Friday, June 24, 2011

Macy's Chicago Picspam: Just Johnny

After his introduction by the Macy's spokesperson
in Chicago, Johnny prepares to take his seat
in the director's chair and begin the fashion show.

Kayso Davey plowed through some photos for us but now it's my turn to be a tiny bit exhausted so today we present, from Macy's on State Street in Chicago: Just Johnny. Without a whole lot of words to clutter him up. Because it's Friday and it's been kind of a busy week and isn't this what you were really hoping for anyway? Just some Johnny to gaze at right now and possibly for the rest of the day...? Yeah, me too.

One quick note: I was struck with how happy he seemed in Chicago, which is a comment I also heard from some who attended his Macy's event at Herald Square in NYC last night. We all agreed he did a fantastic job of emceeing at both appearances, of course, but it was more than that, and it was wonderful to see. Maybe it's partly that he's a little more free than he's ever been before, being out and proud and able to fully embody and embrace everything about himself, all that he was born with as well as all that he's achieved, and no longer needing to be at all circumspect about anything. I'm not sure, but I'm really happy that he seems happy. In Chicago he was flirty with the models, who were flirty right back, with at least one winking at him--much to everyone's delight. NYC attendees report fun-to-watch flirtiness there as well. And the crowds in both places loved it all.

Coming up: More Chicago photos--Johnny plus happy fans!

But for today: Just Johnny. ♥

Johnny says, "'Sperry topsider' is my styling note here,
but I have no idea what that means,
so let's just all revel in Clark's beauty..." Yes, let's!

Bonus pic! After a short break at the end
of the fashion show, Johnny is ready to greet fans,
sign autographs, and pose for pictures.

Yes! We have video! First, from Chicago,
and courtesy of Connie Malato!
(Note: If these take too long to load here, you can view them
on Johnny's Facebook fan page instead here and here.)

And secondly, from Macy's Herald Square last night in NYC, courtesy of Jenn Kittler! Photos from NYC also are available now on Getty Images.

All photos © David Ingogly, who is just a tad annoyed that the lighting in Macy's posed some photo-processing challenges...

Johnny's everywhere in June! He has six appearances scheduled in conjunction with
Macy's "Pride + Joy" events to celebrate LGBT Pride Month:
Coming up: Last stop in St. Petersburg, FL, today!
Check out his Events page for more info,
and don't miss your chance to meet him!!

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Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
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You know what to do.
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germansoulmate said...

Yes. Revelling in all these pics and being pleased it went so well. Johnny at his best is always good, and a laughing, smiling Johnny is even better. He could save the world single-handedly with this smile of his.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, first of all, David's photos are lovely! great job, as usual!

ty so much to Connie and Jenn for taking such great video. love you! and i felt like i was there just a teeny tiny bit!

Johnny was freaking AWESOME!! go, Princess! he's conquering more hearts every day. and i loved his bow/curtsy/beautiful pose at the end.

wish i lived on the east coast so i could be there . . . *wistful*

aaaack said...

Thank you for some very soulful and beautiful photographs, David. Johnny spans a full range of expressive emotion from moment to moment, and your photos capture them.

Johnny looks very Elizabeth Taylor in the photographs because of the contrast between the clear skin and dark curved hair and light eyes framed with stunning lashes.

Thank you, Misfit Mimes, for a great parade.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you so much MM and David for the beautiful pictures and of course the videos! Some of us have to live vicariously through the rest of you regarding this events, sniffle, sniffle! So to get all these wonderful accounts plus pictures and videos is just wonderful! Thanks again!