Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Puppies, Kids, and a Box of Rainbows

Kayso I do realize that there are other things going on in the world besides Ice Dreams (or fond memories thereof)--even in the Johnny world, such as:

(1) Peter Vidmar being named chef de mission ("chief of mission") for the 2012 London Olympics last week for about 30 seconds until the Chicago Trib's Phil Hersh asked Johnny--one of the few openly gay US Olympians--what he thought about having a vigorous anti-gay campaigner representing all US Olympians, and Johnny said, among other intelligent things, "Most people would have an issue if the chef publicly was against Asian-Americans or African-Americans, so it should be dealt with if the chef is anti-gay." And then the next day Vidmar resigned. OutSports' Jim Buzinski noted: "Weir got it exactly right and it’s awesome to see him take a public stance." #THIS #JohnnyFTW

(2) Various photos posted of Johnny with ridiculously cute dogs! With fat bellies!

Johnny tweeted: "Hanging out with my sons!
Vanya is the brown one, Bon-Bon is spotted!
My chunky little boys...."

And Tara tweeted: "After a GORGEOUS lunch
[with Mr. Louboutin]... @JohnnyGWeir is over visiting
w Ziggy (Marsh's brother) ... "

And then after I died from the cute for a while, I was pondering actually writing some, you know, words and stuff, that you could, like, read, but then Davey casually handed me a flash drive and said, "Hey, here's some more photos from Ice Dreams," and so never mind.

And so I dedicate the rest of this post to Peter Vidmar and all others who seem to think that gay marriage or gays in general or OMG just the word "gay" signals the utter crumbling of civilized society as we know it, the death of all traditional values and morality, and the arrival of the Apocalypse (just in case you missed the Breaking of the First Seal, which was Sarah Palin joining Twitter), and also to all those--and you Smuckers know who you are--who have ever smugly whispered in the most unbiblical gossipy way, "Johnny Weir is not family-friendly," or its corollary, "Johnny isn't 'family-friendly' because Johnny is too gay."

Me and my Ice Dreams photos beg to differ. (Actually, not "beg." More like, "stridently oppose you and your appalling, hate-filled, fear-mongering worldview which BTW is really starting to get on my nerves so here, have some adorable kid photos to go with the fat-bellied puppies and then STFU already." Oh, that's me, a straight person, being f*cking family-friendly. Deal with it.)

Ice Dreams Come True for Happy Young Skaters
When a Visitor Comes to Rehearsal :)

Yes! Johnny's here!
A few lucky little skaters are the first to realize
who has entered the rink.

Johnny takes a moment to chat.

Then he turns to go greet the larger group across the ice.

Aaaaaand they've spotted him....


A hug for a thrilled young skater.

Waving to more little skaters
who are waiting to show Johnny what they can do.

"Johnny! Look! Look, Johnny!"

The young skaters finish their rehearsal and have group photos taken with Johnny.

And then another cool thing happens.

Tara and Johnny look at each other, and suddenly Tara takes off across the ice, Johnny right behind her, reaching for her hand. And the little skaters are treated to an impromptu pairs moment, much to everyone's surprise and delight:

I love Tara's pink skates.
I especially love that skating is still so much fun
for both of them
even after so many years spent
training / teaching / coaching / falling / falling / falling ...

And one more...

The young skaters leave, and Johnny gets ready to rehearse
with the other Ice Dreams headliners.

All Ice Dreams photos © David Ingogly.

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germansoulmate said...

Oh....great pics of Tara and Johnny.

And the ones with the little girl hugging Johnny...too cute how happy she is to finally see Johnny. You can really see it.

Also...dito to your words about Vidmar.
Something is changing and it shows in such things as Vidmar stepping down.It´s still not where is should be. But it has started. That´s a good thing.

aaaack said...

If God did not love LGBT, He would have broken the molds. But God keeps making them, so religious folks should please respect that fact. And celebrate the exquisite craftsmanship that it took to make a Johnny Weir.

Johnny and his sons...awwww.

Tis great to see Johnny at ease and having spontaneous fun in the midst of a certain amount of show stress. Thanks, Binky.

PumaJ said...

Such sweetness:-) Thanx, Binx!

Anonymous said...

Yay for puppies, kids, and Tara skating with Johnny! Even her blades are pink, LOL. I'm glad David was there to capture that. So much cute!

Peace said...

Well that made me tear up with happy and pride just to know. Just to know. :'O)

julie98 said...

Thanks MM! I love when Johnny gets political! Somehow I missed this full story in the news.... I kept thinking Vidmar was a "chef" on some cooking reality show so I ignored the headlines about him, lol.

Great pics too.

Nancy Knisley said...

The folks that are not family friendly are those who, like Vidmar, are anti-same sex marriage.

Families come in many flavors, and to deny loving partners the right to marry, and to deny their children the right to have married parents, is about as not-family-friendly as you can get.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you for writing about the Vidmar thing, MM! I considered it but I am so far behind on everything I'm not even reading all my articles any more! Once again the pictures are beautiful, and I so wish there was video of Tara and Johnny skating together! Thank you so much for the pics of that David and MM because I wouldn't even have known about it otherwise!

aaaack said...

LGBT family unfriendliness ratings, in my book:
#1: Parents who reject their LGBT children.
#2: Folks who propagandize and try to force others to reject/deny rights of LGBT people (Mormon leaders, Westboro Baptists).
#3: People who systematically deny LGBT people equal rights, such as marriage, parenting, visitation, inheritance, health care, etc., to pander for political advantage (Far Right legislators and think tanks).
#4: People who have blind prejudice, fall for pandering, and are too lazy and ignorant to learn of the realities and suffering faced by the LGBT community.

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

k, blogger ate my last comment but i'm gonna try again.

love love the pairs skate - they should do it at the end of next year's Ice Dreams.

Johnny's looking awesome in his headband and fur vest . . . very Russian danseur-superstar

and last, but not least, YAY! for Johnny speaking up and helping boot the idiot who never should have been appointed in the first place.



Anonymous said...

OMGOMGOMG perhaps I'm a little overexcited here but I am PRAYING for some YouTubeage of Johnny and Tara skating together!!!! If such a thing lives on someone's somewhere's cellphone it need to be on the internets IMMEDIATELY!!! Thanks for another great blog Binky =D

Misfit Mimes said...

Actually they were filming Johnny and Tara while they skated for BGJW Season 2, so I'm hoping that footage ends up on one of the episodes! :)