Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy (Almost) Birthday to Tara!

This Sunday is the birthday of dear (by which I mean kind, long-suffering, patient, thoughtful, fiery, generous, quick-thinking, never afraid to laugh at herself, provider of the best picspam EVER, and endlessly snufflable) Super Managtress Tara Modlin!

So in her honor, today we present a Top Ten Tribute to the Indomitable Tara, including some of her own favorite moments from this blog...

(10) Lake Placid. The Myth. The Legend. The Mini-Golf.
Please click photos for a larger view so you can read the fascinating but not really dapper dialogue, the accuracy of which may be just a tiny bit open to interpretation.

Left to right: Tara, Johnny,
and Tara's friends Carin and Shannon.
Yes, Tara's speech above, and Johnny's first two sentences,
are quotes from BGJW episode 104.
Everybody else has all the dialogue memorized too,
right, guys? Guys?

Carin and Tara, who would never conspire
against Johnny in any way. Of course not.
And yes, this is the famous golf course
from episode 104!

Left to right: David Barba and James Pellerito,
the godfathers of BGJW; Tara's good friend Kari
from Lake Placid; Tara; and Patti Weir FTW.

(9) Johnny Does Tara's Hair Part 1.
This twitpic from Eric Alt serves as a testament to the sheer audacious fearlessness of one Tara Modlin:

Eric's caption: "The newest Beauty cub @JohnnyGWeir
doing @tmodlin at Eric Alt Salons.
Call today for your appt--ask for Dorine."

(8) Quite Possibly the Most Lovely Photo of Tara I've Ever Seen Which Finally (Almost) Does Her Justice. By Novembergirl Fotographie and featured in this wonderful article by Adam Robb, October 2010.

Tara and Beauty Bear / MAC artist 
Joey Camasta.

(7) A Typical Day At The Office. If You're Tara.

(6) Because They Always Have a Good Time Together...

I love this picture. Love it.
Photo © David Ingogly.

(5) ...No Matter How Tired They Are.

Johnny and Tara pause for a moment 
between NYFW events to watch 
Lady Gaga make her entrance at the Grammys.
Very special thanks
to Managtress Extraordinaire Tara 
for the photo!

(4) Johnny Does Tara's Hair Part 2. Did I Mention She's Fearless?

Actually, Tara tweeted that he did a great job.
She also called him a "nice young lad."
(Breaking: New Concerns Over the Effects of Highlight Chemicals
on Perception and Brain Function Are Raised
After New Jersey Incident.)

(3) She Allowed This Clip To Not Only Be Filmed But Posted Where People Could, You Know, See It. And Laugh Themselves Silly At Her Predicament.

(2) She's Always A Princess.

"Pursued by the Federation's sinister agents, 
Princess Tara races home aboard her new pink Riedells, 
custodian of the stolen plans that can further enhance
 her really gorgeous hair while restoring elegance 
and scorching, gender-bending sexuality
to the galaxy's ice rinks..."

(1) This.

A blessed thing it is for any man or woman to have a friend, 
one human soul whom we can trust utterly, 
who knows the best and worst of us, 
and who loves us in spite of all our faults. 
-- Charles Kingsley

Johnny and Tara, 
New Year's Eve 2010, Moscow, Russia.
Photo courtesy of Tara Modlin.

Wishing a very happy birthday 
and much, much love
to extraordinary Super Managtress Tara!! 
Thank you for everything!! 

New on Johnny's website!
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copyright 2011 / Binky and the Misfit Mimes / Lynn V. Ingogly / all rights reserved


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

aww . . . love that New Year's Eve photo! really lovely.

wishing a Very, Very Happy Birthday to the loveliest Super Managtress ever!

thank you for taking such good care of Johnny. it is deeply appreciated!

and, i dunno, maybe it's time to go try on more wedding dresses together and take lots of twitpics? pretty please?

germansoulmate said...

Very happy (early) Birthday to Tara.

Great blog by the way and good to remember some of the precious moments that we have been lucky enough to be part of...even if it was only via picture.

Thanks, Binky.

Peace said...

You make me feel like they're my friends too. *sniffle* <3 Hearts to Tara via Binky & Binky via my own heart & of course Johnny without who(m) I'd never had the chance to share all this lovey stuff. :O*

Anonymous said...

Happy almost-Birthday to Tara!

Many many thanks to Tara for all she does for Johnny, and all she does for his fans. She takes good care of us.

Today's blog is a fun trip down memory lane. A great start to my day! I love those moments they shared with us, and the funny blog posts you created. That Moscow NYE photo is one of my favorites of Tara and Johnny -- hugs and laughter. ♥


Maggie St. said...

Happy (almost) Birthday Tara!!

Enjoy the upcoming year creating more memories ♥ and Thank You for sharing them with us.

aaaack said...

Happy birthday to the lovely and glamorous Tara.

Tara is part super agentress, part everybody's older sister in a nice way, part wedding/show planner, and part mother hen. She has a head on her shoulders and her feet/skates on the ground. She also is a patron saint of roving suitcases and keeping the Johnny in Johnny.

Johnny has a bit of everybody's mother mixed in with this otherworldly angel and birdlike creature.

And Binky is part telepath, part poet and part PR wizard-tress.

Debora Walsh said...

I can't add much more to the beautiful statements already made by those that have left comments; but I'll join in praise of Tara's kindness and understanding when it comes to Johnny's fans and maintaining his accessibility...It cannot be easy, and I know it's not the industry norm. We have much to be thankful for!

Happy Birthday, Super Agentress Tara Modlin! You are as lovely inside as you are outside...I mean, what other kind of agentress would Johnny Weir have??

PumaJ said...

Fabulous commentary you've added to the wonderful pics, Binx:-)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you so much for another look the photos with the hilarious captions, lol! And I agree about the black and white photo of Tara, it is spectacular.

You do have to wonder how they can put up with each other without driving each other crazy! I know Johnny wanted someone who he felt could be more hands on and personal with his career, and he obviously has found the right person for him. Johnny is highly intelligent and if he thought Tara wasn't the best agent/manager for him I'm sure he would do something bout it. But they seem to be going along just fine!