Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NYFWow: So Much Pretty...

Johnny at the Chris Benz presentation on Monday. 
Beautiful photo from the fabulous blurb 
in's Word Up! titled, 
in which he says for the second time that I know of 
that filming for BGJW Season 2 has wrapped. 
Kayso.... can we see it pretty soon pls...? 

(Side note: I find it lolariously unfortunate 
that the link to that article shortens to 
Seriously, PaperMag, you can customize those links. 
You don't have to go with the automated one 
chosen by the software which was apparently coded 
entirely by 10-year-old boys...)

And Fashion Week continues at a pace that leaves me alternately agape at all the pretty and then muttering with bloodshot eyes as I stagger from gallery to gallery, "FFS when does this thing ever END?"

Well, not yet.

So let's pick up where we left off about 5,000 photos ago give or take a million twitpics, and relive Johnny's glorious "lewks," as they apparently say in the fashion world (look! I learned something! Or should that be "lewk!"? IDK. BRB need to parse this as only a neurotic word-obsessed fashion pygmy can...) which BTW have earned him a lot of great mentions in the press this week (and by "week" I mean the last month or two that has passed since Monday). I particularly liked the PaperMag article above in which he discusses changing his outfits in the car between shows. (Note to Tara: Pics please.). Lots of other fun articles to browse through up on his website also.

Anyhoo, here we go with some highlights (see a full range of Johnny-at-Fashion-Week photos in the galleries at Life, Zimbio, Getty Images, and the Billy Farrell Agency):

Monday, 9 a.m. Chris Benz.

He's wearing what's called a "tail shirt" by LimeDrop Label
in which he said he "felt pretty" (he looks pretty, too). 
He also credited Chris with choosing his outfit for him 
in this fab interview by the Fug Girls, who noted: 
"The winner of the Chris Benz Shortsapalooza was Johnny Weir. 
The skater was clad in shiny green brogues 
that he deliberately matched to his eye makeup, 
a blazer, short-cuffed shorts, and a long white shirt 
that billowed even longer in the back, sort of half-pirate 
(is that in for spring?) and half Von Trapp child. 
The whole thing was so nuts it came back around to being resplendent, 
and he appeared to be having a blast in it."

Photo tweeted by @ayokalu.

Johnny with Chris and Nate Berkus: 
A Triumvirate of Impeccably Fierce Taste.

Monday, 6 p.m. Betsey Johnson.

Sorry for the watermark, 
but it's the only full-length photo accessible to me. 
And clearly we need a full-length view of this outfit.

The front-row photos of him at this show
are ethereally beautiful. 
Check out the galleries linked above. 

Monday, late-ish. Preview of Steve Klein's "Time Capsule."

Now he's wearing other short-shorts 
and featuring another Limedrop Label piece, 
their "Emerald City" jacket.

Tuesday, 9 p.m. Indashio.

Johnny getting his makeup done for the show. 
Loving this jacket also.

Johnny and Indashio get the giggles, 
along with Josh and Tara...

So pretty here. 
Johnny with Indashio and Mat Jacobov (IDK who he is).

Johnny with Mat, Indashio, and model Sheena Sakai. 
This is the first ensemble Johnny wore in the show, 
though with different shoes.

On the runway, opening the show. 
Photo tweeted by @carltonjones212.

The second outfit that he modeled. 
Photo tweeted by Tara's lovely friend, Shannon Lenihan 
(she also skated in the Elise Øverland show 
with Johnny back in February).

Yes, we have video! 
The livestream was captured by the always fabulous 
Jenn Kittler for all who missed it! 
Not the best livestream ever, sadly, 
although live-tweeting it with lots of Johnny fans 
was endlessly entertaining...
Johnny opens the show from about 0:00 to 0:20; 
reappears at 4:59 to 5:21; and is seen again in the closing lineup 
from 6:48 to 7:29, in which he appears adorably petite 
next to the other models
UPDATE: My FB friend Schismatic Beam 
made this astute observation: 
"Johnny has very tall body language and attitude." 
Yes, he does--I always think of him as on the tall side 
because of the way he carries himself.

Tuesday night. Postscript.

Bonus leftover Japan videos from Tara! 
As Deb Walsh said:
"Still the best and most beautifully realized axel 
in the business..."

But wait, there's more! 
Fourteen seconds of Johnny and Stéphane 
that you absolutely MUST. NOT. MISS. 

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Q and A returns!! Go read it now!

Only one show left I think...

Still tix available!
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More new stuff on Johnny's website!
He'll be attending Macy's Glamorama Los Angeles
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aaaack said...

Pretty, witty and kind.

Thank you for this tour de force in pretty.

dapperderp said...

And Fashion Week continues at a pace that leaves me alternately agape at all the pretty and then muttering with bloodshot eyes as I stagger from gallery to gallery, "FFS when does this thing ever END?"

This, so much. It always goes from no new pics on any site, to pics falling on my head so fast I get blinded by sparkles. It's amazing... tho I am a tiny bit glad we get a FW break until Feb ;)