Wednesday, July 20, 2011

China, Days 5 and 6: Shopping! Sheela's Nails! Shanghai! And ... Shrek? Seriously?

Where did our two intrepid travelers go
on their last day in Beijing?
"Back to Chanel!" says Eric. (Of course.)
How much do I love this photo.

And our adventure continues with more pics from dear Eric Alt, who has spent endless amounts of time patiently uploading and emailing them via Gmail (in China the "G" stands for "Glacial-speed"), because Eric kindly understands that Johnny's fans worldwide are slightly beyond frantic for EVERY. LAST. PIXEL. OF. JOHNNY.

Today's installment begins in Beijing from Sunday night through Monday--their last day there, during which they got in some R&R time (I believe the Chinese word for this can roughly be translated as "shopping")--and ends with their arrival in Shanghai on Tuesday.

Captions in quotes provided by Eric. As always, click any photo to open it in a new window, then click again for full-size view (especially the one above. Please. You have to click it. It's HUUUUUUGE. And so adorable!!)

Sunday, 07/17/2011, 11:04 p.m.
At the hotel after the second show.

A "crush mob" was waiting for him ...
"Here's Johnny teaching the fans how to shake it."

Eric sent this photo previously
but was too exhausted to include a caption.
So here it is again with his explanation:
"A lone warrior trying to get a photo of a Beauty Bear
in his natural habitat: a hotel lobby."

Monday, 07/18/2011, 5:51 p.m.

Earlier that day.

"Our translator Amanda and Johnny enjoying
some American comfort food ... Subway."

"Johnny and his driver, whose name is ... PING!
Yes, the real Ping!"

"Johnny deep in consultation [with Amanda's help]
about how to create his custom nail color: 
black with a gold glitter overlay."

("P.S. On a side note: They are obsessed with my size here. 
I've been called 'Shrek' all day, and at one point Amanda said, 
'If you were bigger, the sofa cannot---"
I gave her a look like, 'I dare you to finish that sentence.'
Johnny and I are still laughing about it." LOL.)

Johnny confirms:

Tuesday, 07/19/2011, 12:30 p.m.

"Yay! We arrived in Shanghai ... 
The large white flying saucer in the distance
is where Johnny will perform on Friday."

"Here are two pix of Shanghai.
(I know everyone wants to see Johnny stuff,
so I will limit to two here).
I had an opportunity to go out today
while Johnny had a much-needed massage and facial.
The hotel is SPECTACULAR!!
I have to say I am speechless ...
Shanghai is so huge and vast in every direction.
The extreme wealth and poverty are mind-blowing. 
All my Shanghai pics will be up on the
I hope you all enjoy!"

And one last shot from Beijing:
"Me dragging Johnny out of Chanel ... lol."

Bonus pics! More Bad Romance from Weibo,
the truly incredible gift that keeps on giving!

Very, very special thanks
to Beauty Bear Eric Alt
for all the amazing picspam!!
And guess what: It's official!
From Eric's Facebook fan page:
"Eric Alt working in China with Johnny Weir
has a surprise guest to style ..."
It's Sarah Jessica Parker!

Johnny and Eric are in China!
Best wishes to them
for safe travels and wonderful shows!
Need to know when Johnny is?
Check the handy clock in the upper right part
of the blog for the current day and time in China!

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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

what? the real Ping? NO! Ping-chan is Ping! ♥

sorry, but serious fan of Johnny's Ping - the REAL Ping - here!

famous cute baby panda = awesome! maybe we need a Show Ping Weir the Love fan club? :-)

ty so, so much to Eric for taking these and to Johnny for graciously posing.

and psssssst! someone's got a birthday gift waiting for him back home. wonder who that could be?


germansoulmate said...

I love all the pics which have nothing to do with skating...not that I don´t love these pics as well.

But I like them because we get a glimpse of what they are doing outside the rink. To me it looks like they have had a lot of fun so far. They are getting around, getting a bit R&R aka shopping, do a lot for personal well-being like massage and facials etc...and they get a look at the daily life in China. That sounds really good.

Thanks to Johnny and Eric..and to you ofc, Binky, as our "bridge" to both of these adorable guys.

Anonymous said...

I love that the drivers name is Ping!

Eric Alt you continue to rock with these pictures! Thank you and thanks to MM!! ♥


aaaack said...

Hope Eric and Johnny have fun and get rested despite the heat. (I'm sweating so much that I've lost my dry humor.)

Thank you, Binky and Eric, for these lovely pics. Will go rub my statue of Budai's belly while wishing for cool sea and Manchurian breezes for Shanghai and us kittens. Paging Siberia!

WheresMyKoppy said...

I guess I'm in the minority because I really don't like that new 'Bad Romance' costume... Oh well!

I wonder what Ping thinks of Johnny's driver being named Ping? LOL!

got to love Eric Altomare, how can you not? Got to love Binky also!