Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Ice Dreams: Want Your Bad Romance (No, Harold, Not You)

Johnny at the end of his Bad Romance performance,
Ice Dreams 2011.
Photo © David Ingogly.

So currently my life is sucking on multiple levels, which is unfortunate. Fortunately I have more leftover Ice Dreams photos with which to distract myself, which do not suck. And while I go try to whittle away at the suckage that surroundeth me (IDK why I lapse into KJV--King James version--English when discussing stuff that is really getting on my last nerve, but while I'm busy shedding shit that doesn't work for me anymore, I think I'll include my years of unquestioningly obedient Lutheranism so that I might then be empowered to draw deeply insightful conclusions about things I do without thinking. Also while I'm thinking about KJV and NIV and RSV and all the rest, I think someone should put together more relevant biblical translations for the Internet age, like the IDK Bible ("IDK why 'Christians' cheerfully ignore all the stuff in Leviticus about shellfish and not wearing clothes woven of different materials but still cling desperately to the two tiny verses there that actually aren't talking about gay love as we know it anyway but instead are cautioning against cultish practices of that historical time"), the BTW Bible ("BTW either obey everything in Leviticus--which would kinda be Jewish-ish, not Christian--or nothing. Also BTW kudos to gay CNN anchor Don Lemon for coming out."), the FYI Bible ("FYI: No, gay pride does NOT mean that the world is coming to an end. Also FYI: The Bible says that NO ONE knows when the world may or may not be ending, so by trumpeting that it's this Saturday or possibly October, Harold Camping has just guaranteed that it isn't either one."), the DNW Bible ("DNW your claim that your personal prejudices and phobias have any kind of actual spiritual basis other than being rooted in your own spirit full of fear and condemnation"), and my personal favorite, the WTF/STFU Bible ("WTF is all this crap you people claim to be doing in My name? STFU already."), please enjoy the picspam.

Interesting historical note (well, interesting to me cuz it's about my history. Please feel free to skip and take a few minutes to write your own historical note: "Hey! I love marshmallow-encrusted Fruity Pebbles too!"): Last year I saw one of Johnny's early Bad Romance exhibitions at Ice Dreams 2010. I've heard whispers that he might retire this program, so his performance of it at Ice Dreams 2011 may be the last one we'll see.

It has been fascinating to watch Johnny refine this over the past year. I absolutely LOVE his attitude throughout this particular performance. If Ice Dreams 2011 was indeed his final Bad Romance--it was an amazing way to end. :)

(The program, not the world. Although actually it works for me that way too.)

(Oh, and the BRB Bible: "BRB Imma send the Bad Romance YouTube link to Harold Camping RN"), and the LOL Bible: "LOL Harold Camping's head just exploded ... ")

Bad Romance: He's a Free Bitch, Baby

All photos © David Ingogly.
See previous Bad Romance picspam
from Ice Dreams 2011 here!

One more little treat from Ice Dreams!
and watch for the full interview coming soon!

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germansoulmate said...

LOL at all the "FYI","BTW","STFU" etc. I still can´t remember what "BRB" means.

Great pics...especially the last one. I can´t help I love seeing Johnny smile and laugh. It´s infectious and always manages to get my spirits up. Keep smiling, Johnny.

Misfit Mimes said...

"BRB" = "be right back"... :)

Maggie St. said...

I wanna see Harold Camping in a Johnny Weir designed unitard. :)

Srsly. :D

Debora Walsh said...

The WTF / STFU version...My favorite in the pleather-bound collector's series.

I too, love pictures of Johnny smiling as he flies across the ice...makes me remember that that was the feeling he fell in love with from the beginning. And for someone like me, who can't ever hope to skate like that, it's the closest I'll come to knowing what it feels like...

Great post, Binky...I'd give anything to see Camping open that video attachment. !!POW!!

PumaJ said...

I am so happy that I finally got to see Johnny skate Bad Romance, live:-) His performance of it at Ice Dreams was very sassy!

David's pics are beautiful. Thanks for posting them:-)

Sorry to hear that your life has some yuckiness in it, right now. Sending lots of {{{{hugs}}}} your way, BB.

aaaack said...

With you all the way, Binky. Too bad that Michelle Bachmann does not have the same level of insight to shed some of that Lutheran indoctrination.

I admit is does seem a tad strange to cook a calf in its own mother's milk. But what about a calf from a farm, say, in Nebraska, cooked with milk products from a cow in California.

It is very vile about how adultery is worded regarding "thy neighbor's wife" (versus anybody else's wife) because it lets you off the hook if you rape your own slaves. That whole business of giving tacit approval to slavery in the Old Testament Bible is vile.

Selective hearing is a very interesting phenomenon. I was recently reminded of this when reading about those elite Christian politicians enjoying tax-sheltered accommodations on C Street (such as those brokering million-dollar deals to shield Senator Ensign's adultery) who convince themselves that they were selected by God to be wealthy and do their darndest to give tax cuts to the wealthiest, when all over the New Testament Bible it plainly urges folks to help the poor.

I'm still having a good romance watching "Bad Romance" because too much of life is a bad romance (newspapers document it in blanket detail). And I'm one of those folks who got bored watching the ladies at the most recent World's competition because of those mostly cookie cutter points-harvesting moves.

aaaack said...

A few of the many foods you would have to give up if you disapprove of homosexuality because of the Bible: cheeseburgers, lasagne with ground beef sauce, reuben sandwiches (swiss cheese, corned beef), steak fried with butter, eating a buttered roll or vegetables with your steak, supreme pizzas, the practice of grating cheese over your pasta with meatballs or meat sauce, bortscht (sour cream, beef broth), shrimp, lobster, clams, oysters, eel, calamari, crawfish (including etouffee, my favorite).

Gary said...

Great photos. Still would like to see the "alternate" version of BR.

WheresMyKoppy said...

You also should give up anything invented, promoted or advanced by someone who is gay, wouldn't you? People conveniently forget all about the hypocrisy, don't they?

Great blog MM! And more terrific photos by David, of course!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Binky's life has major suckage? NOOOOOOOO!!

Bad universe! Fix it, right now, please!

Aww . . . sending you a big hug. If you need someone to listen or just tell you silly stories, you know where to find me, k?

Johnny looks lovely in all the pics AND the vid. Hi, Johnny! *waves* Hee hee! Just pretending!



Anonymous said...

Great blogpost Binky! Have you seen/heard of the Cartoon Network/[adult swim] show "Moral Orel"? If you have not i think you may like it. :)