Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYFWerq: Antelope Corsets in the Glitter Jungle

Johnny backstage at Indashio Tuesday night. 
IDEK what else to say. Maybe just asdlfjhgk. 
That should about cover it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he was at The Blonds presentation last night, which by all accounts--including Johnny's--was beyond amazing (first time in my life I've ever come across the words "antelope" and "corset" side-by-side in a sentence. As someone who lived in Wyoming for 13 years, where huge amounts of antelope are always grazing by the side of every road, I will now be haunted forever by the image of said antelope shimmying in scantily clad splendor whilst thoughtfully chewing on sagebrush). But while I was searching for photos from The Blonds, I got a teeny bit sidetracked by additional Indashio pics like the one above which suddenly popped up on Wire Image, my new home away from home (when I'm not relaxing in my cozy cabanas at Zimbio and Life). So yeah. We'll get to The Blonds in a minute. Or so...

OK! Ten Fashion Week events in seven days, and I think we've arrived at the finish line--red-eyed and exhausted and almost numbed and unresponsive to the pretty at this point by the constant flow of photos.


(See above.)

But fueled into overdrive with Starbucks (trenta! yes! I'll take two, please!), we're able to monitor twenty-three open browser tabs simultaneously while we refresh Twitter on our phone every few seconds just in case there might be another yfrog we missed...

So here's some more Indashio flashback, and then we'll get to the sparkle-tacular explosion of brilliance that was The Blonds....

Tuesday. 8 p.m.-ish. Indashio.

Exclusive photo from Super Managtress Tara! 
Johnny and Indashio backstage.

More Indashio backstage from Wire Image.

And one more. Love the neck painting!

Another exclusive from Tara: 
Johnny with Glen, a close friend of Josh. 
So much happy at Indashio's presentation!

Wednesday. 9 pm-ish. The Blonds.

And here he is at The Blonds last night. 
Absolutely love every lewk he put together 
this Fashion Week, but especially this jacket
with the ... everything. Perfection. 
Photo from the Zimbio gallery. 
Go there for the rest of the day. You'll love it.
And when you're done, stop by the AP gallery...

Another view, tweeted by @amaramalik.

Photo tweeted by @kimmyerin: 
"omg!!! @JohnnyGWeir and I are twinsies 
in our sparkle shorts!!! Look at our pic! Ahhhhh!!!!"

Johnny and The Blonds--David Blond (David Trujillo) 
and Phillipe Blond (Phillipe Rolano)--
face the wall of paparazzi in this photo tweeted by Tara.

And here they are from the front. 
Left to right: Phillipe, Johnny, and David. 
Love that Johnny is wearing "mismatched" Loubs--
a concept I believe I've seen Chris Benz pull off occasionally, 
and which earned Johnny at least one compliment.

Johnny with Rebecca Szymczak, Creative Director at Playboy.

Exclusive from Super Managtress Tara: 
Absolutely wonderful photo taken by Josh!

Bonus pic! One last exclusive 
courtesy of Super Managtress Tara!
Uncapped version here.

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Terrific photos. Johnny and Tara still looking happy and fresh after all that running about.