Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Weir-a-Thon!

Proof! (twitpic'd by Wendy Stevenz--thank you, Wendy!--when it happened around midnight EST last night):

So then:

Fans celebrated on Twitter by watching this:

Johnny's 2004 "Imagine" exhibition program,
performed at the conclusion of the NHK Trophy.

Then this (includes adorkable medal ceremony):

Johnny's free skate from that same NHK competition.

And finally this (bonus video cuz we weren't quite ready to call it a night):

Want more Weir? These two came across my Twitter feed yesterday:

Fab retrospective of Johnny's costumes from 1999-2006.

"Moulin Rouge on Ice," a montage by a Russian fan
with clips of Johnny, St├ęphane, and Brian Joubert.
Brilliantly done!

And finally: Johnny also tweeted the link to this one last night, calling it one of his "favorite performances":

Johnny's "Feeling Good" exhibition from 2008's Festa On Ice.


It's moments like these that I understand having a cigarette....

There's still time left to bid on Johnny's donation to Figure Skating in Harlem's charity auction! Up for bid is his Poker Face costume created especially for the premiere of Skating With the Stars and autographed by Johnny. It's a fabulous item, and the money goes to such a worthwhile cause! #winning

Aaaaaand there's still time to get tickets for Gregory and Petukhov!: Proud Nation--co-hosted by Dorothy Hamill and Michael Buckley of What the Buck, and starring Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov--is this Friday, April 8, at 7:30 p.m. at Simsbury's International Skating Center of Connecticut!!!

Advance tickets are $35 for on-ice seating and $20 for stadium seating. Ticket prices at the door are $40 on-ice and $25 stadium.

Best of all, the Style On Ice blog is offering a raffle giveaway for two VIP tickets, which include a 5:30 p.m. wine and hors d'oeuvre reception with the pro performers before the show! To enter the raffle, just follow Style on Ice on Twitter, or "like" their new Facebook page--or both, per Style On Ice. There's still time to enter--the raffle winner will be notified tonight!

Proud Nation promo poster! Click for larger view.

~ Our thoughts, our prayers, our hearts are with you ~
Please order a shirt today to help the people of Japan!
For more ways to pitch in, please see this article.

Yes, Ice Dreams is happening again
in Bensenville, IL, on April 30!
For every ticket sold, $1 will be donated to
the Japanese Red Cross.
More info on the Ice Dreams website
and the Ice Dreams Facebook page!
Young skaters: Sign up here to audition!

Yes! At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Please help Johnny meet his goal
of raising $10,000 for breast cancer research
by visiting his donor page! Any amount
you can give will help Skate for Hope
in the fight against cancer.
You also can get tickets NOW to see Johnny
perform in Skate for Hope on
Saturday, June 18, in Columbus, OH!
(Same weekend as the Annually Awesome

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"
You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
or just click the "Buy" button on the player
at the top of the blog!

Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
as an eBook! More info on Johnny's website!

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Peace said...

BANG mood improvement achieved!!! That Moulin Rouge killed me with awesomeness. I am commenting from dean and gone to heaven, where Johnny prances in black & white and Binky scribes and collates so I don't mis a thing. Or maybe I'm dreaming. Have I mentioned my ovaries? Cuz they're involved too at this point. I am having emotion explosions. I feel so lucky that you exist to Johnnyfy otherwise poopy meaningless mornings. MUAH.

Anonymous said...

so tired after that late night tweeting for 90K! Love this 90K blog idea! like I said, get the champagne chillin' cause 100K is next ♥♥♥


PumaJ said...

Oh La La! Binx, thank you for the beautiful vids. Totally sweetened my morning:-)

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful blog MM! I was on but missed the 90,000 twitter love because I was scanning old family photos into the computer at the time. I saw I had 200+ new tweets and I was thinking, what? They were all talking about hitting 90,000 and watching the videos. Then he lost two, then a third, then he was back up to 89,998. I got him an 89,999 and I'm not sure what happened after that, lol!