Friday, July 1, 2011

Flashback Friday

Kayso IDK what they're doing over there but it's been radio silence most of today cuz I think they're kinda busy with, you know, actualfax skating shiznit, so since we have no new pics RN from Japan, we're just going to head back to Chicago for a minute because I personally love Chicago and also because Stacy McReynolds was kind enough to send me four great pics and to upload four brief vids to YouTube from Johnny's appearance at Marshall Field's Macy's on State Street. So for your Friday-Before-the-Long-Holiday-Weekend-So-Who-the-Fuck-Wants-to-Do-Any-Work-Today-Anyway-Seriously-Are-We-Out-of-Pretzels-Again viewing pleasure, here's some stuff from Stacy.

Oh BTW tomorrow is his birthday except by the time you read this it'll either almost be or already be his birthday in Japan and then that threw me off big-time so, as NinjaGirl can attest, I've been agonizing for, like, hours over whether to post birthday wishes to him today or tomorrow but I finally decided to go with tomorrow because Blogger (who is my friend. Although not my best friend) auto-dates my posts and it'll bug me forever if I post "Happy Birthday to Johnny!" and the post date says July 1 instead of July 2. Cuz I am just that OCD about stuff that no one else on the planet cares about or even notices.

So just so we're clear: Birthday post tomorrow! After it's already been his birthday yesterday! If your today is the same as mine! Sigh. And also if you get in trouble for wasting your workday on this blog whenever you are, it's Stacy's fault. She sent me this stuff last night and it was just too fun to hold back. You can send cheery tweets of blame to her @StacyMcReynolds. :D

OK, pics first:

Being a commentatress.
If you've seen @Snuffy5458's video posted previously,
you know how lolarious he was. :)

Admiring the guy whose name I swear was "Veggie"
although I know that can't be right
but it's probably the first time ever that I
suddenly found the idea of veggies appealing...

Love this.

With the Macy's staffers, all of whom were friendly
and polite and even came with a sense of humor attached
and who thus should probably be whisked off
immediately on a paid vacation to Lake Placid to offer
the security people there some customer service pointers ...

And now the vids: Just brief snippets, but fabulous and available in

Exclusive photos and vids all courtesy of
and © Stacy McReynolds. Thank you, Stacy!!

Johnny's in Japan!
Best wishes to him and Tara for safe travels,
wonderful shows, and for a very happy
27th birthday with his Japanese fans!
Need to know when Johnny is?
Check the handy clock in the upper right part
of the blog for the current day and time in Fukuoka!

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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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You know what to do.
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aaaack said...

"Hello, boys, welcome to Chicago...." Johnny has a great droll sense of humor. Here's hoping to see him do more commentary at skating competitions in the future.

Thank you, Binky, @StacyMcReynolds and friends, for these choice morsels.

Ahhhh, the wait is long and the hopes are faint. Last year in Japan there were no leaks from the Japanese shows so that we could see Johnny skating a full program in black elastomeric pants. (The pants then required repairs, so no one has seen them in action since, unless they were used for the book cover shoot.)

Debora Walsh said...

Lake Placid Customer Service Training Seminars FTW!

Carmina said... incredibly happy to re-live those moments over and over (I don't want them to end!) - I feel incredibly lucky to have been there in the flesh (though, not exhibiting flesh like the fantabulous models were..."you should be ashamed of yourself...naked in the department store"... :)

...thank you, as always, Misfit for making my work day go a little faster (um, I mean, no...I'm totally NOT indulging in all things Johnny during work hours...)..I can't wait for the next batch of pics from Tara (thank you!)...BTW, I am lovin' the Binky lovefest goin' on...

...and, lastly, Johnny, if you, by chance are reading this, I wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday (insert HUGE hug here)..I meant to tell you face to face in Chicago, but, my brain tends to encounter technical difficulties when in your presence...have fun, look fabulous, be happy!...

PS: ..Misfit, I did it! I've moved beyond the realm of email! :)


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

oh wow! beautiful pics - ty, Stacy!

and this really needs to be said: Johnny has great legs! he should definitely wear shorts all the time and flirt with beautiful male models while we all watch! pretty please?

Misfit Mimes said...

Carmina!!!! Hi, BB!! Thank you for commenting--it's so good to see you here! :)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Poor Stacy! Blaming her for everything! LOL! Thanks for the great videos and photos! I wish I could get to some of these events and see JOhnny laughing and enjoying himself so much!

RE the time difference, since my comment on the blog before this I thought of a line from the movie 'Mister Roberts' which is one of my favorites. They are in the Pacific somewhere trying to figure out what time it is back home. They are across the International Date Line and say it is 'midnight last night' at home. Because where they are it's the next day while at home it's the day before so at home the day hasn't happened yet, while where they are the day at home has already gone by... Hmm... LOL!