Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day: A Post for Patti ♥

The lovely Patti Weir
looks on as Johnny signs autographs
for fans at the Ice Dreams VIP after-party.
Photo © David Ingogly.

Dear Patti:

Thank you for showing us all how it’s done.

We only have to look at your beautiful boys,
who both grew up to be beautiful men,
to know that you were onto something
in your determination
to let your children be who they are,
no matter what others might think
or what condescending criticism
they might feel smugly entitled to offer.

You have given your boys an unshakable foundation
of unconditional love;
built upon that with mutual respect;
instilled in them a strong sense of responsibility,
genuine caring and courtesy toward others,
and confidence in themselves tempered with humility;
and topped it off with the unsparing honesty of a
attitude warmed by a wonderfully wry
sense of humor.

You are an inspiration and a treasure.

Seriously, you should write a book. :)

Wishing you love and happiness
on Mother’s Day and always ... ♥

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Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

Patti is lovely and it was such an honor to finally meet her!

I think calling her Queen Mother makes perfect sense, cause Johnny is my Princess. ♥

Happy Mother's Day, everybody!



germansoulmate said...

Short and concise. Beautifully done.

Peace said...

*applause* for Patti for her fierceness and for Binks for always knowing what we want to say.

-K said...

Beautifully said, Binky! Happy Mother's Day to you too! And of course to Patti, thank you for letting Johnny be so completely himself, the world is a brighter place for it. ♥

Maggie St. said...

Happy Mother's Day Patti, Binky, and Moms everywhere! ♥

PumaJ said...

Would that all Moms be able to love their children as unconditionally as Patti has loved her sons.

Thank you for the beautiful blog, Binx.

aaaack said...

Thank you, Patti, for all your listening, understanding, sacrifices, and letting Johnny be Johnny. How many Moms (and Dads) would uproot the family from a newly built dream home and established jobs to pursue the dreams of their 12-year-old? How many would work THREE! jobs to help make it happen?

Robin, perfect nick name. The English "Queen Mother" was universally loved, starting with staying in England during WWII, doing the footwork to help her husband master his speech impediment, etc. Johnny is like Lady Di for being, as Patti say, "the people's skater."

Patti, I would definitely buy your book if you write one. (Think that Binky would make an excellent collaborator in that project, too.)

Binky, we can tell you are a great mom, too. Your kids look like they are bright eyed, bright, happy, and pursuing their dreams and developing their many talents.

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

As a Johnny-fan, I feel like I owe a big debt to Patti, and it will never be possible to thank her enough. She's obviously a huge guiding force, providing unconditional love and unfailing support for her boys. I'm sure that we own much of the grace and generosity that Johnny's shows towards his fans, to Patti -- because it's so easy to see where he gets it from.

Thanks for the blog, Bink, and Happy Mother's Day to you, too. :)


Debora Walsh said...

Beautiful,,,as is she.
Thank you for another wonderful blog, Binkz.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Lovely MM, as always! A good mother recognizing another good mother!

aaaack said...

There are many devoted, hard-working skating moms who raise successful skaters who work hard and medal. But how many of those skating kids grow up to be utterly unique skating icons?

Johnny is a totally original combination of nature and nurture. Someone that comes along once in a generation and pushes the boundaries of art. It takes parents with rare conviction, sensitivity, and confidence to let that creativity fully express itself. So we thank you and salute you, Patti.