Friday, October 7, 2011

Rehearse: Verb.

Genius begins great works;
labor alone finishes them.
— Joseph Joubert
French essayist and moralist

The man of genius is he and he alone 
who finds such joy in his art 
that he will work at it 
come hell or high water.
— Marie-Henri Beyle
19th-century French writer 
known by his pen name, "Stendahl"

Johnny at Fashion on Ice warm-up, 
September 24, Sears Centre Arena. 
This sequence of photos covers just the first four minutes 
he was on the ice.

Aaaaaand within those few minutes, 
he's already too hot. Which, as we know 
from his travels in China and Japan this summer
is not a thing that he likes.
And thus begins one of the more
breathtaking though brief series of shots
of a man simply shrugging off his jacket
that you're likely ever to see in the world
of figure skating (or anywhere, really)....

...and now he's all better.

Yes! We have new video! 
Two brief HD clips from the FOI warmup session 
courtesy once again of my dear friend Nicole Davis. ♥

Bonus pic! This cracks me up. 
The words are from the tail end of the banner at FOI 
for, formerly Overstock. com. 
But they certainly describe in an understated way
a tiny fraction of what Johnny brings
to the sport of figure skating as well--
despite the best efforts of willfully myopic 
skating officials to pretend it isn't so. 
Which reminds me:

When a true genius appears in this world, 
you may know him by this sign, 
that the dunces are all in confederacy 
against him.
— Jonathan Swift
British-Irish satirist

All photos © David Ingogly. 

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UPDATE! New location for Eric Alt's Carnivale!! 
Eric is teaming up with The Imperial Court of New York 
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ICNY president Gary Cosgrove is made of awesome.) 
to host his own runway show 
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OMGIDIE. BRB now moving to Orlando...
More info from MAC here.

Q and A!! Go read it now!

Still tix available
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Johnny tweeted recently:
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The latest episode of Husbands is here! 
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aaaack said...

Johnny was running on vapors by then, but he came through in the practices and performances. He has deep inner reserves that he calls upon.

Your family, too, with all the moving. Thank you, especially, for all of these immortal moments.

Debora Walsh said...

Perfect Jonathan Swift quote is perfect.

Nancy Knisley said...

I enjoy watching Johnny warm up more than I enjoy watching other skaters perform.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE the rehersal video! Thank you! So many years of watching him skate, and it still takes my breath away the way he is so soft on the ice. Its seen even more in practice, probably why I have always loved to watch him practice. No one else skates like that...not one person. Just So Beautiful To Watch! Amazing♥


Debora Walsh said...

Perfect BSonTwit post is perfect.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

ahhhhhhhhh! yup, that's a completely lovely series of Johnny taking off his jacket!

and love love Husbands, too!

going to sleep now . . .

later, alligator!


WheresMyKoppy said...

David has a great subject, but he is a genius as a photographer! Serioiusly, the kid has genuine talent as a photographer!

And Nicole, thank you for the wonderful videos! And MM, thank you for your wonderful blog, with quotes that fit absolutely perfectly!