mi @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Johnny Weir. @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo tweeted by @midnight_kurage.

And then, after his plane took off, came all the goodbye messages. Here are three of my favorites...

Johnny Weir. Photo © Eiko Shibuya @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo tweeted by @ESJW.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Ayumi_S @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Art tweeted by @ayukovon with this message:
"@JohnnyGWeir @tmodlin I pray for your jet lag recovery. 
Please come to Japan again someday 
w @Vitya_Zvesda @JoshBKing."

Johnny Weir. Photo © Junko Mi @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Bonus pic!! One more from when Johnny first arrived 
in Japan last Thursday (as you can tell 
by the amount of happy here).
Photo courtesy of Junko Mi.

Very special thanks to Junko Mi 
for all the wonderful photos!

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Special thanks to ICNY's Gary Cosgrove 
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Why yes he is!! 
Landing quads and kicking ass!
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Johnny's Glitter and Ice collection 
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for a little while longer 
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germansoulmate said...

Thank you so much again for this picspam. Special thanks to Junko Mi, Midnight_kurage, ESJW,Ayuko and all of Johnny´s Japanese fans. I love that he is so loved back in Japan,and that he returns that love.

Great "Farewell" post, Binky.

boomerbubie said...

Johnny looks so happy! He looks thinner to me. Be Healthy Johnny Weir! We love you and want you at your strongest #flyingangelboy . To all Johnny's Japanese fans kits and angels, thank you for the Johnny-Love you enrich and enliven for all the rest of us world-wide! And Binky - you simply are not allowed to get sick ever again. Luv and Thanx for the happy!

aaaack said...

Looks like Johnny had a great trip. And great fan attention inspiring what sounds like a super-memorable performance and probably some great sushi, too.

Thanks to all who are taking and sharing photos that help fill in the outlines of his trip. Johnny is a camera magnet. Born this way. Krick.

Arwen said...

Now I'm waiting to see you in the World Championships
I hope in your Very Good Performance ......
Thanks for coming back!