Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Ten Moments of Win This Week

Johnny Weir @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
The Honeymooners! 
Photo tweeted by Victor yesterday.

Here's my Top Ten list of Johnny stuff that made me happy so far this week (in addition to the photo above) (and it's only Wednesday!):

1. The story. People! He's on People! Within hours of its appearance on Monday, it had replaced the US Weekly piece as the top news story about Johnny. (BTW ESPN's Jim Caple, whose tweet is included in the screencap above, is the author of one of my all-time favorite Johnny interviews: "Johnny Weir Is a Real Man." If you haven't seen this yet, go read it now! I'll wait...)

2. Google is my friend. By 9 p.m. Monday night, Johnny was #3 on Google's top searches list.

3. The updated version of the People article on Tuesday. He's the top wedding story, even above the legendary Aretha! The update offered additional info from a statement issued by Johnny, including the fact that they actually got married on Friday, not Saturday, and that both sets of parents were in attendance. The husbands' quotes about each other are beautiful.

4. BRB booking next year's vacation. This is now officially the most awesome place on earth.

5. What the Buck! Buck offers his take on the Weir-Voronov nuptials in his latest YouTube post--and includes one of Davey's photos from this blog entry! :D

6. Possibly my best friend. Twenty-four hours later, he's still holding steady at #3 on the list.

7. OMG HuffPo! With a 50-photo gallery of Johnny pics!

8. Yes, we have video! Well, it's just stills plus everything we already know, but it's nicely done, and--video!

9. The article that started it all. Lynn Rutherford's excellent interview was the first to announce late last week that Johnny and Victor were planning to marry. (Now updated with a Davey photo!)

10. A tsunami of support. I was very happy to see that the media coverage was all very matter of fact. "Not like OMG LOOK AT THESE GAY GUYS," as my friend Jen Bee said. Even just a few years ago, that likely would not have been the case. And of the thousands of tweets--yes, literally thousands--that have been sent to him since the news hit the major media on Monday, about 99 percent were like this one, a simple message of love and support. 

But this is the one that left me crying on my cat again:

I know that Johnny has said he never intended to be a role model or an activist--that he has always just lived his life. But by having the courage to do exactly that--to dare to be himself--he is, in fact, an amazing role model. As another blogger noted (and thank you, Beatrix Zenk, for pointing me to that post):

Many a small town kid who is gay will hear this news, and see these two faces and know that they too can fit into the world.  This is the type of statement that makes for a better society, and for more stable relationships.

Because his marriage--a commitment between two men to love, honor, and cherish one another, all the days of their lives--is a beautiful testament to hope and faith for not only LGBT couples, but for all couples--and a vivid illustration of this universal truth: Love is love.

Holiday Dreams on Ice:
The Story of the Never-Ending Rehearsal
Part 3,468,152

So yeah we have a zillion more rehearsal pics. Just from Thursday. Here's a few random ones for you to enjoy while I go wander back to Twitter and roll around in the love.

All the skaters work incredibly hard at rehearsal, and no one is more focused than Johnny. But even he needs to stop and rest once in a while...

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
So. Is it time for a break?

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Hey Evgeni. 
Don't you think we should take a break now?

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Just five minutes? Please?
(Note: At one point, Johnny had a prolonged negotiation 
with one of the choreographers--I THINK it was the fabulous
Shannon Lenihan--over how long their next break should be: 
She said five minutes. 
He said with his most charming smile, 
"OK, so half an hour?" 
She laughed and said, "Five minutes." 
He said, "Twenty-five minutes?" 
"FIVE minutes." 
(He went with five in the end.)
(Choreographers rule.)

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Look, even the kids are drooping. 
Definitely time for a break.

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
Yes! Wish finally granted, 
he's a man on a mission....

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog. much so 
that he even leaves his Starbucks behind (!)
to head for the locker room 
and a few precious moments to relax...

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.

Johnny Weir. Photo © David Ingogly @ Official Johnny Weir Blog.
They made it! 
And yes, Victor and Misha just walked all the way 
across the ice without falling or even slipping once.
This amazes me. 

All HDOI photos © David Ingogly.

Return of the Safety pants!!
Get ready: Improv-Ice is coming up on NBC, 
Sunday, January 15, at 4 pm EST / 3 pm CST! 
Johnny performs to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It," 
and Styx' "Grand Illusion"--and viewers at home 
get to vote to determine which skater 
did the best job improvising a program 
to the songs chosen for them!! 
Photo courtesy of Disson Skating--
see the gallery here!

New Q and A! Go read it now

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Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"
You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
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Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
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germansoulmate said...

Love, love,love this blog. I know I repeat myself but what needs to be said, needs to be said. So to speak.

Love all these pics...and your captures. LOL.

Thank you.

When is the next chunk of pictures due? Tomorrow? Yes? Yes? Please! *puppy eyes*

Jen Warfield said...

Great blog, as always! So excited that Davey's photos have gotten wide exposure (NPI!) Also saw in your screen cap that Jim Caple, from ESPN was among the first to offer congratulations -- the journalist who went to the spa with Johnny and wrote the 'Johnny Weir is a Real Man' article:

Happy happy all around! Thanks for sharing all the good news and fabulous pictures!

germansoulmate said...

"I know that Johnny has said he never intended to be a role model or an activist--that he has always just lived his life. But by having the courage to do exactly that--to dare to be himself--he is, in fact, an amazing role model."

Yes. Exactly. I could not agree more. That sums up everything.

Misfit Mimes said...

Thanks for the reminder, Jen! I meant to include that link but forgot to do so before I pressed "publish"--but it's there now. :) LOVE that interview!

juncolove said...

My face hurts from smiling too much when reading this post...
Sooooo happy for them!!
Love the top 10!!!
Thank you for the screencaps of tweets, trends, web etc, which will all become beautiful memories in the future.
Now running to read Mr. Jim Caple's interview.
Wait for me >_<

aaaack said...

Am so happy to see such wide and positive coverage of this happy event. Everyone is so happy for Johnny and Victor. May they share their "love bubble" (the term Johnny uses for his parents' protective love for him) through all the happy years of their long lives.

Another great blog. How do you pull these blogs out of your hat, Binky?

As in Beyonce's song, "Single Ladies," if you love it you should be able to put a ring around it. It should not be so hard for LGBT couples to do such a simple, positive, happy thing as to make a binding legal lifelong commitment that everyone else enjoys.

Atomic Wife said...

The whole thing warms my heart to practically weeping.

That ESPN interview - on YouTube - is pretty much one of my all time favorite interviews and one I watched very early on in my Johnny fandom. Over and over again.


Misfit Mimes said...

Today's comment form our lovely but Internet-less Princess Johnny-Love:

"love LOVE how the media is rteating Johnny and Victor's marriage. lots of happy, loving coverage and they're calling it a marriage, not a gay marriage. cause marriage is the same for everyone in love.

i also noticed that lots of these stories don't bother to add who Johnny is, cause everybody knows Johnny!

and before i forget, HUGE congrats to Davey for having his picture featured in all kinds of places!"

Jen said...

Yay, I figured out the blogger! I mean... I just wanted to leave some ♥♥♥♥ on this post.