Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Thursday Is Random and OMG THEY HAVE A PUPPY

Artwork tweeted by lovely @ayukovon 
shortly after the "dual birth announcements" 
posted by Victor and Johnny yesterday 
about their adorable new puppy.

Today's random list of random Johnny-related action items that you can do randomly:

(1) Die from the cute. 

Here are the puppy photos tweeted by Johnny and Victor:

Tyoma Weir-Voronov. Photo © Victor Weir-Voronov @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo tweeted by Victor with the caption,
"Introducing the newest member 
of the Weir-Voronov family: Тёма."

Tyoma Weir-Voronov. Photo © Johnny Weir-Voronov @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Photo tweeted by Johnny with this caption: 
"Our new son is home and exhausted. 
Say hello to Artem Viktorovich Weir-Voronov, 
or, Tyoma! #Тёма @Vitya_Zvesda." 
His tweet, posted on his Facebook fan page, 
has drawn more than 600 "likes." Awwww!

And, as Victor pointed out, Tyoma is already famous: the news was picked up by Perez Hilton on his site!

(2) Be inspired by this fan's story. 

While I was out of commission earlier this month, fan Michaele Lynn Densk posted this incredible before-and-after photo to Johnny's Facebook fan page:

She explained in a comment below the photo: 

Johnny is my idol!! I met him at the Danbury Ice Arena 2010. My dream came true, but I wasn't fit at the time as a skater. He said something to me that stuck in my head, and then from that night on, I promised I would show him I would be the best skater that I could be, and I did it!! Still skating and loving it, and someday I want to run into him again. I want to thank him so much.

 She also notes:

I'm even smaller than that picture now. That was taken in Dec. I'm going for unstoppable. 

Love it. Congratulations on an amazing achievement, Michaele, and best wishes to your unstoppable self!!

(3) Enjoy this montage.

Special thanks to Lusy Gensirovsky‏ (@Qwessta), who tweeted the link to this last week. There are thousands of amazing fan montages out there. For some reason, the combination of this particular footage, as blended together by the creator and paired with the music, just really captures me.  Also, as a latecomer to the party that is Johnny, I had not seen this exchange before (at about 1:20): Kurt Browning: You're skating to Frank Sinatra, "I Did It My Way," but a lot of skaters would wait until the end of their career to do that. But you've always done it your way, haven't you? So, tell us: What is your way? Johnny: The only way.
(4) Make Season 2 of Husbands happen.
The brilliant Husbands stars Alessandra Torresani, 
Brad Bell, and Sean Hemeon. Photo courtesy of Husbands' Facebook page.
Husbands is a web series created by Jane Espenson (a GODDESS among writers whom I admire tremendously, who wrote many of my fav Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes, and who is one of the geniuses behind the current hit Once Upon a Time) and Brad Bell, the hilarious @GoCheeksGo (please subscribe to his YouTube channel NOW). Jane is not only my Twitter friend, she's also a big supporter of Johnny and has frequently helped to promote Johnny-related fan efforts, including ImprovIce voting earlier this year. So in turn, here's our chance to help her! The initial season of Husbands was a huge hit (and the only web series ever to be reviewed by the New Yorker, who loved it!), and now fans are desperate for a Season 2 of this fabulously funny marriage-equality series. So Jane and Cheeks have launched a fundraising project through Kickstarter with a goal of $50,000--and in three days, they're already more than 80% of the way there! You can donate as little as $1 to help fund a new season of this groundbreaking comedy, so please consider pitching in if you can. Because as all of us who adore Johnny and Victor know: the world definitely needs more husbands.
(5) Enjoy this montage also.
Titled "Johnny Weir Tribute -- Halves," this montage contrasts footage from the ultra-glam MAC video with Davey's series of rehearsal photos from Holiday Dreams on Ice. We always love to see Davey's photos featured by others, and the end result, set to Over the Rhine's "Laugh of Recognition," is beautiful and haunting.
(6) Send love in Annie's name.
Since Monday's post first appeared, many fans have asked about doing a group donation in Annie Henriques' memory to a charity that was meaningful to her. According to her obituary in the Journal News: Donations may be made to: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Directed to Program: Ovarian Cancer - Research of Carol Aghajanian, MD, P.O. Box 27106, New York, NY 10087-7106, or Human Rights Campaign, 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Washington, DC, 20036. If you would like to participate in the group donation, please send your contribution via PayPal to Any gift is appreciated; there is no minimum amount to be included. The deadline for donations is Monday, March 26, 5 pm CDT, so there's still plenty of time to join in. Half the amount raised will go to Memorial Sloan Kettering, and the other half to HRC. The checks will be sent next week, and a card also will be sent to Annie's wife, Kathy O'Connell, with the names of all who contributed. Thank you to all who have already responded so generously and with such an outpouring of love for Annie and Kathy.
A beautiful tweet from Johnny, 
posted early Monday morning.

(7) Gaze endlessly at this exclusive new pic from the vault.
Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny, HDOI rehearsal. 
Photo © David Ingogly. Please click twice for full-size view.

Johnny will be a special guest  at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards  in NYC this Saturday, March 24!  More info on his website!

Get tix now!! Johnny is an Honorary Chairperson 
for the Imperial Court of New York's biggest annual fundraiser, 
This year's beneficiaries are PFLAG-NYC and 
New Alternatives, a group that helps homeless LGBT youth. 
Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 31, 
and get your tickets! Special thanks to ICNY's Gary Cosgrove  for this amazing poster! 

Why yes he is!!  Landing quads and kicking ass! Read his comeback statement  on his website!

It's not too late! Subscribe now 
and get the entire Johnny Weir perspective, 
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Q and A! Go read it now!

Johnny's Glitter and Ice collection  with MAC is pretty much sold out,  but I'm leaving this video on here  for a little while longer  because I love it so much. 

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available for purchase only on!

At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"
You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
or just click the "Buy" button on the player at the top of the blog!

Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
as an eBook! More info on Johnny's website!

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Peace said...

Let me be the first ignernt American to ask, how do you pronounce this puppy name?

Binky and the Misfit Mimes said...

LOL, Peace. Johnny says "Tyoma" in his tweet, so pretty much just like that...

germansoulmate said...

Great collection of random vids and pics. Thank you as usual.

I love the last pic by Davey.

aaaack said...

Thanks for bringing all these gems together and to light, Binky.

@ayukovon, that is a precious drawing. It's what our family calls a "sandwich hug" (which we did quite often when our kid was little).

Love those artistic montages. Especially those with a creative theme.

I can totally see Johnny as a weight control coach...he is inspiring and has an inner Galina about weight and looking good. Iron fist in a velvet glove. One hug would be very inspiring.

Think the little tyke's breed looks like a Japanese Chin. We once seriously considered one but then decided on a border terrier because at that time we lived in Northern Ohio, in a drafty house (health challenge).

Did a quick search and found a dog image that looked like Tyoma's along with some exotic sounding breed advice. This sounds like a potentially sushi-loving dog, in which case its upkeep could get very expensive.

Binky and the Misfit Mimes said...

Thank you, Bea. I really love that last pic also. ♥