Friday, September 16, 2011

NYFWeir: End of the WerqWeek!

Wow. What an amazing week we've had. The glamour! The sparkle! The heady, excited confusion! And that was just the line outside Louboutin World for Fashion's Night Out....

So, as we say goodbye to yet another Fashion Week in which pretty much everyone who met Johnny was completely dazzled by him, here's a look back at the week that was via these Top Ten Moments of NYFW SS 2012...

Thursday, 09/08/2011. Fashion's Night Out.

Photos courtesy of Super Managtress Tara Modlin. Uncapped versions here and here.

Photo courtesy of Super Managtress Tara Modlin. Uncapped version here.

Friday, 09/09/2011. General Idea.

Photo courtesy of Super Managtress Tara Modlin. Uncapped version here.

Uncapped version here.

Saturday, 09/10/2011. Asher Levine.

Photo originally tweeted by Adam Robb of (love him!)  but I forget the link.
Uncapped version here.

Monday, 09/12/2011. Chris Benz.

Photo courtesy of Super Managtress Tara. Uncapped version here.

Monday, 09/12/2011. Betsey Johnson.

Uncapped version here.

Tuesday, 09/13/2011. Indashio.

You know, sometimes my life as a blogger is actually pretty interesting. Yesterday morning I checked my email to find a note from Ciara Batory, PR Specialist with the Moscow Ballet (I am not making this up). She attached these two photos from Indashio's show with this all-caps note: "MOSCOW BALLET’S GREAT RUSSIAN NUTCRACKER’S KISSY DOLL MODEL AND JOHNNY WEIR AT INDASHIO’S NYFW SHOW AT THE AUDI FORUM!! MOSCOW BALLET LOVES JOHNNY WEIR AS MUCH AS YOU DO. HE IS SO SWEET AND HUMBLE. PLEASE PUT THIS PHOTO ON YOUR BLOG!!!"

So I wrote her back immediately and said yes! Of course! And could I please quote her? And she said yes. :)

This lovely dancer is Sydney Keyes. 
You can find out more about her and the Moscow Ballet 
on their Facebook page.

Wednesday, 09/14/2011. The Blonds.

Absolutely my number-one favorite moment to come out of this Fashion Week. Johnny in the front row at The Blonds. From Wire Image.

To be yourself 
in a world that is constantly trying 
to make you something else 
is the greatest accomplishment.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Programming note: The blog is going on hiatus 
for a week or so because ... I'm moving! 
Which is an activity on my list of "Things I Heart" 
that ranks just below pulling out all my fingernails one by one 
and stabbing myself repeatedly in the eye with an ice pick. 
But with any luck at all, I'll survive, 
and I might even be able to resume blogging 
with reports from Fashion On Ice, 
which is happening next Saturday in Chicagoland...

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Q and A returns!! Go read it now!

Still tix available!
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More new stuff on Johnny's website!
He'll be attending Macy's Glamorama Los Angeles
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"Fashion on Ice" on Saturday, Sept. 24, in Chicagoland!
Info here!

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aaaack said...

Nefertiti, certain Greek/Roman/Renaissance statues, and Johnny. He's mad, bad, and beautiful, but okay to know.

aaaack said...

Hope your move goes very smoothly and you can remember where everything went.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the lovely coverage this week! The best of the best always seems to appear on your blog.

Extra thanks for finding the time during a move!! Ugh, I hate packing/moving/unpacking. I hope it goes smoothly for you, you have lots of muscle-y help, and you and the kids love your new home.

Many xoxo, Bink!!

Anonymous said...

Wait, I just mentally computed the sentence about your blog being on hiatus for a week. What am I going to read every morning??? ...Too bad that it isn't because you'll be on vacation in the Maldives...

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

YAY! i'm back from vacation and now i can comment again!

um . . . but now i have 50 million beautiful pics of Johnny to download! eeks!

love love the captions, Binky! ty for the lovely coverage of Johnny's Fashion Week. and it's awesome to know that even the Moscow Ballet needs its dose of Binky-ness!

sending you lots of glittery good luck and may-your-move-go-smoothly thoughts!

your new neighborhood has no idea how lucky it is, cause Binky's moving in! ♥



Peace said...

That incredible photograph makes me feel religious.

This was a whole lot of happy.

I will think "uplifting" thoughts as you move (in case you have to lift things)and pine for your fjords until you return. :O(

WheresMyKoppy said...

Ugh... I hate moving! Last time we paid my two nephews and one of their girlfriends to do most of the heavy lifting for us. We were able to move smaller things, but the TV and so one I wouldn't have been able to manage.

That picture, which I hadn't seen, from the blonds show...well I don't even have the words! It's beautiful! Thanks again for the great blog and the hilarious captions on the photos!