Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spirit Day: "Never Let Go of Your Future"

From the GLAAD website: Millions of Americans wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and to speak out against bullying. Spirit Day was started in 2010 by teenager Brittany McMillan as a response to the young people who had taken their own lives. Observed annually on October 20, individuals, schools, organizations, corporations, media professionals and celebrities wear purple, which symbolizes spirit on the rainbow flag. Getting involved is easy ... simply "go purple" on October 20 as we work to create a world in which LGBT teens are celebrated and accepted for who they are.

Yes, please. Let's work on that.

And let's extend that love and acceptance to LGBT adults as well.

And also to ... oh, I don't know ... how about ... everybody? 

Of every flavor, every orientation, every everything.

Let's choose to simply love and accept each other for who we are.

There we go. 

That's the Spirit.

Bonus video! In case there's anyone on the planet who missed Johnny's appearance on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" yesterday, here it is, and it's wonderful!

Except: A moment of silence please, as suggested by Robin Fosdick, in loving memory of the mullet, who is no longer with us.


OK! Enjoy--he's pretty damn dazzling for so early in the morning, and obviously host Carrie Keegan is as smitten as the rest of us...

Also this gif later popped up on VH1's Tumblr from photos backstage:

And VH1 explains:

“Pass The Bowl” is VH1’s ongoing interview series, wherein celebrities contribute questions to our bowl and fellow celebs later draw a question.

Carrie Keagan: Quote your favorite line from a movie.

Johnny Weir: “I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the dirt,” from Mommie Dearest.

A thought which apparently stayed with him the rest of the day since he tweeted about it later...

And now, just for fun (because seriously, you didn't really think you could just tweet that and walk away, did you? And leave us there quoting lines from the movie for hours and cracking ourselves up without there being some kind of Photoshop involvement....? )

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jenn said...

You forgot a tag, Binx. Lemme fix that for you. Love interviews during which he makes everyone behind the cameras laugh, multiple times.

aaaack said...

A toast to all the grande originals, such as Johnny and yourself.

By the way, Johnny's hair on that morning brought me back to Razor the Hedgehog.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

OMG! just realized that there's a new blog post and ran right over here to roll around in it!

ahhhhhh! that's better!

loving the tags today, SO much! every time Johnny says "my boyfriend" or "Vitya" i just get the happies! ♥

very excited for you, cause you're going to see Johnny's new skate LIVE and in person!!

have fun, BB!

WheresMyKoppy said...

I didn't wear purple this year, but I did retweet and tweet a lot about it. I'm not sure how much progress we've made, and there are those in power or who want to be in power who would have us slide backward.

But Johnny is a sign of progress that can really be made, and you have to love his attitude!

Great blog MM!