Monday, May 2, 2011

Random Stuff I Remember About the Dazzling Awesomeness That Was Ice Dreams 2011

Johnny enjoying a laugh with fans at the Ice Dreams 2011
meet-n-greet, April 30, 2011, Bensenville, IL.
Photo © David Ingogly.

Kayso we just got home a little while ago and are now plowing through more than 1,000 photos of this past weekend (I am not making this up) and so we need to do a little photo editing and also possibly some sleeping although not simultaneously, so today is kind of just Random Stuff I Remember About ... yeah. What it says up there. I'm too tired to type it twice.

Priceless highlight moments:

• Being involved in the ninja operation that is Somehow Getting the "Show Johnny the Love" Gift of Flowers and Special Card Delivered to Johnny Without Annoying Anyone or Over-Obsessing About the Details (note to self: Need more concise mission titles. Like SJTL: Odyssey in Texting). My compatriot in these delicate maneuvers is the founder of the SJTL group, Robin Fosdick, who is even lovelier in person than she is online, as if that were possible. Through a long and complicated set of circumstances, the mission is accomplished, he's very happy with the gorgeous flowers, and is particularly touched by the $350 raised and donated by the group to the Japanese Red Cross.

Johnny with the flowers (note vintage golden swan nestled in the branches!) from the "Show Johnny the Love" Facebook group.

Conversing in The Edge lobby while preparing to hang the ginormously beautiful banners from the Chinese Angels and suddenly hearing a huge burst of cheers, whistles, and applause coming from the rink where the young skaters are rehearsing. Yep, Johnny has just arrived on the ice.

The banners! We only had room to hang two of them,
but they looked so fab! :) Thank you, Chinese Angels!

Looking up from the task at hand to suddenly see Tara, in her fabulous pink skates, gliding over to offer a happy hug in the midst of the utter chaos that is 60+ young skaters all doing their own thing.

Learning later that while seated in the stands watching some of the skaters rehearse, Johnny is surrounded by adoring little girl skaters who, with his kind permission, literally sit and pet him, stroking his hair lovingly. ♥

Standing alertly and awaiting further instructions re: another volunteer effort, I suddenly hear behind me a brisk but warm voice I immediately recognize from thousands of BGJW viewing hours: "Hello, lady!" It's Patti, accompanied by US Angel Su Anderson. Big smiles and bigger hugs ensue, plus astonished compliments on my non-overalls attire. We discuss being appropriately blinged out for Johnny. Conclusion: "Too much is never enough" continues to be the motto.

Accompanying another volunteer as a runner for the costuming department, we enter a room to see one more BGJW rock star: OMG it's Stephanie Handler!! I am thrilled to meet her; she is quietly amused at my Binkthusiasm. She's also knee-deep in "Future Stars" costumes, having flown in just that day from New York to help solve an unexpected snafu that has created an enormous challenge for the costuming people. But save the day she does, with assistance from more selfless volunteers. Yes, she is exactly as unassumingly awesome as she appears on the show.

Sitting next to Robin in the on-ice VIP seating, I am thrilled to be there as she undergoes, wide-eyed and breathless, the unique, heart-pounding, indescribable experience it is to see Johnny skate live for the very first time. She is overwhelmed with the happy.

Johnny during the opening number, skating to
"Show Me How You Burlesque" by Christina Aguilera.
Photo © David Ingogly.

Johnny during the closing number, Lady Gaga's "Born This Way."
Photo © David Ingogly.

Seeing Fireworks and Friends, which especially includes the indefatigable Josh King and the unflappable Jane Fiore, without whom I think we might have had neither Ice nor Dreams; Kori Ade of the North Shore Ice Arena, who coaches medalists Jason Brown and Jordan Moeller and who created the outstanding choreography for the show; Susan Oh, a fellow freelance writer from Chicago who was covering Ice Dreams for Skating Circle and live-tweeted entertainingly throughout; and Allison Manley, a fascinating skater who competes nearly every year in the US Adult Figure Skating Championships and who is the voice behind The Manleywoman SkateCast.

Leaving the meet-n-greet for a few minutes to chat with some people, I notice Josh--who could have been taking a break and enjoying the buffet and the music--cheerfully helping The Edge maintenance crew clean up after the show. Which BTW I think was a sellout. 

And my favorite moment: Hearing, as word comes near the end of the meet-n-greet that the bus to take the skaters and their guests back to the hotel is ready to leave, Johnny--who, as always at these events, has stood patiently and graciously for more than two hours in a crush of people, signing autograph after autograph, posing for picture after picture, in a room that is a comfortably warm 450 degrees Fahrenheit--calling urgently across the crowd, above the music and the roar of conversation, to alert the most important person in the whole entire world:

"Mom. Mom! MOM!"

Johnny during the red carpet media event
showcasing the premiere of his eDressMe collection.
Photo © David Ingogly.

More--and by "more" of course I mean "an endless stream of"--
Ice Dreams photos coming up!

I am too wiped to deal with the promos.
Please buy his book and his song and his beautiful dresses,
and go see him at Skate for Hope. Kthxbai.


-K said...

Wonderful blog, thank you so much! These details are so special :) And OMG these photos! Looks like David outdid himself, bring on the endless stream!

Anonymous said...

Thanks MM for writing,
you must be so tired! Thanks to your son for all the great pics! So glad the show was a success, Johnny's programs looked great in the video. I am really happy for all you lucky people who got to go...I am hoping for next year.♥


Anonymous said...

as far as the VIP party goes...despite the heat and crowds and such a brief time to talk to Johnny, I am so thrilled that I got to tell him how touched I was to read the story Art in Russia wrote about Johnny getting his St Nicholas medal blessed. Johnny admitted to being so...(can't remember his word, argh) scared. He didn't say what he was scared but I knew, and he knew I knew. I told him I thought it was such a wonderful thing for that to have occurred in that time of his life and I think he really appreciated hearing that. And he showed me the medal on the chain he wears; it's beautiful, I wanted touch it but didn't quite dare.

But I'm not going to forget the first words he said before I could do anything more than look at him... "So good to see you again" (OMGIDIE) and a look in his eye like, "yeah, I remember you, bet you didn't see that coming!" He's such a sweetheart!!


germansoulmate said...

Needing some cheering up, I go to your blog and you don´t dissappoint at all. As usual.

Thanks for the pics, and waiting for more pics and memories and stories from Ice Dreams so I can take part, at least in my own dreams.


malatcon said...

Binky, Ice Dreams was truely Amazing.It was such a nice experience to have met you after enjoying your Mimes blog for the past few months. You have such a beautiful Family. I just commented to David on his great potential as a photographer. From the few pix you posted I can see they are all going to be FANTASTIC!!!

Peace said...

I was waiting for the first installment of your escapades (ice-capade, ha,) and was very well behaved (I dint message you 9,000,009 times waking you up like a kid on Xmas asking whenyougonnawriteabloghuhBinkyhuh). So happy a good time was had by all! Big high fives to your photographer boy. Only a thousand photos? I guess I'll deal. :O) Wonderful as always, can't wait for more.

PumaJ said...

Thank you, Binx for your always wonderful blog. Finally meeting you face to face was one of the highlights of the weekend for me:-) You Rock, girlfriend! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ice Dreams was amazing, and of course when you add the debut of Johnny's line of beautiful LBDs... Love! David's photos are amazing as always. Thanks for everything, and xoxo!

aaaack said...

Thank you for being our eyes, ears and heart, Binky.

Thanks also to Robin Fosdick and her SJTL group angels, the Chinese Angels, Tara Modlin, Kylie Culnane, Danny Tamayo, Josh King, and Jane Fiore, Stephanie Handler, Kori Ade, Susan Oh, Allison Manley and David Ingogly for all the prepwork and hard work before, during, and after the show and meet 'n' greet.

The show looks and sounds like an Ice Dreams come true.

CrazyColorist said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that you had a well deserved wonderful time. I'm already blown away by how amazing Davey's pictures are. I can't wait to see more. More hopefully including you and Johnny groveling at your feet in recognition of your awesomeness. Or possibly just a tight hug and big goofy grins on both of your faces. xoxo

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, so i'm still on a Johnny-Ice Dreams-meet Binky and all the Kittens high!

and i got my Johnny hug!


i can die happy now . .. at least until i can find a way to do it all over again!



Debora Walsh said...

Binkz, I wish I could sit in your living room with a couple of iced lattes, and just listen to your Ice Dream stories! I'm thrilled you and your family had such a blast, and I am anxiously awaiting David's COMPLETE photolog! I can handle the 1000 shots,,,just give me the chance!

Wish I could have flown to Illinois to join in the fun and congratulate Johnny on his dress line launch. He continues to amaze....and always makes me so proud to be a fan. Thank you for bringing us back all the atmosphere and experiences, you!

Maggie St. said...

What aaaack said! "Thanks also to Robin Fosdick and her SJTL group angels, the Chinese Angels, Tara Modlin, Kylie Culnane, Danny Tamayo, Josh King, and Jane Fiore, Stephanie Handler, Kori Ade, Susan Oh, Allison Manley and David Ingogly for all the prepwork and hard work before, during, and after the show and meet 'n' greet"

and another Thanks to David for all those wonderful photos. Brings me the happy which I needed today.

A great big THANK YOU to Tara & Johnny for rushing to the Ice House in NJ for the Meet & Greet. We didn't expect to see JGW at all, so he was our icing on top of the cupcake! He possibly heard all the kids screaming and applauding when the rink announced that Johnny would be at the rink.

and, I promise next time to not yell back at the Guards, no matter how In-Your-Face they happen to be. Of course, I also promise myself that I will NOT be the person near the end of the line! ;)

Last, but never least, Thank You to the Producers of Skate To Learn (Hackensack, NJ): David Cruikshank, Christine Mozer, Courtney Taylor, and everyone who helped this event come about.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Great Blog MM! Yay you met Judith and Robin and a bunch of other people! Thank you so much for the great photos David took! His are better than a many of the pro photographers I see! Looking forward to more and so glad you were able to go to Ice Dreams!