Friday, September 9, 2011

FNONYC! Or: Freely Neglect Obvious Need (for) Your Camera...

Photo tweeted by Allure Magazine 
of Johnny on Fashion's Night Out: 
"Johnny Weir getting his lashes done 
@LouboutinWorld on #FNo."
Love his sweater!

Dear Fashion's Night Out:

While your worldwide event certainly sounds like it was amazing and wonderfully fun, it has come to my attention that in all the planning and preparation and scheduling and excitement, apparently no one thought to assign a phalanx of cameras solely to Johnny Weir so that when the night's shopping had ended, I would not be left with a catastrophic dearth of pictures such that I am reduced to squinting at three blurry twitpics going, "Really?" Pairing Johnny with Louboutin World for FNO is like the most perfectly sparkly product-placement moment ever in heaven or on earth and even the angels stopped in mid-celestial-choir practice last night and were like, 'OMG! I LOVE his SHOES! And that SWEATER! The color is simply DIVINE! And he doesn't really need those lashes but oooooo I love those too!' and yet nobody could take a decent picture?

Thank Weirsus for Allure Magazine who at least tweeted the photo above, although the temptation to photoshop the lovely lash lady out of the way is almost more than I can bear (Tatiana....? Are you busy...?). But please, could you correct this oversight for next year's event? Nonstop coverage of Johnny via still camera, webcam, streaming video, that sweaty guy named Phil who does photo processing at Walgreen's and talks too much but does know his way around a Nikon as he'll be the first to tell you in great detail--any of these options would be fabulous. Better yet, all of them. Because for those of us who live out here amongst the cornstalks which BTW is just as creepy as it sounds, experiencing FNO vicariously through massive amounts of Johnny picspam is the closest we'll ever come to anything remotely fashionable. Please don't leave us out here with our withered, dried cornhusk of a life and not a single sharply focused, jumbo-sized, Johnny-in-a-juicy-raspberry-sweater photo to get us through...

If you need any assistance in gathering a camera crew for next year, please feel free to ask. I know about 100,000 people on Twitter who'd be happy to help.



Well, here you go--the dazzling pics from last night (I can't even say "dazzling picspam" because I think you have to have more than three to qualify as "spam"...):

Photo tweeted by @jimshi809: 
"LONG line outside @LouboutinWorld! 
Maxwell and Johnny Weir are inside. 
I am thisclose to them! #fno @FNOnyc."

Tweeted by @brianchango: 
"@JohnnyGWeir My friend Evelyn is IN LOVE with you!" 
Lucky Evelyn!

And one more from @FootwearNews: 
"Johnny Weir spotted at Christian Louboutin! 
Sporting Louboutin lashes." 
Yes, that's Josh B. King from Fireworks behind Johnny, 
keeping an eye on things 
(or wondering how many more pairs of Loubs 
Tara really needs. IDK).

Kayso since that was just ... sad ... let's drown our sorrows in a few more pics from the Contagion premiere because hello bustle jacket....

P.S. Dear FNO: See? THIS is what I'm talking about. Like this.

And this. Only x 10000000000 more. Kthxbai.

Bonus pic! Exclusive from Super Managtress Tara
Josh and Johnny at Louboutin World.

Special thanks to
Super Managtress Tara
for the photo!! 

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germansoulmate said...

"P.S. Dear FNO: See? THIS is what I'm talking about. Like this."

Yes! Exactly! This!

Nothing more to add b/c she´s dead.

*goes back looking at those close ups from the Contagion premiere*

Thanks for starting the weekend off so well.

aaaack said...

A few drops of water in a parched desert....

aaaack said...

And what's happening with that marabou feathered boa thing????

Misfit Mimes said...

@aaaack: It's a "custom black & hot pink Punk's Not Dead Mohawk hat" from the people at Knit-Head! See their Facebook page here:

Or visit their website:

aaaack said...

Wow, vat a hat! Thank you, Misfit Mimes.

Misfit Mimes said...

From Robin aka Princess Johnny-Love ♥, who is on vacation and can't remember her Google ID to log in to post a comment (lol):

who's up for a ninja mission? i think we need to sneak into FNO's office and plaster the place with beauteous pics of Johnny! that way, they'll walk in the next morning and have an "OMG-who-IS-that-oh!-it's-Johnny-Weir!!!-let's-sit-down-and-just-stare-at-all-these-photos" moment and provide accurate photo coverage next time.

ty for the lovely pics!

WheresMyKoppy said...

If you need any assistance in gathering a camera crew for next year, please feel free to ask. I know about 100,000 people on Twitter who'd be happy to help.

LOL! Can we volunteer David for this assignment, or would he say no thanks? Hee, hee...

I also have to wonder if Josh ever stands back and wonders what in God's name he has gotten himself into...