Monday, December 12, 2011

Smile: This So Much.

Johnny performs in Moscow Saturday 
in "Big City Lights," as Charlie Chaplin 
to Michael Jackson's rendition of "Smile." 
His beautiful and poignant performance reminded me 
all over again of something my daughter said 
the first time she saw him perform live: 
"The other skaters skate to their music. 
And a lot of them are even really good. 
But Johnny. Johnny IS the music." 
Photo © Irina Volkova.

So even as I sift my way through a staggering amount of photos, videos, tweets, and Facebook posts from the weekend, Johnny and Tara are already winging their way back to New York after a jam-packed few days in Moscow that included rehearsals, performances, shopping, a fan meeting, lots of autographs and hugs and kisses for many very happy fans, and even a cameo appearance by Viacheslav Romanov (oh, Viacheslav, how we've missed you, and how much you make us smile!).

Saturday, 12-10-2011.
Rehearsal and two shows.

Johnny during rehearsal 
before the first show on Saturday. 
Photo © dear Arthur Lookyanov, who is not only 
a fantastic guide / driver / everything 
but also a phenomenal photographer. 
Please visit his Facebook page for more!

First photos! Courtesy of lovely Tatiana Edrenkina
who was kind enough to offer twitpics ASAP 
for all of us starving for a glimpse of the show. 
Photo © Tatiana Edrenkina.

Photo © Tatiana Edrenkina. 
See more on Tatiana's Twitter, @ler_che!

Later this stunning album appeared on Flickr 
from zhem_chug. Here's just a sample; 
please be sure to visit the photostream 
to see the entire set. Gorgeous. 
Photo © zhem_chug.

Photo © zhem_chug.

Photo © zhem_chug.

Photo © zhem_chug.

Photo © zhem_chug.

Photo © zhem_chug.

And then yes, there was video! 
First, a fabulous fancam vid
 from GalinaFlute on YouTube....

...and next, from Super Managtress Tara! 
From Tara's angle, you can see that they're showing 
Charlie Chaplin himself on the big screen at the end of the ice. 
A wonderful touch. 
The whole production looks like it was AMAZING.

Johnny greets fans after the show. 
Photo © Irina Volkova.

Saturday night / early Sunday morning.

Saturday, 10:42 pm EST. 
We've all been there....

Sunday, 1:47 am EST. 
Livestream is up and running! 
Except.... this is all we ever saw. 
Irina later explained that the Internet went down 
but they didn't know it at the time. 
More ARGH.

But many thanks to Irina, who worked so hard to make the fan meeting and the livestream happen--we're all just thrilled that the fans had such a good time with Johnny and Tara! (And yes, there's TONS of video--we'll be getting to that in a moment...!)

Sunday, 12/11/2011.
Fan meeting and final show.

Exclusives from Tara! First, the view from their hotel: 
"Our Christmas tree, and we are looking at the 'White House.'" 
After a somewhat tumultuous history
this "Russian White House" is now the 
"House of the Government of the Russian Federation."

"With our friend Ari!"

"Johnny after practice on the last day."
I love this photo.

Tara with the fabulous Irina Volkova 
after the last show.
Photo © Irina Volkova.

Fan Meeting!

And we have a treasure trove of wonderful pics from Olga Karaseva!! Here are just a few--see her entire album on Facebook!

Showing off his Russian-flag-inspired manicure 
(to the livestream. ARGH. 
Thank goodness for the pics and vids!)

Which is where the fan meeting was held, because... 

"Yes! I'm awake!"


Listening closely to Irina.

My absolute favorite part of this whole thing: 
Irina presents Johnny 
with new Viacheslav Romanov hair.

And heeeeeeeeeere's Viacheslav!!
Please be sure to check out all the videos 
from the fan meeting 
on GalinaFlute's YouTube channel!

Bonus pics!! One more exclusive from Tara 
of Johnny at the final rehearsal...

... and one last moment from the fan meeting.
Beautiful photo © Anastasiya Bochkareva.

Bonus videos!! Lots and lots of them from Tara!! 
Go clear your calendar for the day 
and roll around in all the clips she just uploaded 

Endless thanks to 
the incredibly generous Russian fans 
and to Tara and Arthur
for all the photos and videos!!

HEY!!! We did it!! 
Johnny is a finalist for 
"Must-Follow Athlete on Social Media" 
in the 5th Annual Mashable Awards!!

IT'S KIND OF A BIG DEAL. Mashable gets more than 50 million page views per month, and has been named by Time Magazine as one of the top 25 blogs on the Internet. 

He's up against some stiff competition from Yuna Kim and John Cena, among others, but hey--we're really good at voting, and since he tweeted about it and is promo'ing it on his website,  let's make it happen!

He's also in some amazing company: As Megan Gusinski pointed out, finalists in other categories include The Trevor Project, NOH8, GLAAD, and Ellen Degeneres, so you might want to do some additional voting while you're on Mashable's site.

Voting ends on Friday, December 16, and the winners will be announced on Monday, December 19. Just click the graphic above or at the top righthand side of the blog to be taken directly to the voting page for Johnny. 

You can vote once per day per Twitter and Facebook account. Please VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

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Johnny tweeted:
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Bonus video via The Advocate, from their post titled:
"Possibly the Most Beautiful Ad for Marriage Equality We've Seen." 
The video was produced by an equality group in Australia, 
where nearly two-thirds of voters favor legalizing
gay marriage, according to The Advocate
but prime minister Julia Gillard remains firmly opposed. 
I agree with The Advocate
This is one of the most eloquent illustrations I've seen 
of this simple concept: Love is love.

copyright 2011 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Julie'sAmazed56 said...

Yes. I'm smiling!!! Oh, and Binky - I love Alice's comment; she 'got it' right from the very start, didn't she?! Thanks!

aaaack said...

Looking forward to seeing how Eric Alt does a Viacheslav Romanov style makeover.

Great to see Johnny looking in terrific skating form. Happy to hear that Russian fans took such good care of Johnny and sold out both performances.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, i am SO feeling the happy right now!!

beautiful skating, beautiful Johnny & Tara, beautiful pics . . . but can you guess what my fave pic from today's post is?

hmm . . . . ?

the one of Johnny trying on the eye mask!! cause you can see his manicure and he's got lipstick on! ♥

ty, as always, for compiling all this loveliness!



WheresMyKoppy said...

Alice is very insightful, I must say! She nailed it with that comment!

I have to say, like I said on another of your blogs, Johnny's fans constantly amaze me with their generosity and thoughtfulness, not only toward Johnny, but toward other fans as well. And it amazes me also that Arthur puts so much effort into pleasing Johnny's fans!

MM, I don't know how you find all this stuff! Oh, I know you have help from great fans like Irina, Tatiana and others, but you are one amazing woman!