Friday, February 10, 2012

NYFWhat? Nobody Brought a Camera? (Again?)

Well, at least Johnny did... 
Here he's taking a runway photo 
at the Libertine show Thursday, February 9 
(Victor is seated next to him). 
Photo tweeted by St. Louis Post-Dispatch fashion editor 
Debra Bass (thank you, Debra, for knowing 
what's REALLY important at these shows!).

So apparently he IS doing some Fashion Week stuff, though not quite at the pace he did last February... 

And once again we are faced with an utter lack of understanding of Fashion Week priorities on the part of NYFW attendees, as in: Yes, yes, the clothes. The shoes. Whatever. DID YOU TAKE ANY PICS OF JOHNNY? (Andrew Werner? NealB? Hello? Where ARE you guys?)

Thus far this is all we have—and this sad, sad collection is the result of scrounging every dark corner of the Internet I could find, plus prevailing upon the super-mad skillz of Secret Photo Ninja, and still—this is it.

More pics might possibly show up later today on various sites, but until then: Enjoy. In the way that you would if you were dying for a gigantic piece of red velvet cake with insanely thick cream-cheese frosting... but nobody remembered to go to the store, so you're stuck with half a saltine and a thimble of water.

(BRB mailing Davey to New York...)

Johnny and Victor await the start 
of the Libertine show. 
Photo tweeted by my other new best friend, 
Sara Glassman of

Sara also tweeted this photo with the caption: 
"Johnny's hunter Birkin. #respect."

Random back-of-Johnny's-head-from-the-side 
photo from Milk Studios.
With bonus Victor.

He's also (barely) in this Milk Studios shot. 
Honestly, it's like "Where's Waldo" with these shows. 
But I'm sure you'd recognize that profile anywhere, yes....? 

And finally, we have this snippet of video 
from Libertine, also courtesy of Debra Bass
who's making me seriously reconsider everything
I thought I knew about St. Louis...
Thank you so much, Debra! 
Here's hoping you're attending whatever  
he's attending throughout this Fashion Week....

Next we have a few shots from the Billy Farrell Agency. 
Here he is at Erickson Beamon--a name I had never heard of 
before Johnny, of course, being the fashion-kerfuffled person 
that I am, but wow: If you haven't seen the photos 
from this presentation, go look now at just the twitpics 
that came out of this thing. Absolutely gorgeous designs, 
and the roaring-'20s theme was genius. 
More photos here (none of Johnny, alas, but still--
I am captivated by everything about this collection. 
Scroll down past the Tim Hamilton stuff until you get 
to pics like this, and then be mesmerized).

And finally, a few photos
 from the Lexus/CFDA party.

(At least these aren't watermarked 
to hell and back--and also not on their faces.)

Love this.
See a few more from Billy Farrell here.

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Peace said...

So seriously, send Debra a muffin basket. Are we part of some 1% that doesn't get to see the pretty at these shows? No happy model dance for you, stupid lame fashion photogs. Also, do you think Victor gets to put things in Johnny's purse? No euphemism intended.
I would be glad to provide some red velvet cupcakes to pack in the box that you send Davey in, for his sustenance.

Novia said...

Johnny is seriously way cooler than everyone else in the entire NYFW (Victor coming in second), so pretty, and his suit so chic, and yes, so much respect for that Birkin! I mean, while watching that video I kept thinking back to the heyday of the leather loincloth and circus ringmasterand sighed. Johnny can model everything way better than those models.

Thanks, Binky, for you and your Super Photo Ninja for discovering these precious evidence of Johnny sneaking a few hours to quench his fashion thirst, with Victor patiently by his side.

Peace said...

I forgot to say OMG those PANTS look FABULOUS on him.

Nancy Knisley said...

Gee, if only the people who go to fashion week shows had phones they could carry around with them, and those phones came with cameras in them. Then we might have some photos. But I guess that's just an impossible dream. *sigh*

Julie'sAmazed56 said...

What Peace said. LOVE the leather-lapel waist-jacket too. And WTF to that woman sitting next to Johnny; seemed completely oblivious as to the value of that place of honor that she fell into. If it caused her to be enlightened to the splendor that is Johnny, then it's great; but the pictures don't seem to tell us that, so what a waste.

Maggie St. said...

You post photos but right now all I can see is Johnny's wedding ring. And his happy, beaming smile. ♥

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, so a major YES, PLEASE on the mailing Davey to nyc!

WTF is up with only a few pics of Johnny and Vitya? thank god someone took them - and they are lovely - but that's nearly enough to satisfy a certain someone's Legendary and Terrifying Fanbase!



aaaack said...

(Pssst. Here's hoping that David gets a full scholarship to study film at NYU.)