Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sparkly Dispatches from Florida by Way of... Ohio...

MAC Glitter and Ice! 
Performing with Johnny at Orlando's 
Mall at Millenia yesterday as part of the debut 
of his holiday collaboration with MAC 
were (left to right): The amazing Denis Petukhov, 
Melissa Gregory, and Brooke Castile! 
Photo tweeted by Fireworks' lovely Kylie Culnane.

Kayso we're halfway to NYC! Currently ensconced, as I type this, in a tiny town on the far eastern edge of Ohio that struck us with an odd familiarity as we exited off the highway and arrived at our hotel, the [Wow This Place Has Definitely Seen Better] Days Inn.

Something about the whole area... so tantalizingly deja vu... in an... uncomfortable way...


The desk clerk, a worn but not entirely unpleasant older woman, registered us in a mood somewhere between friendly and seriously-you-meant-to-stay-here?-really? Our room was right on the first floor, which seemed perilously close to the ceiling. If Davey was any taller, he'd have had to shuffle down the hall like Quasimodo. 

The hotel had clearly been recently redecorated--recently if you're a vampire and whole decades and carpeting styles have passed by without you noticing.

The place was deserted. Like the town in which it sat. Really unnervingly quiet for a Saturday night.

We opened our door to the Room That Time Forgot. Probably as quickly as it could. Though it left behind its TV from 1978.

"Well, it could be worse," Davey said with determined optimism. (Hey, he's going to be in NYC tomorrow. NOTHING is going to dampen that.) "There aren't any bloodstains!"

"Or corpses," Alice added helpfully.

(I paused briefly to ponder the various experiences in our lives that have apparently led my children to set their expectations bar so low that anything short of zombie-like mayhem is YAY!)


The room was body-and-bodily-fluids-free, as far as we could tell, so we dumped all our stuff everywhere and went in search of food. Which was easy, because the [Ghost of] Bob Evans Restaurant was right next door.

There were a few other customers in the dimly lit main dining room--a couple with a sleepy young child, a grizzled man alone in the corner, a group of teenagers with hair dyed various colors in defiance of the muted town around them--and again that feeling of familiarity struck as we sat down.

What WAS it?

After the cheery young waitress walked away, having taken our order while continuously casting surreptitious glances over her shoulder, we all three realized at the same time.

The whole town was like an X-Files episode waiting to happen.

Any minute now Mulder and Scully were going to come through the door, arguing in their urgently intense way as they prepared to question the locals about the latest ... events.

Fortunately we were saved from further speculation about exactly what those events might have been that had left the enormous building at the edge of town a literal pile of rubble (I am not making this up) by unexpected and sparkly photos from Florida sent by Super Managtress Tara! 

So here they are, plus some from Twitter, that I have compiled while studiously ignoring the deliberate thumping at unpredictable intervals that seems to be coming from... somewhere... also ignoring the whistling...

(I think we might leave a little earlier than I had planned tomorrow... Safe and friendly NYC, here we come!)

Glitter and Ice at Millenia Mall

Photo tweeted by @sunbuffed (Melissa Rose) 
early in the afternoon with the caption: 
"@JohnnyGWeir where are you?! :)"
(And may I just say: WOW. What an incredible set!)

Aha! He's being tended to by a team of MAC artists, 
including Romero Jennings, far right, who also was 
featured in WESH's interview with Johnny 
on Friday. (Note: These are professionals. 
Do not try this at home. IDEK how many bottles of hairspray 
it took to achieve the final awe-inspiring result...) 
Exclusive photo courtesy of Super Managtress Tara Modlin!

Johnny and Romero backstage, tweeted by Romero 
with the caption: "BroMance." LOL.

Johnny with makeup artist Christelsie
who tweeted this pic.

Aaaaaaaand here he is! 
Photo tweeted by Melissa Rose, who wrote: 
"@JohnnyGWeir LOOKIN FIERCE at MAC Glitter and Ice!!!"

Exclusive photo courtesy of Super Managtress Tara.

And afterward, a lucky and happy
Melissa Rose with Johnny!

One last look. No wonder they had to use Glice. 
These four would have instantly melted real ice. 
Photo tweeted by the fabulous Romero.

Special thanks to Super Managtress Tara 
for the photos!!

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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...



Tara, i LOVE you forever for sharing these! thankyouthankyouthankyou!!

Johnny is so freaking beautiful it's just killing me! and let's see, he tweeted that Vitya was waiting for him, so he's probably getting a nice cuddle right about now! *ahem* or something. hee hee!

i hope Vitya gets to go to ITNY and see his lovely one dazzling the world!

finally, a big sparkly thank you to Binky for taking time from watching over her shoulder in the Motel of Doom to post this! LUV LUV!



Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, so Johnny just tweeted a Very Special Tweet!

YAY! so very, very happy for him and his Vitya! ♥

i just posted this on Johnny's FB:

Dear Johnny and Vitya, congrats! ♥ Here's a bit of a William Blake poem in honor of the two of you:

"Love and harmony combine,
And round our souls entwine
While thy branches mix with mine,
And our roots together join."

May the two of you have a long and happy life together!

big hugs!


WheresMyKoppy said...

Why do I think Denis doesn't look happy in that second picture of the group of four? LOL! I didn't know he and Melissa were part of this show. And of course Brooke was on 'Skating With the Stars'.

Anyway, great pics MM! Love your description of the hotel, and I have to say Alice and David are funny! Was it more 'X-Files' or was it more 'Twilight Zone'? Hee, hee...

I'm really looking forward to your account(s) of ITNY and David's pictures of course!

Peace said...

I am giggling a little about the nipple covers. That last pic - smoldering. I can't even. OMG have a murder free night and a PERFECT time in NYC!

germansoulmate said...

Peace, I´m giggling about that too. They must have been very busy to prevent a Janet Jackson moment. Still, all the covering doesn´t help...the boy is dazzling hot and sexy.

I´m still speechless about these AMAZING pics.

I don´t know what it is but the pic where he just stands there and all the Mac artists are fussing and I the only one who can´t stop looking? I need to stop or this ends in an Ode to Joy, Ode to Beauty, Ode to being special. You choose.

Thanks to you, Binky, for giving us an Extra blog on Sunday, to Tara for providing the behind the scenes pic...did I mention that I love them...and to our muse, Johnny.

aaaack said...

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and Johnny is, like his minor planet, from the asteroid belt beyond Mars.

I wish I had mentioned this a precaution against importing home pestilence (i.e., bedbugs), please keep your luggage sealed continuously. Then, when you get home, promptly launder everything in your luggage and all the clothes that you wear home. In NYC and vicinity, there is a growing problem.