Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Blogoversary! (Again? Really?)

Or: My, How Time Flies When You're Busy... Aging. Which I Guess Is What Happens When Time Flies. All of a Sudden You Look Up from Your Blog and You're Like, "Eeeeeek!". And So You Soothe Yourself by Editing Pics of an Ageless Figure Skater Who Actually Seems to Be Glowing Even More in Recent Weeks Than Ever Thanks to His Wonderful Husband, and Then You Write Really Long Dropheads About Said Skater, and the Next Thing You Know.... You're Even Older. OK, I Was Hoping This Drophead Was Going to Have a Happier Ending Than That, But Whatever. I'll Settle for More Pics. Here's One:

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny kindly and dutifully autographs 
a million things I brought to him at HDOI 
on behalf of fans around the world 
who could not be there. 
Because he's awesome like that. 
Photo © David Ingogly.

So this is the second anniversary of the ongoing-fascination-and-surrounding-silliness-softly-edged-with-occasional-scathing-political-commentary-and-bad-language that passes for blogging in this space. For which, BTW, we can pretty much blame Davey, who two years ago--after listening to me (as much as he ever listens to me, given the headphones permanently mounted to his ears) once again embark on my continuing rant against figure-skating scoring in general and Vancouver in particular--ever so politely, and really without a hint of desperation at all in his tone, suggested, "Maybe you should have a blog, Mom."

And here we are.

And even the subject of the blog is kind of his fault, since Davey's also the one who remarked innocently nearly three years ago, "Hey, you should join this thing called Twitter..." So I did. And then one day back in December 2009, someone tweeted a link to this, and...

The rest is blogging history. Or something.

So I looked it up, and the second anniversary is traditionally The Cotton Anniversary. Unless you're in the UK, where it's paper. Which is traditionally the first anniversary in the US instead of... cotton, as it is in the UK. Which got me caught in kind of an endless glassy-eyed loop there for a while...  and neither of which makes any sense in the context of a blog anyway. The modern US second anniversary is china. Well, I'll give you that: Johnny's trip to China last summer accompanied by fabulous Beauty Bear Eric Alt certainly turned out to be an amazing gift for all of us.

So anyway: to celebrate the fact that I continue to have no semblance of interest in anything else whatsoever except possibly for sending Rick Santorum back to whatever misogynistic hellscape of staggeringly ignorant sweater-vested demons birthed him, let's review some random highlights that have helped bring two years of blogging to a very happy anniversary indeed. :D

(1) Where It All Began. My very first blog entry. Others also went on to describe him this way.

(2) The Joy of... Statistics.
  • 03-02-2010: Johnny has 41,172 Twitter followers and 28,496 Facebook fans.

  • 02-28-2012: 107,364 Twitter followers; 67,271 "likes" on Facebook. Statistical note: These numbers will be outdated by the time you get to the end of this sentence.
That's more than 66,000 Twitter followers gained in two years--or more than the entire population of Quarryville, PA, on average, PER MONTH. Plus nearly 39,000 new Facebook "likes," for an average of 1,600 per month--or about 600 MORE people EVERY MONTH than actually voted for Rick Santorum out of the entire state of Maine in their GOP caucus. This pleases me. (BTW Johnny tweeted a few days ago asking for more Facebook "likes." In return, he's gotten nearly 200 so far. Please go "like" him now if you haven't already!)

(3) Most-Read Post Ever. Because who doesn't love Johnny on a jungle gym? Also: Dear Tara, thank you forever for all the pics.

(4) This. Cracks me up every. single. time.

(5) Also This.

(6) Johnny Wins Everything!! The NewNowNext Award for Most Addictive Reality Star. US Figure Skating's Skater of the Year Award/Michelle Kwan Trophy (for the SECOND TIME. Making him the only skater other than Michelle herself ever to win it more than once). The HRC Visibility Award. The honor of being chosen as Grand Marshal of the LA Pride Parade, the face of MAC's Glitter and Ice campaign, the man of the hour at ITNY's "Dare to Be Different" Benefit Gala, and, most regally, our Winter Monarch.

(7) OMG This.

(8) Davey Gets a Camera. For which we all are forever grateful.

(9) Johnny Gets Married. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

(10) This. Because everything about HDOI in Philly was beautiful. Like this photo.

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Holiday Dreams on Ice, 
December 2011.
Photo © David Ingogly.

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Dear Johnny, thank you for an amazing two years. 
So excited for whatever comes next, 
and always so proud to be your fan. 
Love, Binky

Johnny Weir @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Bonus stuff!! Ice Network's Adam Spunberg 
was at Skate for the Goal and posted
this excellent article about the event and also
a photo gallerywhich includes this pic
 of Johnny and Victor with Viktor Petrenko. 
The young organizers report that they raised 
more than $6,000 for the two charities. 
Congratulations to all on a every successful effort!

New montage!! Which includes several 
of Davey's photos--love that!

HDOI photos © David Ingogly
If you missed last Friday's blog
or the one on the Friday before that
please go check them out! 
More HDOI picspam, 
courtesy of David.

Why yes he is!! 
Landing quads and kicking ass!
Read his comeback statement 
on his website!

New!! Johnny is an Honorary Chairperson 
for the Imperial Court of New York's biggest annual fundraiser, 
This year's beneficiaries are PFLAG-NYC and 
New Alternatives, a group that helps homeless LGBT youth. 
Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 31, 

It's not too late! Subscribe now 
and get the entire Johnny Weir perspective, 
including his never-before-heard free skate commentary 
available exclusively on icenetwork.com!

Q and A! Go read it now!

Johnny's Glitter and Ice collection 
with MAC is pretty much sold out, 
but I'm leaving this video on here 
for a little while longer 
because I love it so much. 

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
for purchase only on eDressMe.com!

At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"

You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
or just click the "Buy" button on the player
at the top of the blog!

Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
as an eBook! More info on Johnny's website!

copyright 2012 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Nico said...

Beloved Binks,

Considering how rare it is in life to be absolutely certain of something, your blog has given me (and so many like me) an oasis of certainty. I am certain that I love, adore, respect, admire, have become better by sheer proximity and much imagined snuffling, and am deeply proud of Johnny in his many ethereal forms.

He's lovely.

That photo is priceless. From the signature necklace charms to the elven ears, the lavender eyelids, THOSE LASHES, the endless glow to his visage, the fur!...it's all just enchanting.

Thank you for your love and friendship (I wrote fiendship at first, on accident, LOL). When Johnny is running this world, I hope he appoints you Secretary of State. We desperately need you both. Especially considering the state of "math" in the world these days.

Love you endlessly, and the same goes for Johnny, Victor, Tara, Patti and the whole Weirlandian tribe. Especially those living in Arkansas. (c;

Love love,

PumaJ said...

Two years, already? Wow! Thank you, thank you dear Binx for sharing your fabulous humor and insightful commentary with us over the past two years. You have brought many smiles and outright chuckles to my days:-) Big hugs, BB.

aaaack said...

Happy blogsoversary, Binky! Love all your postings...always the highlight of my week.

CrazyColorist said...

Congradulations, Lynn! Your determination and sucess are an inspiration not just to myself but to many others. Without this amazing blog I never would've known what an amazing skater Johnny was, but more importantly what an amazing woman you are. I love you, mama!

Julie'sAmazed56 said...

A couple things:

1. You posted this at 5:44AM. My god, woman - do you ever sleep?

2. Congratulations on your blogoversary! And thanks for chronicling the last two years of Johnny's life; which is pretty much what has been the main focus of most of us who read this' lives for the last two years, as well!

3. Ok, so have you been saving that AMAZING pic of Johnny at HDOI for just this occasion? Breathtaking . . .

Maggie St. said...

Happy Blogoversary!!!!

Thanks for 2 fanTAStic years!♥♥♥♥

Atomic Wife said...


WOW!! Yes, aging... it never ends!!

I can't believe myself it's been 2 years. I discovered your blog right after I became obsessed with Johnny in January 2010. I found you while trolling the web endlessly for Johnny videos at all hours of the night and you were a source of great validation for my inexplicable middle-aged obsession with a male figure skater. I particularly remember your line about trolling the internet all night long for Johnny videos.

You have provided such a wonderful service and community for Johnny fans and for Team Johnny. Where would we all be without you... we'd be tetherless.

The picture of Johnny signing autographs next to you is priceless and says it all.

Thank you for all your hard work; Team Johnny is lucky to have you.

And thank you to Davey!!!


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Binky, Dear Binky! how do i count the ways?

i love your for your quick and lovely words, your overalls - yes, i know, they're gone now, but still!, your warped and awesome sense of humor which usually leaves me in twisted knots and/or laughing loud enough to wake the neighbors (ahem! um, sorry . . .), your wonderful heart and awesome friendship . . .

and your true dedication in blogging over and over and keeping us hungry Kittens fed with lovely words and images and silly stories and captions and ... and . .. EVERYTHING!!

ty, Binks, and i ♥ u!


Princess Robin

Sasha Baltikoff said...

It's funny how we don't realize how long we've come to depend on someone til we realize a time frame like this. Amazing BB. Happy Anniversary. I think I discovered you and Weirlandia on Twitter around the end of May, so almost two years following you now too.

To your Health!