Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ITNY: First Look

Johnny during his Bad Romance performance at ITNY. 
This was the first time I had seen this costume live, 
and the way it catches the lights is beyond amazing. 
He was head-to-toe glitter on ice.

Kayso we are super-exhausted after spending 10+ hours straight standing / walking / running / pacing / waiting / standing / lather / rinse / repeat / oh crap we forgot a whole table of people we need to get pics of / HEY THERE'S JOHNNY / all the while lugging two bags of camera and computer equipment weighing 5,000 pounds each, give or take a ton, so today's blog is limited to incoherent ramblings accompanying completely random pics Davey grabbed after he finally got all 2,498 of them uploaded from camera to laptop (I am not making that number up. Although I think Li Mann actually took more than 3,000 shots.... You know, you just can't help yourself. He goes whizzing by and you just start clicking and thousands of shots later, it's all over except for the uploading and the editing and the falling asleep with your glasses askew and "ASDF" imprinted on your forehead...)

So here's a Johnny-centric sampling of the evening for starters, with lots more to come 824 miles from now after we're safely home and I'm able to type on a real computer and not this ridiculous mini-laptop that is driving me completely insane because it's got one of those stupid "multi-gesture" touchpads, so every move I make anywhere near the touchpad, which is conveniently positioned on the keyboard on which I am in fact gesturing by, you know, typing, results in really odd random cursor movements that put half the sentence I'm writing three paragraphs above where I started. Which is not really helping with the incoherence but is strongly motivating me to make additional gestures at the touchpad... So before I succumb to utter incomprehensibility, may I just say: It was wonderful to meet so many fans I had not met in real life before; also wonderful to hug again all those I had met previously; and really moving to have so many of his fans, friends, and family all gathered together to shower Johnny with love.

And his performances, as always, transported us all to a place we never wanted to leave....

Johnny during his warmup prior to the show.

In these shots he's rehearsing his new program, "Meditation," 
a hauntingly beautiful and balletic piece that he choreographed, 
and that had me pondering its message much of the evening...

Discussing details with ITNY's Assistant Artistic Director 
Douglas Webster, who choreographs many of their pieces. 
He's also an incredibly kind man who took time out 
from standard pre-ice-show crisis mode to help us 
locate materials in the bowels of Sky Rink to create on-ice seating 
for several of the photographers after it was discovered 
that there weren't enough rubber mats for all of them.

Bathed in purple spotlights during the lighting check. 
Photographed through hockey glass--
thus the circle effect around his hand.

Johnny during his performance of "Meditation." 
Loving this J. Mendel costume from Fashion on Ice 
all over again.

With his flowers from the Facebook group, Show Johnny the Love
which were presented to him on the ice at the conclusion 
of the evening's performance. He loved them. :)

On the red carpet after the performance and before the dinner.

My favorite red carpet moment.

Bonus pics! From Neal Bennington of "NealB-TV," 
who I was thrilled to meet because he is made of awesome.
As are his pics.

Johnny with several VIPs, including (front row, left to right):
 Dick Button; Super Agentress Tara, ITNY Benefit Co-Chair; 
Aja Zanova,  ITNY Benefit Co-Chair; 
Moira North, ITNY Artistic Director and Founder; 
and Tom Collins, ITNY Benefit Co-Chair.

And one more: Dreamy-eyed as he glides past 
during "Meditation" rehearsal....

UPDATE!! Video of Johnny's "Meditation" program, 
with thanks to @SvetVin1 for the link. :)

All photos © David Ingogly.
Except, of course, for the NealB ones.

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germansoulmate said...

I´m so glad all of you had an amazing evening and so many things to to live on.

Johnny truly inspires so many people.
Thank you for that, Johnny.

Thanks for posting despite being sleep-deprived so the poor stayed-at-home fans can have a first piece of this obviously outstanding event.

Carmina said...

...I LOVE that I can live vicariously through you!...so happy to see this man honored and surrounded by the people he loves and who love him right back (sending him a virtual hug and smooch, all the way from Chi-Town!)...he looked radiant, as always - the scrumptious floral blazer, the Bad Romance makeup channeling Gene Simmons, and the greatest costume that has ever so elegantly graced his flesh (the J. Mendel)...he is definitely in a happier place now and it shows...thanks again, Misfit, for being there and and sharing the experience...(I hope there's a Johnny and Vitya pic coming soon!)

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

love love love! ♥