Saturday, July 2, 2011

More Fukuoka Fotomax!

Or: OK We Definitely Know Where the Starbucks Is
But Right Now We Have to--Oh Look! A Playground!

WE INTERRUPT THIS SIMPLY GLORIOUS PICSPAM TO BRING YOU YES! VIDEO! OF JOHNNY'S BAD ROMANCE IN JAPAN IN HIS DAZZLING NEW COSTUME! With a million thanks to Super Managtress Tara, for whom this blog is being posted right now so that she can enjoy it when she wakes up tomorrow in less than an hour to go to Starbucks and start all over again ...

Yes, it's shot with the trusty but jetlagged BlackBerry
mentioned below, but it's JOHNNY!

OK then! When last we saw our intrepid travelers, it was June 30 in Japan and they were happily going up and down the escalators at the Yahoo! Dome while mainlining Starbucks through the convenient IV-drip feature (Japan is so progressive) and shrieking "Yahoo!" themselves because YES DEAR GOD I DON'T CARE THAT IT'S RAINING OR IF I GET HIT BY LIGHTNING OR WHATEVER BRING IT I HAVE MY STARBUCKS AND ALL IS RIGHT WITH MY WORLD HALLELOO.

Today we pick up their adventures beginning on July 1 which seriously I don't evan know what that means but here are some really really fun pics courtesy once again of Super Managtress Tara, who also has kindly provided much of our commentary today which had me completely cracking up.

07/01/2011 8:53 am.
On the way to Starbucks. Hello.
As they're walking to their hallowed destination,
Tara notes, "There is a big giant thing. We don’t know what it is.
There are toys inside two big white wall things. I took a pic."
Dear Tara, I greatly admire your pluckiness
and quick-thinking action in the face of
big giant things incomprehensibly stuffed with both toys
and, like, mannequins? Of baseball players?
(Marketing campaign brought to you by WTF Industries,
whose target audience appears to be Godzilla.
And who / why are the people dressed
in matching shirts? Discuss.)

07/01/2011 8:54 am.
On the way to Starbucks.
View of their hotel. And a big giant thing.

07/01/2011 8:55 am.
Tara says: "Self explanatory.
Pink building with green writing ... words of faith."
Greetings, weary and desperately decaffeinated traveler.
Welcome to the Way of Weirsus temple.

07/01/2011 5:04 pm.
Practice pic #1.
Yeah, the BlackBerry is still suffering from jet lag,
so it gave us a little bit of grainy and blurry--
but Johnny's in these, so whatever! Yay! And St├ęphane!

Practice pic #2.

Practice pic #3.

Practice pic #4.

07/01/2011 6:54 pm.
Back at the hotel.
This is a picture of Tara's TV screen, which also is
the alarm clock. Hotel management thoughtfully provides
a full-page instruction manual in each room
to teach guests how to use it. Tara explains:
"Once you choose your sound ... your time ... your volume ... etc.,
you can set it. But using the cursor keys on the remote
is a trick in and of itself. And of course I chose 'Funny' music,
which turned out to be a circus song, so I woke up thinking
there were elephants in my room on trapezes.
Later I played the sounds for Johnny ... belly laughs all around!"

07/01/2011 7:13 pm.
They had an hour to kill before dinner,
so Tara took Johnny to the playground.
Because sometimes Johnny is five.
And Tara is the soul of patience.
And both of them are never afraid to have fun
and laugh at themselves.
BTW I love that he grabbed his HUGE purse
and then went off to play.

And sometimes he's five
in a 27-year-old world-class athlete's body,
engaging in impromptu Playground Pilates
to which I can only say ...

...  well, nothing, really. I'm kinda happily speechless.
Which is just as well because nobody wants to read
a lot of words at this moment anyway.
They just wanna look at the pictures.
(I'm channeling Robin right now.)
I get that. :)

Bonus video!! From Johnny's Russian fans for his birthday,
with a surprise guest at the end. :) Absolutely love this!!!

Very, very special thanks
to Super Managtress Tara Modlin
for all the exclusive pics and video!!!

Johnny's in Japan!
Best wishes to him and Tara for safe travels,
wonderful shows, and for a very happy
27th birthday with his Japanese fans!
Need to know when Johnny is?
Check the handy clock in the upper right part
of the blog for the current day and time in Fukuoka!

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Maggie St. said...

How appropriate that Johnny chose to sit on the "Ping the Panda" ride in the playground. :) Hope they are having as much fun there as I am seeing these pictures.

germansoulmate said...

Ok, I was already in bed, admiring and playing with my new cellphone when I saw that there is another blog post. Still in awe about all these great pictures..."Johnny, never ever lose the child that still is in this grown up body. Never ever. Please."...I decided to get up again to comment (since commenting on my forementioned cellphone is still a bit "holprig")and here I am.

Finally got a glimpse of that new smiling at all these lovely playground pics and the ones which don´t have anything playground in least it makes me think of completely different things than playground. Great pics, indeed.

Thanks to Tara for providing all this gorgeousness caught on photo, to Johnny as always for being who he is..including that child in the man...and to you, Binky, for providing us with another post.

And now, I´m off to bed again revelling in all that photo gloriousness. (Is that even a word)
You know, I can now...whereever I am. #technerdthatIam

reppoko said...


I just watched this show in Fukuoka. Johnny was fantastic, gorgeous, beautiful...I have no appropriate words to explain Johnny. Thank you very much for your wonderful performances in Japan, Johnny!

And, thank you, Tara, and thank you, Ms. Binky, Misfit Mimes, always give us a lot of information about Johnny!

Nancy Knisley said...

Seeing Johnny having so much fun at the playground just made my day more smiley.

Thanks Tara and Binky for the photos and Johnny for being in them...well, actually, thanks Johnny for just being.

Peace said...

Tara needs a muffin basket for this. Also, IF I DO NOT SEE MOAR PICTURES OF THE MOST SPARKLIEST COSTUME EVER I WILL DIE. SRSLY. DROP DEAD. Okay, I can stare at Johnny on the monkey bars...for a little....erm..what was I saying? Oh yeah. Die I tell you.

aaaack said...

A "glittery alien from the planet Fierce" are the words that came to mind when I saw the new costume. The words originated from Neil Lambert (brother of Adam, who was describing his bro).

Great to see Johnny having spontaneous fun. Relatively few adults remember how to or have the capacity to play, laugh and be spontaneous, so it is great to see Johnny and Tara having playground fun. This might just start a trend.

Thanks so much, Tara and Binky. Last year the video lockout was pure agony.

Anonymous said...

Love!! This Fukuoka post and its predecessor are made of laughter and happy. Plus bonus Bad Romance and sparkly new costume!! ~thud. Many thanks to all involved in its making. :)

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...


OMG! Johnny sitting on a panda! And, oh my, those shorts are short! ♥

and . . . and . . . Johnny and Tara playing! YAY! and . . . woah! Johnny should just sell tickets to his Pilates sessions already! seriously, he could start building a college fund off ticket sales alone. <(^_^)>

and . . . AUGH! . . . beautiful new costume that we can't really see? i'm feeling very teased here . . . getting nose marks on my monitor trying to see the details! hee hee!

my head is spinning in delight, and oh yeah, Johnny is sitting on a panda!


goes back to blog to do it all over again . . .

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

just came back AGAIN . . . hee hee! and realized there's one more thing i need to say:

Happy Birthday, Princess!

and yes, that IS meant for Johnny in case he's listening out in the world somewhere, cause he's my princess.


Vicky said...

Thank you so much to you and Tara for sharing pictures and video so very generously. That's a very sparkly onesie!

Lol at Johnny's expression in that first picture of him on the panda and Oh my! that last picture on the bars!

WheresMyKoppy said...

I'm still distracted by that last monkey bars pilates picture with the shorts... What was I saying? Oh yeah, the pilates picture... Love the playground pictures, thank you so much for taking and sending them Tara and Johnny, and thank you again MM so much for putting this blog together!

Julie'sAmazed56 said...

So fun to watch the play-by-play of the minutes of the day! And waiting for better pics of the new BR costume; looks fabulous so far. Also - I'm wondering when we'll see Stephane skate in a US show? Anyone know? Thanks, Binks!