Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Want Your Bad Romance? Why Yes. Yes, We Do.

Johnny performs Bad Romance at Fashion on Ice 
in his Betsey Johnson costume created specially for this event. 
This was one of the best performances I've seen him give 
of this program--so much attitude on top of his 
always-spellbinding artistry and athleticism. 
Absolutely loved it!
Photo © David Ingogly.

So he did Bad Romance during Act 1 of the show, and as many attendees have already reported, his scorching-hot performance brought the house down. It was beyond-words brilliant.

Seriously. I have no words.

I kinda used a lot of them on Monday, and then I got these pics from Davey, and ... yeah.

Fortunately I have a few that I borrowed from my dear friend Mimi Dzyacky (so good to see you, Mimi!!), who said his costume and performance "brings to mind ... Edward Scissorhands and Moulin Rouge ... breathtaking and spirited ... wonderfully spectacular!"

Yes. That works.

Oh BTW speaking of words, I forgot to mention that I might have shrieked the word, "JOHNNY!" at jet-engine-decibel level when we were suddenly surprised by his presence while we were milling around outside the Disson office backstage on Saturday. I'm still wincing about it. But when I asked Nico if it was as ridiculous as I feared, she said she has no memory of that at all because she's been too busy wincing about the "spastic hug" she gave him (I have no idea what she's talking about. She's lovely and the hugging was adorable. Although he probably couldn't hear anything she might have said to him at that point because of the aforementioned shrieking...)


Here you go. Please be sure to click on the photos for glorious full-size view. And if anybody finds any words after scrolling through all this picspam, please throw some in a comment in case I might need them for the next blog entry...

But hey, here's some math:

Johnny + Betsey Johnson = A Bad Romance gone tremendously, wonderfully, crazy-sexy Good.

From the moment he came gliding out onto the ice, 
the audience knew this was going to be 
something really special...

About 25 seconds in, he tossed the motorcycle jacket off 
toward the audience to reveal the fishnet underneath.

I find the logo in the background--eclipsed as it is 
by his sizzling performance 
that brought the crowd to its feet-- 
deliciously ironic.

One of the best moments in the program: 
At about halfway through 
(around 1:44 in the video below), 
during the chorus, he stopped 
and flipped the ruffly skirt thingy up...

...and then he gave us face. 
The crowd went wild.

Walk walk fashion baby. 
Absolutely love his strut...

...and the delightedly dazzled faces in the crowd.

More face. 

And all too soon it's over. 
Johnny acknowledges the roars of the crowd 
at the end of his performance.

I think he had as much fun as we did. 
I hope so. He was amazing.

Yes, we have video! Really excellent video!! 
Many thanks to Suzanne Larson for posting this 
on Johnny's Facebook fan page! 
It's wonderful, and I love her reactions 
while she's filming. :)

Bonus pic! This is the uncropped version 
of his strut above. 
Please click on it for the full-size view 
so you can see the crowd reactions. 
All those smiling faces, people of all ages, 
 cheering and applauding and thoroughly enjoying 
what he's doing out there. 
Love it.

All photos © David Ingogly.
Who also rocks beyond words.

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Anonymous said...


There's just something about the costume + the makeup + the personality... I can't keep scrolling up and down. Is it weird to throw a party for a camera? (forgive me, it's 3.32am, and I've gone a bit batty...)

germansoulmate said...

I wished I could have been there. That would have been awesome. Instead, I live vicariously again. But I love it. Your Davey´s pics are awesome as is the subject of his pics. Thank you for making this day a lot more bright.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...


hee hee! o.k., you can uncover your ears now!


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

p.s. David is TOTALLY kicking butt! seriously awesome pics!

aaaack said...

Such a sense of humor in Johnny's body language, captured perfectly by David on chip.

And framed so wonderfully by Betsey Johnson's suspenders and echoed so beautifully by her streamers! Takes its place among the displays at the Cheeky Bad Romance Costume Hall of Fame.

aaaack said...

Also love Mimi's comment about Moulin Rouge. The film was all about Art dying when captive to bureaucratic inflexibility and greedy money interests, and of Art becoming Immortal in the hands of true Artists.

(Have never watched "Edward Scissorhands" (looks too scary) but any part played by Johnny Depp is spell binding.)

Debora Walsh said...

I actually have tears in my dorky eyes...I'm so proud of him I can't even put it into words.
I want to take that picture of Johnny, with the crowd reacting to him in the background, blow it up to the size of a billboard, and just jam it into the faces of all the judges,spectators, commentators and federation execs that felt he wasn't right enough to represent the sport of figure skating....shortsighted fools, Johnny Weir IS figure skating! I'd flip them all a massive bird on the way out, too.
Johnny has "it"; that undefinable combination of talent, brains, savvy, looks and flair that demands attention and recognition. And, he has remained the great person he always was...what a star he has, it's like a supernova....!

Anastasia said...

Words, I don't have... not coherent words, anyways...but I have lots of noises in my mesmerized and dazzled head in the check-all-that-applies style..Aww! Squee! YAY! Ohhh! Wow! Swoon! Yeah! Sweet! OMG! Bravo!

~ Speechless but so grateful to Misfit Mimes and David!!!

Dana said...

Was he able to do the backslide in that skirt?

Nico said...

I keep thinking about how much I'd LOVE to march into work tomorrow wearing THIS exact costume. I mean honestly, this place could use some sparkle. And if my nipples are covered by the hot pink suspenders, it's all good, right?

Oh, sweet Weirsus. Make it so!

Misfit Mimes said...

Hey Dana! Yes, indeed he was able to do so.... :)

germansoulmate said...

"Johnny has "it"; that undefinable combination of talent, brains, savvy, looks and flair that demands attention and recognition. And, he has remained the great person he always was...what a star he has, it's like a supernova....! "

Oh yes, Deb. This. Exactly. No more words needed.

WheresMyKoppy said...

When I first saw that costume I wasn't sure what I thought of it. I've now decided I like it. And looking at it I also think if you didn't already know who designed it you could guess. Seriously, who else could it be other than Betsey Johnson?

David as a photographer...I don't even know what to say! He's brilliant, that's all there is to it!

I think Johnny has the best strut ever in figure skating, lol! He's so incredibly talented; but as I looked at these photos and read this blog I was reminded of something I first heard about seven years ago. It was in a documentary about Limahl and Kajagoogoo. One of the group members said when they first met Limahl they kept looking at him and smiling. I felt the same way with these pictures and this blog tonight!