Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Professor Weir Will Now Take Your Questions

Johnny during the seminar at the Chiller Easton Ice Rink
on Sunday. Love the look on his face.
I can't help but think he's reacting to something
Tara has either said or done ...
Photo courtesy of Michele Mansoor /
Fireworks Sports Marketing.

Oh hai!

I'm a little busy deciding what not to wear right now. Although that's pretty simple, actually, because the answer is EVERYTHING THAT I CURRENTLY OWN. Cuz I'm going to see Johnny tomorrow at the Macy's on Chicago's State Street!!! Which I will always think of--and might I add, correctly so--as the Marshall Field's on State Street, but whatever. They can call it the South Side Salvation Army Store or Big Jim's House o' Ribs or That One Place That Used To Be Marshall Field's at this point because the important thing is that Johnny. Will. Be. There. at 5:30 pm for another of his scheduled appearances as part of Macy's celebration of LGBT Pride Month. So Alice and Davey and Davey's camera and I are headed to Chicago tomorrow!

So I'm all *flail* at the moment, but luckily I was able to cobble together this blog via pictures donated by Fireworks and words donated by my dear friend Beth, who attended "The Johnny Weir Perspective" seminar on Sunday in Columbus and was kind enough to share some of what she remembered from the "Q and A With Johnny" session. She's a little *flail* too because OMG she got to SKATE. ON. THE. SAME. ICE. WITH. JOHNNY. And also it took her Forever plus a detour through Eternity with a side of weird car issues to get home from Columbus, so she's a little fried and thus some of the words might be in the wrong order but essentially here's some of the stuff that he said. And thank you so much, Beth, for sharing all this really really late last night when normal people were asleep.

Beth reports:

The Q and A part was held during a break between the two skating clinics, and the room was packed. The audience was the skaters at the seminar and their parents/chaperones, for a total of about 75 people or so. Questions had already been written down on small pieces of paper when we walked in, so Johnny just read them from the papers and answered them. He spoke for about 30 minutes.

It's standing-room-only at the back as everyone waits
to hear what Johnny has to say!

Aaaaand he's barely gotten started
and Tara is already cracking up.

These were some of the questions:

Did you do your first jumps on roller skates in your basement? Yes.

Do you have any diet advice? What do you eat? In response, Johnny simply caressed his Starbucks cup, and everyone laughed. Then he said that he does eat now because he isn't training for competition, and that yesterday he had a hamburger. More laughter. He also said he's not the best person to ask about diet. Tara said, "Weight Watchers!"

What is your favorite Starbucks drink? [Beth says: "There was a long answer here, something about some kind of venti with honey..."] For clarification, we turn to Beauty Bear Eric Alt, who reported in an interview with Behind the Chair that Johnny always drinks an "iced venti skim vanilla chai with three packs of honey, not stirred, so you drink a clump of honey at the end."

How often should one skate every week? As much as you can.

Do you plan to go to the next Olympics? Yes, he wants to go to Sochi, and he will if he can get trained to do it. It is his dream to do it.

What was the name of the horse that you rode competitively? "Shadow." Tara thought the answer was "Blue." So she called Patti (LOL). Patti said the full name of the horse was "My Blue Shadow."

What are your two favorite competitive programs that you've done? The Swan in the 2006 Olympics, and Fallen Angel in the 2010 Olympics.

Other highlights:

At one point Tara was talking to someone next to her while Johnny was answering a question, and he stopped and yelled, "Distraction!" at Tara. Everyone cracked up.

Johnny said it's important to surround yourself with people who represent you well. He said the lovely Tara is his face and she represents HIM--and thus she had to show up that day in full gorgeous makeup in order to be his face.

And later he also said: "Don’t poop where you eat." LOL.

But his meaning was on the serious side, as he went on to explain. Beth paraphrases him this way: Don't cry at the rink. Cry at home. Keep the rink and the ice clean and clear of upset and problems, so that you can start fresh each time. Take the shit with you--don't leave it waiting there at the rink, or you won't be able to work the next day. Beth says of course he didn't say the word "shit" since there were little kids at the seminar, but it was obvious that that's what he meant--and everyone laughed.

And finally, Beth says, Johnny really loved this Q-and-A session. He was open and comfortable and very natural, and very very funny.

And everyone loved him.

Scenes from a Q-and-A Session:
(I'm just guessing in matching quotes with pics.
Except possibly toward the end ... )

"I'm not the best person to ask about diet. Tara ... ?"

"How often should you skate? As much as you can."

"It is my dream to go to Sochi."

"She had to show up today
in full gorgeous makeup to be my face."

"Don't poop where you eat!"


Yes! We have Skate for Hope video!
Here is Johnny's Ave Maria performance ...

... and his Bad Romance!

Very special thanks to Michele Mansoor
and Fireworks Sports Marketing
for the seminar photos!

Johnny's everywhere in June!
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PumaJ said...

Fabulous blog again, or rather as usual. Have a blast seeing the Johnster.

aaaack said...

Professor Weir is a "good romance" because of his fascinating multiple facets and depth of character. Johnny looks happy, like a "revived angel," when working with young and old fans. Johnny, even at his most exhausted and unwashed, still looks like a gorgeous "swan."

A fun song about "Me and My Shadow" by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5hXtGkzZ9k and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyEf1Lp7Byk&feature=related

Thank you, Tara and Misfit Mimes, for all that you do.

Atomic Wife said...


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

yay! it's pic spam!! and can't wait for the official Binky and Davey picspam from Chicago!

btw, isn't the ring on Tara's pinky the same one we saw Johnny wearing? wonder if it's from his jewelry line.

and OMG!! just heard today that my Johnny Weir dress has finally shipped!

gonna go scrunch myself into the mailbox to wait for it!

Rakkyo318 said...

Great review of Johnny in Columbus. I was so lucky to be there too. How great he is with kids, how patient. He is so at ease with others and with who he is! Japan, get ready. Here comes Johnny!