Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Random Picspamapalooza III: Electric Balloon-a-loo!

Kayso when I casually mentioned yesterday that we were pretty much done with photos from Fukuoka but I was wistfully hoping for maybe some twitpics out of the fan meetings, I had no idea that the kind and glittery Picspam Fairy was going to grant my wish x1000000. She didn't have as much time to provide explanations, though, so I might have made stuff up.

So today we have the first of maybe three more picspam posts from Journey to Japan: The Myth. The Legend. The IDEK What Johnny Is Doing and the Inexplicable Photo of Stéphane With Balloons. Enjoy!

07/03/2011 2:05 pm.
About 35 minutes into the show on Sunday.
Here is the entire staff as they search the ice
for one of Tomáš Verner's screws. First they go that way ...

... then they come back this way ...
Tara says, "Last year Johnny lost his necklace
in the middle of a performance, and they found all eight pieces.
This time we had 25 Japanese men searching the entire ice surface
for a screw one centimeter long ..."

"Johnny, Akiko, and Yuzu also came out to help!"

07/03/2011 5:04 pm.
After the show.
Yuzu on the bus with his Pooh Bear tissue box.
OMG. I am dying from the cute!

And Super Managtress Tara with Yuzu's Pooh Bear tissue box.
IDK why he has one, but now I need one desperately.

07/03/2011 7:24 pm.
Fan meeting.
The skaters take turns speaking with fans and answering questions.
Yay! It's Stéphane! Wearing somebody else's costume. IDK why.

Stéphane may be listening to a fan's question
or looking back at a heckler here ...

OK Imma go with heckler on the far left side of the photo ...

Now it's Johnny's turn!
Stéphane appears to be offering a quick prayer.
I can't imagine why anyone would suddenly seek divine intervention
when Johnny steps up to a mic ...

It worked!
Johnny is doing well ...

... although now it's his turn to glance back
at his fellow hecklers skaters for some reason ...

OK seriously I don't really know what's going on here,
but I have been told previously that sometimes
at Japanese fan meetings, they have like a lottery
thingy where a few lucky fans win the chance
to come up on stage and greet one of the skaters.
So I think here one of the people in charge
is announcing a lottery winner.
Or they're asking Johnny to play ping-pong.

And here is the lucky winner / ping-pong enthusiast!

IDK but it kinda looks like he's giving her a medal
or maybe his fraternity pin ...

Kayso here's a group shot
plus an attractive advertisement for the Ice Crystal site,
which is in Japanese and when I clicked on "translate this page,"
it was mostly still in Japanese. But it's really pretty.

Group shot #2. I love that they're all tilted sideways
like they're on a carnival ride ...

Bonus pics!!
Welcome to the WTF portion
of today's picspam!
View at your own risk.
These are so priceless
I couldn't even begin to offer captions.
Yes, hours of macroing fun await you here ...

Very, very special thanks
to Super Managtress Tara Modlin
for all the exclusive pics!!

of Johnny skating at the fan practice session!!
Plus more pics pics pics!

Need another look at Johnny's new BR costume?
Check it out here!

Sweet Weirsus they're STILL in Tokyo!
Best wishes to Johnny and Tara
for safe travels home soon
before I get really whiny about it ...
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germansoulmate said...

Picspam Galore. What a nice way to take a lunch break. I would have the appropriate .gif now I just don´t know how to make it work in here.

Anyway...thanks for posting all these photos Tara so kindly provided. Looking forward to the next photopalooza.

Peace said...

So Johnny is wearing in those IDKWTF photos some sort of short kimono? Or someone's Gramma's shirt? Plus, was there a wet t-shirt contest during the ping pong?

I am so POKER FACE about that Stephane photo, I can't even. Imma go to bed happy if not confused about the world now. :OD

aaaack said...

Thanks again, Tara and Binky! And thank goodness for undersea cables and satellites!

Carmina said...

...I am dying over the "wet t-shirt contest" comment!...too damn funny!..and, Johnny + Stephane always = awkwardly hilarious pics...

...Stephane + phallic-balloon-animal-thing-a-jig = QUE? (WTF?, indeed)...oh my...

Angela Gripesalot said...

Stephane: these go where/do what?

sorry, I couldn't help it :(

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, i just have to say - i LOVE that photo of Tara w/ the Pooh tissue box. so cute!

tyvm, Binky and Tara, for all the lovely photos!

purrrrrrrrrr . . . purrrrrrrrrrrrr . . .

aaaack said...

Guesses on the story behind the fish sausage/cheese/tofu/dal paste(?) in a roll....

Stephane and Johnny have an ongoing Brittany/Christina bet to see who will sell more songs via iTunes/whatever. Stephane has either just lost, or won, the award: fish sausage.

A Japanese farmer fan milks a water buffalo, adds imported Swiss cheese culture, and ensures that Stephane will feel at home during his visit. To protect the ripening cheese from contamination, he seals the cheese in plastic instead of a wheel. However, Swiss cheese grows holes full of air as it ripens; hence, the bulging diameter. If aged too long, Swiss cheese explodes. Stephane, knowing this, holds the cheese warily.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Ah, Yuzu is absolutely adorable! I see Johnny has the bowl head hair thing going again at the press conference thingie... Who are the other skaters in those group photos? I'm not sure on a couple of them! Too funny all those people looking for a screw on the ice...

sinderallaa said...

oh,the costume that Lambiel wore is Trankov's last season's LP Romeo and Julia's costume.while Trankov were wearing Lambiel's Bring me to life's costume.They are best friends.always together.