Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Carnivale Redux

Johnny on the red carpet 
at Eric Alt's "Carnivale: A Fashion Fantasy." 
See Yoni's complete Carnivale gallery on Facebook!
My fav writer from Jersey, Adam Robb
noted in the Jersey Journal that Johnny 
"hit the makeshift basement runway
in nothing more than leggings and an embellished
Native American-inspired codpiece." 

Kayso I've been drowning in various projects and stuff and more projects and more stuff and also some projects which actually is the way I like my life to run so that's fine but which has left me with barely enough time to surface from one thing and draw a breath before plunging into the next thing which suddenly evokes a whale-like image which in no way reflects the results of spending far too much time at my desk conveniently surrounded by not only stuff to work on but also stuff to eat, but fortunately I came up for air yesterday just long enough to notice an absolute treasure trove of new Carnivale photos from BC the Mag, Fab Jada, Photography by Yoni, and especially L-Studio Photography. So here they are.

Mini-review: WOW.

BTW, Adam Robb mentioned this little tidbit in his article: "Before the runway show officially began, a video played on monitors throughout the room. On screen, Alt reclined in a psychiatrist's office confessing to a doctor--played with a Russian accent by a dressed-in-drag Weir--that his life resembled a carnival."


And then Eric casually dropped by my Facebook wall on Monday to say: "I will be posting the link for the funniest Johnny Weir and Eric Altomare video you have EVER EVER EVER seen...."


But then Tuesday Eric muttered that he was having some technical difficulties with uploading....


So to pass the time while we're patiently waiting for those pesky technical issues to resolve themselves--in the way that I imagine ravenous grizzly bears hopped up on meth for weeks might suddenly crash and notice with utter paranoid desperation that my GOD there's no FOOD and we're STARVING and thus patiently wait for some tiny morsels to show up without at all gnawing their own limbs off prior to turning on each other--please enjoy another look at Carnivale.

I believe that's the fabulous Andrew Werner of
Andrew Werner Photography possibly getting an autograph
 from Johnny. Andrew gave us some of the best shots 
of NYFW SS2012, including this one 
featured on the OutSpokenNYC blog.

Photo courtesy of BC the Mag via Facebook.

Lovely ladies Shannon Lenihanwho provided 
the exclusive photos on Monday's blog just for us!, 
and Super Managtress Tara.

Johnny and his beloved Beauty Bear Eric.

Photo courtesy of BC the Mag via Facebook.

Photo courtesy of Fab Jada via Facebook.

Photo courtesy of BC the Mag via Facebook.

Photo courtesy of BC the Mag via Facebook.

Bonus pic! Just one more, 

Hey! A tiny blessed scrap of video
thanks to my Twitter friend @ElizabethTLara
She also tweeted this mini-review of the show: 
"What an amazing fashion fantasy! 
The show was full of glam and astonishing outfits."

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aaaack said...

"Sweet dreams are made of these..." and who am I to disagree with you, Binky?

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

OMG! flailing ravenous grizzly bears! ahaha! and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

and, oh hai! it's Johnny's nipples!

btw, just what is she doing to his nipple in that pic? makeup?

a big congrats to Eric for a fab show! and yay to Johnny for walking and looking so dreamy! hope Vitya got a peek!