Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Things To Do On The Day After Valentine's

(1) Look at Johnny's beautiful, happy, I'm-so-in-love-with-my-husband face. Melt. Photo via Zimbio.

(2) Read this completely awesome article by Spencer Cain. Of "The Spencers." Who spent Monday as Johnny's "Fashion-Week-assistant-for-a-day." Be thrilled that he GETS Johnny, and the trusted entourage with whom Johnny surrounds himself, including the fabulous Colby Smith, pictured above with beloved Beauty Bear Eric Alt. Fav quote from the article:

"[Johnny] is incredibly comfortable in his own skin and he has the people around him to back it up." 


Be sure to click through The Spencers' photo gallery on full screen.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
(3) Appreciate all that Johnny does to support charitable efforts. Please click the poster to read about Skate for the Goal, a two-hour skating and family-fun event set for next Saturday, February 25, at Sky Rink, Chelsea Piers in NYC. Tickets are just $10 per person, which includes a meet-n-greet with Johnny(!!)--all to raise money for two charities: Special Olympics-New York, and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The event has been organized by high schoolers, who deserve kudos for their efforts to give back to the community. 

If you're not able to attend, please consider donating $10 to show your support for Johnny and these amazing young people. For more info, please visit Skate for the Goal's Facebook page or email them at

(4) Appreciate him again. And his husband. This photo was tweeted yesterday by Andy Marra of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). GLSEN and Elle are hosting the Day of Silence lounge at Fashion Week to raise awareness for GLSEN's upcoming National Day of Silence April 20. On that day, students across the country will take a vow of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. Fashion designers' sketches about what the Day of Silence means to them are on display in the lounge, and guests are invited to do their own sketches--which resulted in the photo above. For more information about Day of Silence and how you can help, please visit their website or Facebook page.

(5) Follow the Fug Girls. They looooove Johnny, and wrote about him not once, not twice, but three times in their Day 5 Fashion Week coverage! Photo via DayLife.

(6) Read this also-awesome article and be glad all over again that New York state legalized gay marriage, for Johnny and Victor, and for all who simply want the right to marry the person they love. The lesbian couple pictured in the article--Steph Figarelle and Lela McArthur, the first same-sex couple ever to be married at the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day--came all the way from Alaska to get married, because Alaska doesn't recognize same-sex marriage. Yet.

While you ponder what you can do to help make it happen in EVERY. SINGLE. STATE. INCLUDING. ALASKA., read these wonderful tweets from yesterday...

(7) Melt some more. Along with all those who retweeted and favorited that last one.

(8) Go to the Human Rights Campaign's Millions for Marriage Equality and add your name in support of HRC's right-to-marry statement:

Love. Honor. Commitment.
Three simple words.
They are the words that gay and lesbian couples feel in their hearts when they make a commitment to each other.

Yes. Just like everybody else.

Because every couple deserves the right to be this officially happy:

Photo tweeted by Victor.

Note: To add your name to HRC's statement, you must reside in the U.S. If you're in another country, please visit the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission website for ways that you can help around the world.

(9) Watch this newly released promo, starring a kingly Johnny, for Night of a Thousand Gowns!! Don't miss this incredible, over-the-top charity ball benefiting PLFAG-NYC and New Alternatives. Hurry and get your tickets now--you can even choose to sit with Eric, who is hosting a table at the event!!

(10) Enjoy this motivational poster. View as needed.

Bonus video!! In case you missed it before!
Here is the profile that ran on Philly's NBC 10 
newscast Monday night--a wonderful piece. 
Read the accompanying article here

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 31, 

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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhh! i still can't get the vid to load for me! it just starts playing and cuts out. *sad sad sad*

will someone please rescue me?


and yes, ty world, for Victor, who married our Princess and brought him flowers, cake, and a huge ass balloon!

soooooooooo jealous of the balloon!


germansoulmate said...


Since we are talking about marriage equality, you might add one vid that has gone viral and which,IMO, concludes everything that is important.

It still gets to me strongly.

I will pay a visit to the international HRC page today since even here, in Germany, we don´t have same-sex marriage. We have civil unions but no marriage. So we are not up to feel superior to your country on this issue.

Thanks as usual for your post.

Maggie St. said...

Besides freaking out over the picspan, which I so desperately need right now, I'm giggling over the fact that I noticed Victor has his shoes off in the apartment.

True Love ♥ + ♥