Monday, May 9, 2011

More "Ice Dreams" Film Noir: Mad Men Meet-n-Greet

Johnny enjoys a conversation with fans
at the Ice Dreams VIP after-party.

Ice Dreams flashback: As always, Johnny was the soul of patience and graciousness at the meet-n-greet, signing autographs and posing for pictures for Every. Last. Fan. And I can firmly attest to this, being one of the very last to have a moment of his time. :) The lighting posed some challenges for getting good color shots (though Michele Mansoor and Stacy McReynolds did a great job with it!), so David chose to use the soft glamour of black-and-white photography to record a few moments from the evening ...

And now, a tiny bit of Binky ...

Yes, I am NOT wearing overalls. #winning

With the fabulous and unstoppable
Super Managtress, Tara Modlin.

A picture with Patti.
We also got to chat for a while--so much fun!
Later I realized, "If we were in high school together,
Patti would be one of the cool kids
that I would be way too shy to talk to ... "
Yay for no longer being trapped in high school!

My turn--and off to the side and ever alert,
David captures the nod of approval from Johnny
for the no-overalls look. :)

It had already been announced
that the bus was there to take the skaters
and their guests back to their hotel,
so I was only hoping for just ten seconds to say hello.
Yet Johnny took the time to autograph
one of David's photos of him from Holiday Dreams on Ice
for me to give to David.

I said, "Thank you so much! You have to go!"
And he said, "What? No picture?"
And I said, "No, no, it's OK. You don't have time!"
And he said, "Are you sure? Come on!"
And David snapped this.

All photos © David Ingogly.

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germansoulmate said...

I can´t decide which pics I love I go with all of them, including your own pic with your no-overall-look. I certainly agree with Johnny´s stamp (or should I say "glance") of approval.You look gorgeous. You should go for it a lot more.

Thanks for this great picture post, and thanks again to David for capturing so much beauty.

Maggie St. said...

Now THIS is the true definition of WINNING! Johnny, taking time to meet with every fan :) and Binky looking so lovely sans overalls.

Thanks again for these pics David!! ♥

Vicky said...

Thank you so very much for sharing so much of what was obviously a wonderful evening, and all of your son's fantastic photographs. And yay to the no overalls look, you look great. I love that picture of you and Patti.

aaaack said...

Thank you, David, for the beautiful photos. Johnny's face is a continually running, ever-changing marquee of emotions, and it is so good of you to capture them.

Binky, your outfit is both sophisticated and timely. Plus, it is great to see you looking so happy to be with Johnny and proud of your son.

Debora Walsh said...

Gaaahhh! Binkz! You. Look. Fabulous!!!!! If I had legs like yours I'd be rocking the skin-tight all the time, mamma!

I cannot gush enough about David's pictures...Johnny is stunning in photographs always, but the black and white just puts the glamour into overload. His skin looks even more flawless than it already is. And how great does Patti look?!!

I hope David is assembling a portfolio. I wish he had a site that I could peruse for all of his shots..(Thank you David, for making the majority of them HUGE!) ♥

Thank you Binky...for taking us all to the meet & greet. Tell us more!

Anonymous said...

So much beautiful! Love finally getting to see your personal pics from the event. (Beautiful!) Love David's photos, as always -- please thank him for sharing with us! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Congrats on pulling off the no overalls look! although, I do like the idea of you wearing only overalls every where you go...=)

this is a great picture of you and Patti! Love all the pics! thanks for sharing your story MM.


julief8486 said...

WONDERFUL Binky and David! And yes, you can step out of those overalls, my dear!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

lovely pics, lovely Johnny, and lovely Binky sans overalls!

i'm just gonna sit down right here and wait for more picspam . . .


is it time yet?

. . .

how about now?


hee hee! i want MORE!

WheresMyKoppy said...

Wow, you look wonderful MM! Really good look for you! Glad you were able to talk to Johnny and have pictures takes with Tara, Patti and Johnny!

And I know David has a beautiful subject to shoot when he photographs Johnny, but he is truly an amazing photographer. Color, black and white, it doesn't even matter, every photograph is spot on brilliant!