Tuesday, February 14, 2012

NYFWe ♥ These Pics

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny at the WALTER presentation on Monday.
Looking every bit the glamorous 
living legend that he is.
Photo courtesy of 
Super Agentress Tara Modlin.

All righty then. 

In contrast to our previous forlorn, Dickensian state, shivering cold and destitute with nary a twitpic to keep us warm, today we have such an embarrassment of NYFW riches that it's taken me hours to sift through it all, and just as I'm sure I've finally decided on what my favorites are, another avalanche of photos hits from Getty and Billy Farrell and Newscom and everywhere and then I have to start all over and so since I really, really have to DECIDE NOW AND WALK AWAY, here you go: My best photo picks as of right this second. Which will change if I don't just make my self STOP LOOKING AND POST THIS THING ALREADY...

Our photopalooza began innocuously enough 
with this pic tweeted by Spencer Cain, 
writer for StyleCaster: 
"@JohnnyGWeir and @vitya_zvesda 
getting ready for a day of shows!" 
Love the Cheb peeking around at the far left, 
although I didn't even notice it until 
@dapperderp pointed it out to me like 10 hours later...

First stop: Chris Benz! 
Johnny told the Fug Girls, who love him to pieces 
and described his look as a "beacon of kooky color," 
the story behind his ensemble: 
" 'Chris picked it all out. I just went to the studio 
and grabbed everything except for the shoes—
I can’t walk in the heels,' Weir said. 
What? Scandale
'No, don’t worry, I can totally walk in heels. 
I just can’t walk in Chris’s heels. 
They’re crazy high,' he explained."

Johnny and Chris.
(Bonus Victor and Tara behind them.) 
Photo via DayLife.

More Johnny and Chris, 

So pretty.
Love his hair. 
Photo via DayLife.

Side note: As always, Chris' show was a favorite of many attendees--although apparently no one could agree on exactly what yesteryear vibe he was channeling. Tweeters announced authoritatively that his presentation evoked the '20s ... the '40s ... the '50s ... the '60s ... Um. Those are four very distinct style eras, fashion people. Even I know that, couture-challenged though I am. One reviewer decided to sidestep specificity completely and just call it "vaguely retro." Personally, looking at the models' crazy-thick bouffant hair and the column dresses--all of which I love, BTW! And the colors! So much amazing color!--Imma go with '60s. And not just because I'm currently obsessed with Mad Men. These models definitely echo the prom looks from those years of my older cousins, whom I worshiped...

And then he was off to WALTER and to Alice + Olivia, 
in an entirely different ensemble.
Which out-fierced everyone everywhere. 
Photo via DayLife.
(Thanks @dapperderp for "out-fierced"!)

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny with designer Walter Baker, 
Real Housewives of New York's Alex McCord, 
and Alex's husband, Simon van Kempen.
Photo courtesy of Tara.

On the red carpet at Alice + Olivia, who tweeted
"@JohnnyGWeir fits the part in a sequin blazer 
at our presentation." 
Photo via Zimbio.

Here he's joined on the red carpet by Victor 
and US national champion gymnast Danell Leyva.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Danell and Johnny. 
Photo courtesy of Tara.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet 
exclaims over Johnny's attire. 
Photo courtesy of Tara.

The fabulous Kristin Chenoweth 
and actress Jennifer Aspen 
join Johnny for a photo op....

...and to compare footwear.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Kristin and Johnny. 
Photo courtesy of Tara.

Johnny with one of the Magnum ice cream bars 
given out at the Alice + Olivia presentation. 
He is definitely looking near 
quad-quad-quad-quad-quad weight 
in these photos, so this may be as close 
to actually eating an ice cream bar as he came....
Photo via Zimbio.

Happy Valentine's Day 
to Johnny and Victor!

OK, we all remember the Shakespearean tragedy that was last Valentine's Day, yes? The dark room? The brandy? The (*shudder*) Care Bears trilogy? What a difference a year makes--and the love of a good man. And how happy are we for him this Valentine's Day? So, so happy.

Johnny shows off his ring to the 
red carpet photographers at Alice + Olivia...

...and to Spencer Cain, who tweeted this photo...

...and tops it off with a kiss for Victor.  
Happy Valentine's Day!
Photos via Zimbio.

Just one more, 
from another angle.

More Happy Valentine's Day! 
Looove this fan art, posted to Johnny's Facebook page 
by Motoko Narita. 
Please click twice for full-size view--
it's amazing!!

Bonus video!! Lots and lots of video! 
Here is the profile that ran on Philly's NBC 10 
newscast last night--a wonderful piece. 
Read the accompanying article here
Plus we have outtakes below!

Very special thanks to 
Super Agentress / Managtress / Everythingtress 
Tara Modlin for the exclusive photos!

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Debora Walsh said...

Thank you, Binks for assembling this panorama of loveliness! I just ADORE Johnny's ensembles profiled here....the colors, prints, glitz (a nice, red lip of course) and those curls light him up like a champagne bubble! And just when you think he can't shine brighter, Victor's smile sends him into the stratosphere...They are beautiful.

Happy Valentine's Day, Binky!
I ♥ you!

Carmina said...

...ADM!(ay dios mio!)...stunning at both events - love that there are bold colors and prints involved and a sparkle and fur combo...but the real star here is THE HAIR...SCRUMP-tious...can't get enough of those luscious locks! (this has always been my fave on him)...the streak suits him well too - reminds me of Tongolele (a famous icon from Mexico's "golden age of cinema")...Johnny, if you are reading this, PLEASE, more of the curly-do!...wishing Johnny & Victor a lovely Valentine's Day...