Wednesday, December 14, 2011

That's a Wrap! Which I Don't Even Know What That Means

Johnny with Nina Petrenko and Tara 
at the photoshoot for the BGJW wrap party last night. 
Photo tweeted by Tara!

So apparently there was a wrap party for BGJW Season 2 last night somewhere. And some people came. And some photos happened.

And that is pretty much the extent of my knowledge on that.

I was busy plowing through this project in which every time I went to make a final PDF of said project, my software chuckled quietly to itself and then did bizarre things to different pages--backgrounds missing randomly, photos unexpectedly skewed, text wrapped around graphics not at all the way it was in the original document but rather more akin to something you'd see on RuPaul's Drag Race--all of which was a bit disturbing and profoundly annoying, but fortunately Tara started tweeting a bunch of photos right as I was starting to headdesk repeatedly, so I got distracted by those which were equally random but in a more fun way, like something you'd hope to see on RuPaul's Drag Race (BTW I'm #NotClearOn the positioning of BGJW Season 2 after RuPaul's show. I had sort of taken that to mean a new RuPaul episode would be the lead-in to a new BGJW episode if and when we ever actually get to Season 2 although I'm thinking a wrap party is a hopeful sign cuz OK they've wrapped it really really wrapped it cuz he's mentioned before that they've, you know, WRAPPED THIS THING, so OK can we unwrap it now and WATCH IT pretty please with mammoth flu shots on top or sideways or whatever, but then in Irina's blog yesterday she wrote that "the new season will start after the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race." Which sounds like something different than RuPaul being a lead-in. So IDK).

But anyway.

They had a party! Yay!

So here's some photos:

David "Butch" Barba, Tara, Josh King, 
and James "Grämz" Pellerito. 
Tweeted by Tara.

Tweeted by Tara with this caption: 
"Stephanie Handler and Johnny designing a new costume... 
yes, in the middle of the party." 
(IDK who the lady in the background is, 
but she's clearly excited about this costume!)

Stephanie, Tara, and David. 
Tweeted by Tara.

Tweeted by Tara: 
"Josh is getting a head massage from Johnny."

Exclusives from Tara! 
Nina and David with Tara.

And Johnny and Nina.

More from Russia With Love!

Bonus pics!! First, from Arthur Lookyanov
who titled this "Christmas Mystery."
Arthur writes: "Johnny Weir in Starbucks Coffee 
on Pokrovka Street during his meeting with Russian fans. 
Gifts and his face can tell us about wonderful thoughts 
and moments associating also 
with upcoming Winter Holidays." 
More photos from Arthur are in his Facebook album!

Next, a new Facebook album from Olga Karaseva
Gorgeous photos--don't miss these!

An album from Irina Volkova
is now available here!

And Tatiana Edrenkina has added more photos 
to her Facebook album
including this striking retro-style shot!

Bonus video!! Another look at his "Smile" performance 
from one of the Saturday shows. 
Really great film work by this camera operator--
watch it in HD for breathtaking quality!

Finally, just one more, this time from Japan... 
Tweeted by the amazing artist @ayukovon 
earlier this week. Beautiful.

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"Chanelf" art
created by Lizzy Pine.
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Bonus video via The Advocate, from their post titled:
"Possibly the Most Beautiful Ad for Marriage Equality We've Seen." 
The video was produced by an equality group in Australia, 
where nearly two-thirds of voters favor legalizing
gay marriage, according to The Advocate
but prime minister Julia Gillard remains firmly opposed. 
I agree with The Advocate
This is one of the most eloquent illustrations I've seen 
of this simple concept: Love is love.

copyright 2011 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


aaaack said...

Thanks for making me Smile.

Making those videos is a lot of work and strain on multiple parts of the brain (sets, sound, mechanics, scripting, acting, flow, editing). The challenge (at least back when I worked in AV) was that audiences were used to and connoisseurs of broadcast and Hollywood quality, and being a teensy operation paying mortgage type payments on partly owned equipment while trying to keep abreast visually with the biggest networks and producers in the business.

Hope your PDF conversion worked finally. The bigger and more complicated the files, and the closer to deadline....the glitchier. When worst came to worst, I've had to disassemble a document into subset pages, PDF them individually, recreate the pages that were not converting, and then reassemble the pages using Acrobat Profession. Nightmare...shudder. Which also makes later edits to content changes sooooo fun.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

OMG!! totally overwhelmed by the Beauty and Love and Goodness of this post.

i was flailing all over the post, trying to run around and look at all the albums and videos and read your post at the same time.

#totalJohnnyoverload = yes, please!!

and oooooooooooo! BGJW 2 wrapped!!! yay!! SO totally dying for the new season!!