Thursday, July 14, 2011

China, Day 1: Crouching Beauty Bear, Hidden Man-Whore Makeup

Yes! They made it!
Here's Johnny arriving in Beijing courtesy
of Huang An (I hope that's translated correctly!)
who posted this photo to the
Artistry On Ice 2011 Facebook page.

Our story thus far (let's just let the boys tell it in their own inimitable words, shall we?):

Tuesday, July 12, 10 am EDT

Wednesday, July 13, 3 am-ish CDT = Wednesday, 5 pm-ish in Tokyo

Wednesday, 6 pm-ish in Tokyo

Cheburashka glasses from Doutor Coffee.
Thanks to Tatiana Edrenkina for finding these!

Thursday-ish or something IDK in Beijing

Accompanied by this picture:

But apparently yes! They let them in! And here is part of the welcoming committee assembled to greet them:

LOVE that they are waiting for him
in front of Starbucks! And love this banner!
Another photo courtesy of Huang An, who posted it

Six hours ago from when I wrote this which was like Thursday at 3:15 am CDT so subtract 6 hours = 9:15 pm Wednesday here +13 hours = 10:15 am-ish Thursday there in Beijing FFS I am never going to survive two weeks of this kind of math

Eric posted this picture on his new
Eric Alt Salon Facebook fan page with his first China blog entry:
"China day 1: Hundreds of fans showed up
to welcome us... it is surreal somehow I left New York
on Tuesday and landed in Beijing on Thursday.
Where did Wednesday go????"
OK, I love the "hundreds of fans" part SO MUCH!
And that the lovely fan in the middle of the photo
is clutching a copy of Welcome to My World.
But IDK where Wednesday went.
I think it's sobbing in the corner trying to understand
how to play "Let's Do the Time Warp! China Edition"
and stuffing itself full of pretzels.

Thursday 1:30 pm-ish in Beijing hey he's tweeting so I guess neither Facebook nor Twitter are blocked after all so that's awesome la la la la la--


(Dear Eric: Please oh please oh please tell us that you sneaked a pic of this somehow somewhere at some point we don't care if it's blurry or a little dark or whatever we can work with it just sweet Weirsus please we need to see this kthxbai love you -facericebowl-)

Bonus pic!
While we're waiting for photos
or watercolors or silkscreens or some kind of

here, have some pretty to brighten up your Thursday
or whatever day you happen to be having...
Photo © David Ingogly.

Johnny and Eric are in China!
Best wishes to them
for safe travels and wonderful shows!
Need to know when Johnny is?
Check the handy clock in the upper right part
of the blog for the current day and time in China!

Very special thanks to NinjaGirl
and my own NicoFierce
for their invaluable help with this post
despite being half-asleep
(NinjaGirl) and distracted by
cloying awesomeness (NicoFierce)...

Yes! Johnny's dresses are now available
for purchase only on!

At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"
You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
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Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

oh no! not pretzels again! um, think i might need some, too. the time difference is all WTF?!

oh! but if they're that far ahead of us, then 2 weeks isn't really 2 weeks, right? or is it? won't it be a little shorter? eeks! where are those pretzels?

and hee hee! loving today's title, Miss Binks!

please thank David for the lovely pic. the pretty is very pretty!

and please oh please, dear Beauty Bear, send us some lovely man-whore makeup pics. we NEED them! seriously.

germansoulmate said...

Following your math attempts, I´m slowly becoming a pretzel myself. Imagine my eyes crossed like that.

Thank God, there are Johnny fans all over the world, even in China. Some day, Johnny will take over the world. I´ll be waiting in my corner of this world...happily passing the time revelling in photos and pics and happy fan accounts and so on and so on.

Last but not least. Ah...that pic. The last one...courtesy of your son. I´m blown away. But that´s nothing new when it comes to Johnny. Thanks to your son again and again for having such a good eye and capturing one moment in time.

Debora Walsh said...

OMG! I am SO in love with Johnny fans all over the world; fans who monitor schedules; track flights; twitter-squee air coordinates like international glittair traffic controllers; and travel to & stand at arrival gates (not an easy task in this high security day & age)with epic handcrafted banners that document eight years of a competitive figure skating career in spot-on sartorial detail! A veritable Johnny Weir-Bayeux Tapestry!

...Oh, and strategically unfurl the love in front of Starbucks, no less...

Bravo, Chinese Angels! Bravo Japanese Angels! Bravo Johnny fans everywhere...I love that he is loved...all over the world.

aaaack said...

Like drops of minty water in a media desert, your blog, Binky.

Anonymous said...

this sounds like it may be on an episode of Be Good Johnny Weir 2...hope so cause it sounds like a fun makeup session!

and I can not explain how much I enjoy Johnny's tweets. They make me laugh no matter how bad a day I am having! =)

thanks for the pics!


WheresMyKoppy said...

They had to have planned to be in front of Starbucks, lol!

Unfortunately I'm fresh of pretzels... Maybe I should get some when go to the store tomorrow, or is it later today... Or, something..

At least we have some photos, and I'm sure there will be more! Great job MM!