Monday, June 20, 2011

Picspam: "The Johnny Weir Perspective"!

Johnny at the Chiller Easton Ice Rink
in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday.
I have no idea what happened here. Really.
None whatsoever. Because my Lutheran heritage forbids me
from drawing any possible conclusions from the fact that
there is writing on the wall and a marker in Johnny's hand.
I am somewhat amazed at the graffiti artist's
cheery sentiment, however, given that Johnny arrived
in Ohio only at the conclusion of the Trip from Hell
carefully coordinated by Lucifer's All-Star
Travel 'n' Torture Boutique ...
Photo courtesy of Michele Mansoor /
Fireworks Sports Marketing.

OMG! Skate for Hope!

The drama! The excitement! The laughter! The tears! The nail-biting whirlwind of anticipation! The nerve-wracking, stomach-churning roller coaster of despair and triumph!

And that was before Johnny even made it out of Jersey.

Here, I'll let him tell that part via his tweets:

Friday, June 17:
9:13 am: "I can't believe I'm going to another airport today. My luggage is so tired. Columbus, Ohio here we come! Skate For Hope tomorrow."

1:13 pm: "EWR--->Columbus, OH. Still time to get your tickets for tomorrow's Skate for Hope. #badromance"

3:19 pm: "I don't feature a 4 hour delay at the airport or attendants that talk to you like a child. #angst #youthfulskin"

Four hours later:
7:31 pm: "Flight cancelled, luggage missing, no rebooking until Sunday. IF they find my luggage, will have to drive all night to Columbus. Disaster."

Two hours later:
9:36 pm: "Luggage retrieved, in my own bed, Columbus tomorrow. The show must go on. Ping-chan is happy."

The next day--Saturday, June 18
(yes, the show is THAT NIGHT):
6:00 am: "Ok, let's try this again. LGA--->Columbus. Skate for Hope here I come."

(LOL moment in the airport):
7:54 am: "I can't wait until I'm an older lady and can yell at my 40 yo kid because the air conditioner is 'blowing on me and I'm freezing.' #seen @lga"

8:42 am: "Huh? Flight delayed due to 'crew rest'? This is getting ridiculous. 14 years of airports and this is a first. Can I please just go to work?"

And then ... radio silence.

Until finally, FIVE HOURS LATER, a tweet and yfrog photo miraculously appeared on @SkatingCircle's Twitter:

OMG! He made it!

Sadly, I was not in Ohio this weekend and thus neither was Davey and therefore I personally have no actualfax SFH photos.

But for full coverage of Johnny rehearsing, signing autographs and doing photos at the VIP meet-n-greet, and, of course, of the show itself, @SkatingCircle's Twitter timeline has it all. You also can visit their website for additional SFH photos and videos, plus fans have uploaded photos to Johnny's official Facebook fan page. So we can roll around in all that while we wait breathlessly for official photos to be uploaded by SFH and possibly by Leah Adams to her ZenFolio please Weirsus cuz I heard she was at the show ...

Fortunately, courtesy of the lovely Michele Mansoor and Fireworks, I do have these photos from the next day, when he did this skating seminar thing called "The Johnny Weir Perspective" at the Chiller Easton Ice Rink in Columbus.

And these are totally made of WIN.

I cannot stop smiling at Professor Weir and his students. He is so wonderful with kids and adults alike. Absolutely love these. And I think you will too. Even if you're currently spending forever (possibly longer) in the Purgatory Airport (call letters: PGT) trying to get somewhere to do something, only to be sent home--with or without your luggage which may or may not be elsewhere (call letters: LIMBO)--to try again tomorrow ...

Professor Weir greets his students.

(Is it just me, or does everyone else
suddenly hear Galina yelling, "Arms! Arms!")

Showing them how it's done ...

... making it look so easy ...

Instructions ...

Examples ...

"Never be afraid to fall."

More examples ...

... and his students are rapt with attention.

I believe that's Wendy Bell's adorable daughter,
Mikayla, watching Johnny so intently!

Reassurance and encouragement for a young skater.

And now we take our bows!

With one of the two seminar groups ...

... and with the other one.
Look at those smiles!

Bonus pic! Despite his incredibly frustrating travel marathon
and his resulting ultra-compressed rehearsal schedule,
Johnny took time out over the weekend to mentor Ryan,
a young cast member in Skate for Hope.
Ryan says that meeting Johnny at SFH last year changed his life.
He had been having difficulties at school,
and a hard time finding a place where he truly felt
welcomed and accepted. Skating, and Skate for Hope,
became that place for Ryan, who says that meeting Johnny
inspired him to be himself--and to love himself.
Ryan, please know that you are beautiful, fabulous, and loved,
and that you, too, inspire us all to love, accept, and celebrate
being exactly who we are.♥

Very special thanks to Michele Mansoor
and Fireworks Sports Marketing
for the seminar photos!

Johnny's everywhere in June!
He has six appearances scheduled in conjunction with
Macy's "Pride + Joy" events to celebrate LGBT Pride Month:
Coming up: Chicago, New York, and St. Petersburg, FL.
Check out his Events page for more info,
and don't miss your chance to meet him!!

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At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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You know what to do.
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germansoulmate said...

Great, great pics. I´ve been waiting for them to come up all weekend. Thank you.

I so would like to watch Johnny at work with children and giving them something special.

I also love the last pic very much and I´m very happy for Ryan to have found someone who has given him purpose and strife and helped him to find a place where he belongs. Good for him.

Thank you to you again for that blog.

aaaack said...

Happiness is photos of Johnny looking happy, despite the bizarre machinations of airline computers run amok. Johnny and little and unabashed delight.

More power to Ryan! May he find great inner strength, courage and safety under the glittery wings of the skating angel.

Daleth Hall said...

Love love love, especially the part about Johnny and Ryan. Helping vulnerable lovely unusual people find their place is Johnny's destiny.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, i gotta say, i really really love Johnny's signature! next time i meet him, i'm gonna ask him to sign my arm so i can look at it for a few days. not a tattoo, just prettiness on my arm for a few days . . .

yay! to Johnny for making time for Ryan. sometimes all it takes is one person to make a difference, and of course, Johnny is a very special "one person" ♥

Professor Weir, huh? hee hee! what other classes does he offer? cause all i can do on the ice is go round in circles. no fancy jumping, no nothing!