Monday, January 30, 2012

US Nationals! Honey Badgers, Eyebrows, and Husbands

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny enjoys the action at the 
US Figure Skating National Championships 
with fellow skater Derrick Delmore. 
Photo courtesy of Super Agentress Tara Modlin! 
Bonus Ashley Wagner in the far left of the photo. 
(Super bonus: Wedding ring! 
So please click twice for super-size view! 
Because today is Johnny and Victor's 
one-month anniversary. )

Wow! What a weekend!

Beginning with Johnny's thoroughly enjoyable Ice Network commentary and Ice Desk appearances on Friday and continuing through the mass confusion yesterday morning of "Wait, when is he commentating again...?" to the wonderful surprise of FABULOUS JOHNNY PROMO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NBC BROADCAST OMG to the truly exciting senior men's free skate competition (congratulations to Jeremy, Adam, Ross, and Armin!! Amazing performances, all!) to the additional surprise of unexpected Ice Desk (oh hai, Johnny!)--with a bizarre Improv-Ice voting drama Saturday night into the wee hours of Sunday thrown in for good measure--the whirlwind never stops here in Weirdom.

First, let's get the voting situation out of the way.


We reopened the poll to monitor the situation, and we want to reassure everyone that the overall outcome will not be affected by any technical problems from the last few days. We have record of where the votes have stood since voting opened on January 15 and will continue to watch the polling closely. Thank you, once again, for everyone's concerns and for your continued interest in voting!

Here are the standings as of 2:30 pm EST (and please click graphic for updated real-time results):


Thank you, everyone, for your continued interest and support of the Improv-Ice voting. Unfortunately, due to computer bots working to vote for multiple skaters, we have decided to suspend voting a couple hours early.

The official announcement of the "Best Improv-Ice Skater" winner will be made this Saturday, February 4, during Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love on Ice at 4:00 p.m. ET on NBC as part of the Pandora NBC Skating Series. Be sure to tune in!

See the final vote tally here.

At about 3 am EST Sunday and still in effect as of this writing, Disson Skating suspended the Improv-Ice voting. They posted this message on the voting page:

Voting has been temporarily suspended due to technical issues. We are aware of the situation and working on it. Thank you for your continued support and interest!

And this note on the poll results page:

We are aware of the situation with the voting and are in the process of fixing the problem. Voting has been suspended for the time being, and we will ensure that whatever technical problems are going on will not affect the outcome. Thank you for your concerns and your continued support and interest in Improv-Ice and the entire Pandora NBC Skating Series.

Why did they suspend it? Because beginning Saturday afternoon and continuing all evening and into early Sunday morning, more and more people started noticing an obviously artificial rise in votes for Michael Weiss--no offense intended to him in any way, of course. But it became apparent that his numbers were increasing by an unrealistically steady, nonstop stream of 2 to 10 votes per minute. For hours. And hours. And hours.

By the time Disson stopped the poll, Weiss had gained more than 1,700 votes in less than 48 hours--and about 1,300 of those in under eight hours. At one point he received 500 votes in less than two hours. I watched his percentage of total votes grow nonstop in real time from 20% to 26% while Johnny's dropped from 42% earlier in the day to 36% by the end--even though Johnny's fans (from around the globe. Seriously. Russians, Chinese, Japanese--everybody was voting! Even celebs from California to New York gave shout-outs on his behalf!)--were mounting a voting rally in response to Johnny's tweet Saturday evening.

The explanation offered by commenters on the poll that Michael just has a really large family plus some scholarship winners plus two different groups of schoolchildren suddenly voting en masse for him ...

(Please click for larger view, 
especially to read this part: 
"..the absolute and terrifying power of Johnny's fanbase 
is kind of legendary." Dear Rob: I you.)

... did not adequately explain the pattern observed. 

For about the last four hours until Disson stepped in, Michael gained one vote every 30 seconds like clockwork--even well after midnight, when one might assume most school-age children would be in bed and not hovering over their keyboards, waiting for their parents to keep resetting their home-network IP addresses every half a minute....

Many, many people contacted Disson throughout the night, including myself, to ask them to please check the poll and observe it from their end. I received a very concerned response from my contact at Disson, who stated, "Rest assured and please assure others that we are looking into this and realize something is not right!" and who later repeated, "We realize something strange is happening."

As of this writing, voting remains suspended. If you try to vote, you'll see this message at the top of the poll page: "We're sorry, votes are not being accepted for this poll at this time." The numbers are currently frozen at these levels:

I am very impressed with Disson's responsiveness to everyone's concerns, and really appreciate that they made themselves available at such a late hour to address the situation. I'm very much hoping for a fair resolution to the issue so that no one--including those who faithfully voted according to the rules--is cheated in the end.

OK! So! Moving on to less pocket-protector-laden news, let's start by backtracking all the way to last Thursday, with exclusive San Jose photos from Tara, some from the HP Pavilion where Nationals were held, and some from Downtown Ice, where Johnny and Kim Navarro were the featured guests for US Figure Skating's "Skating With Champions" on Thursday night:

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny at the HP Pavilion 
with senior men's competitor Jason Brown.

Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Tara with skater moms 
Joanie Samuelson and Bonnie Gilles.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny with Dan Riegelman, 
president of Riedell Skates.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny at the Downtown Ice 
"Skating With Champions" event.

Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Tara with Jason Brown's coach, Kori Ade, 
and Kori's daughter Athena. 
For some interesting backstory on Kori and Jason, 
please see this entry on The Inside Edge.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Fireworks' Kylie Culnane and Johnny
chat with Kori and Athena.

Johnny Weir. Photo © Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Johnny at Downtown Ice.

Then on Friday, Johnny held a press conference at the HP Pavilion to answer questions about his return to competitive skating:

At his press conference. 
More photos here.
Articles covering the presser are available
on Johnny's website.
Or listen to his press conference FREE 
(Audio only.)

And then he was off to Ice Desk for pre-show commentary (watch his Ice Desk segment FREE on Ice Network! You just need to register with an email address if you haven't already done so. More Ice Desk segments coming soon!) and to commentate on the men's short program.

And may I just say: After watching the Twitter convo for about ten minutes re: his commentary, I could not STAND to miss another moment, so yes, I paid the $39.95 to subscribe and plunged right in and OMG he was hilarious! Also fascinating and insightful without ever being condescending to either his audience or to the skaters. Best $39.95 I ever spent. I learned SO. MUCH. That man is going to make me a competitive figure-skating fan yet.

Favorite Weirisms of the night: Complimenting one of the skaters (Keegan Messing, if I recall correctly) by calling him a honey badger, and noting: "A good quad Salchow and a good eyebrow. That's what it takes at the Senior Men's Nationals."

If, like me, you can't bear missing a single syllable, you can still subscribe and gain access to the Ice Network archives to rewatch the men's SP. His commentary on the final two groups in the men's free skate will be available on Ice Network by Tuesday at 12 noon EST, and yes, I am going to enjoy my $39.95 decision all over again by rewatching the free skate with Johnny's commentary to guide me. And I can't wait to hear his take on it all.

But my very favorite part of the whole weekend was a less-than-two-minute moment on Sunday afternoon. 

I was recording the figure skating on NBC to watch later (mostly muted, because the NBC commentators are just gack IMO) and was busily working on something else entirely when I saw this tweet from Tara pop up: "@johnnygweir on NBC. NOW."

I flew down the stairs to the big screen HD-TV just in time to watch the most wonderful thing ever: This fabulous promo for Johnny smackdab in the middle of NBC's coverage, plus a brief but fab interview of him by Andrea Joyce.

This is totally made of awesome. 
BRB downloading "Moves Like Jagger" 
so I can listen to it endlessly 
while thinking how perfectly it describes Johnny 
and his formidable 
(and sexy) presence in skating....

And my very favorite part of my favorite part is when he's talking about why he's returning to competition, and he says, ""I'm coming back more so for myself and for the people that love and support me: my fans, my family, my husband now..."

And when he says, "my husband now," his face just lights up, and his voice is suddenly so completely full of joy.

And he said "my husband" ON. NATIONAL. TV.


I love it so much that I gif'd it:

He's Weir, he's here, he's queer, he's married. Deal with it, people.

And suddenly I cannot WAIT for the next competitive season...!

Bonus pic!! Beautiful photo courtesy of Diana Dumbadse
Please click twice for full-size view.

Bonus video!! Another Ice Desk segment, 
in which Johnny and Kim Navarro discuss costumes. 
Also available free here on!

Very special thanks to 
Super Agentress Tara 
for the exclusive photos!!

It's not too late! Subscribe now 
and get the entire Johnny Weir perspective, 
including his never-before-heard free skate commentary 
available tomorrow on!

Why yes he is!! 
Read his comeback statement 
on his website!

New!! Johnny is an Honorary Chairperson 
for the Imperial Court of New York's biggest annual fundraiser, 
This year's beneficiaries are PFLAG-NYC and 
New Alternatives, a group that helps homeless LGBT youth. 
Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 31, 

Nominate Johnny Weir for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!

Hey, Johnny's been nominated for a Shorty Award!! You can join in on the nominating process by clicking here and tweeting your vote for Johnny. Most fans are voting for him in the "Athlete" category. 

Note: The Shorty Awards have very specific rules, which essentially boil down to this:

(1) You can only nominate him ONCE from each Twitter account that you have. Additional votes from the same account will NOT be counted. So it's one of those deals where we need a LOT of different people to vote, rather than a few people voting a lot.

(2) Your nominating tweet MUST include a reason (for example: "I nominate @JohnnyGWeir for a Shorty Award in #athlete because he inspires his fans to believe in themselves"--thanks @PatinaGlace!).

(3) You must NOT copy someone else's reason in your vote. 

All righty then.

The nominating period ends February 17--please vote vote vote!! For more info, click here.

Q and A! Go read it now!

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germansoulmate said...

Finally, I also could watch the fluff piece of NBC. Total win.

I also am very happy with his constant and completely natural mention of his husband.It´s completely normal to him and to Vitya. That is the way it should work. Kudos to you, Johnny.

Thanks for this post as per usual.

aaaack said...

Improv-Ice voting has re-opened, so please vote.

Johnny has a red wound on his hand...most likely from falling during practice on ice. Slippery ice does not always make nice. Relearning edges and then quads.

Jen said...

I've watched the fluff piece so many times now. I don't know why, but THAT out of anything Johnny has said so far about his comeback, made me weepy. Maybe because it made it more real? IDK. Maybe it's because USFS seems to be trying?? It's something. I have always been a sucker for fluff pieces tho, lol.

Speaking of honey badgers... they don't give a shit, and they will talk about their husbands on national tv ♥

Love the pics, esp the one with Jason Brown.

Atomic Wife said...

He is going to change the face and hopefully the politics of American figure skating by coming back to competition! I CAN'T WAIT!!! And his commentating is brilliant!! Funny AND insightful. I learned stuff too and I've been watching figure skating my whole life.
Thanks for the blog wrap-up of the crazy weekend.
P.S. Again, why is downtown San Jose practically empty when you could be skating with Johnny Weir?? I don't get it.

WheresMyKoppy said...

We missed most of the skating coverage this weekend because I didn't think to check for it being on. Too bad because I was off Saturday and Sunday both and could have wached to my heart's content. I did happen to catch most of the men's and Johnny's brief interview with Andrea Joyce. Why is that woman still around, by the way?

Anyway, I loved how he mentioned his husband like it was the most natural thing in the world. And why shouldn't it be? My mother said, "Oh, he got married?" I replied, "Yes, on New Year's Eve." My mother replied, "Well congratulations, and good for him." She's a supporter of gay rights and just doesn't get why some people have such a problem with people being gay.

I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of skaters I did not know that well, one of which was Jason Brown who yuo have pictured with Johnny in the Blog. Even though he had problems in the free skate, there's something different about him, something that sets him apart a little. I also liked watching Douglas Razzano.

Great blog once again, MM! And for the record, as of this moment voting is still suspended. And nothing can properly explain not only the surge in votes for Michael Weiss, but also the regularity in which they were coming.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

eeks! cover your ears, cause i see the ring!!


ty to Johnny for so kindly posing in a way that we could see it. *happy happy!*

lovely post with So. Much. Johnny. Goodness.

*dreamy, dazed grin*

love his commentating outfit with the necklace under the sweater. hair looks awesome, but oh noes! they mention his gold shoes but don't show us? are they kidding? WE NEED TO SEE THE SHOES!!


oh! a big huge thank you to Disson for responding so quickly the voting weirdness. i wore my fingers out voting and wore down my friends' patience. so, ty, Disson, you rock!!

and wow, Diana's pic is truly lovely.

gotta run - gotta read it all over right now!