Monday, April 18, 2011

"There Are Things I Never Forget"

Johnny performs "Heartbroken"
at the Edge of Heaven ice show in Prague.
Photo from the gallery at

Special to the blog: Last Friday my friend and faithful blog reader, Luisa Lotka, saw Johnny perform live for the first time ever at Edge of Heaven in Prague. Johnny had come to Prague before, but, as she wrote on his fan page, she wasn't able to see him then: "I just remember I was in hospital, when Johnny was in Prague (three years ago I think). I was crying and I really speculated what to do to leave hospital secretly. :-)." [Luisa, I think we've all been there in one way or another....] She was thrilled that he received such a warm welcome from the fans at Friday's show: "I was surprised in arena, when some fans around me were like, 'OMG Johnny, there is Johnny!' when he appeared. I thought I'm only one who will be dying for him. :-)."

Luisa wrote to me after the show to tell me about her experience--she not only enjoyed every moment of the skating, she got to meet Johnny afterward! I loved her account so much that I asked her if it would be OK to share her thoughts here, and she was kind enough to say yes. She also asked me to edit her English, but I thought it was pretty much perfect the way she had it, so I only added a comma here or a tiny word there--because the poignant beauty of what she wrote is not only in what she says, but how she says it. ♥

So here in her own words is Luisa's night at the Edge of Heaven.

The show was fantastic, fabulous, incredible. All skaters were great and I loved all performances. I had fun all the time and I will remember it for long time. But there are things I never forget:

1. When I saw Johnny first time in my life. All skaters were waiting for show opening. I recognized very well-known face among them, and my heart stopped for while: Johnny in black "Fallen Angel" costume. They all went to ice, and Johnny in his costume shined and sparkled that I believed I see an angel. So strong and fragile together.

2. When I heard him skate first time in my life. The sound of blades on ice when he skated "Heartbroken." If you watch figure skating only on TV or computer, you never can hear it. I loved all emotions in that program. I was really touched by all his feelings. Johnny skated all his heart out ... And his shoulders are wonderful. And his red soles too. [He performed in his Louboutin skates for the first time, I believe, on this trip.]

3. First "Bad Romance" in my life. When I heard first notes of "Bad Romance," I started scream like some sociopath. And all crowd did too, surprisingly. I wondered how people will react, because I thought Czech figure skating fans are conservative. But people loved it. They were cheering, screaming, clapping, and whistling so so much! (include my husband!). Johnny was incredible.

4. Johnny face-to-face first time in my life. Do angels exist? Can I meet an angel? Are angels beautiful inside and out? YES, YES, YES. I loved his eyes, his lashes, and his look directly into my eyes. I loved his quiet voice, his smile, his kind words. I asked him if he did get flowers I sent him to the hotel, and if can I give him some gift. He was so nice and said that flowers smell beautifully. He said, "Thank you so much!" several times, and I said, "No, I thank YOU!" several times. Johnny signed my book and gave me the best hug ever. My brain leave my head and didn't return till now.

(Binky, I'm so sorry I didn't send you any pics or videos. I thought I try it, but I forgot everything. [Totally understand.] On Tuesday 4/19 it will be on Czech TV.) [BRB subscribing to Czech TV....]

Unexpected things happen in our lives, but life never ask what we want. I got tickets for both shows, but I wasn't able to go to the second show.

I was blessed to have a chance to see Johnny skate in person, meet him, see his angel's face, and feel his angel's soul. There are several billions people in the Earth who will never have this chance. I never take for granted how lucky I am.

(Thank you, Johnny, for that last sentence, and for many other things.)

[And thank you, Luisa, for this. ♥]

Johnny's "Bad Romance" in Prague.
Photo from the gallery at

More "Bad Romance."
Photo from the gallery at

Mobbed as always, Johnny greets fans
and signs autographs in Prague.
Photo posted by Anna Kotarbov√° 
on the Nebeské Hrany Facebook page.

Relive the magic: Here are Johnny's performances from Prague!

Heartbroken from April 15, 2011.
Includes extended interaction
between Johnny and the show's emcee
after his performance. :)

Bad Romance.
I THINK this is from Saturday's show.

Bonus! The opening number from Friday's performance!
Watch for Johnny in his black "Fallen Angel" costume
waiting backstage at around 1:23, and then
making his entrance onto the ice at about 2:06.
More Johnny sprinkled throughout,
and again toward the end starting around 3:40.

Double bonus! Coming soon:
Flashback to Kings On Ice in Budapest with
yet more gorgeous photos!

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Annie said...

Thank you, Luisa, for sharing your experience. Johnny touches your heart in unexpected ways and it is impossible to completely explain how you feel. But you told your story so personally that I felt as though I was there. You touched and warmed my heart. Thank you again for sharing. Enjoy the memory forever.

And, thank you, Lynn, for bringing Johnny to us through your blog. YOUR heart shows in every post.

Love Love.

germansoulmate said...

My inner child is sighing with me unisono now.*patting little germansoulmate on head and telling her that her time will come*

Thanks to Luisa for her account on ~All things Johnny Czech Republic~.

aaaack said...

Thanks so much Luisa and Binky, for your wonderful account. It was full of heart and soul. It was also great to see the audiences' universally wonderful reaction to Johnny's skating. He touches everyone.

julief8486 said...

Thanks for putting Luisa's experience here for us to share with her! Yes, I remember seeing 'Heartbroken' and hearing the sound of his blades - an absolutely ethereal experience. I feel so lucky to have discovered Johnny, and grateful to him for all my like-minded friends around the world!

Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

"I was blessed to have a chance to see Johnny skate in person, meet him, see his angel's face, and feel his angel's soul."

that pretty much says it all right there. Luisa and Binky, thank you for sharing this with us - it was lovely!


jenn said...

Luisa, thanks for sharing this with us. It's nearly a year since I first saw Johnny skate in person, and like you I was struck by the sound of his blades on the ice. Afterwards I was struck by how present he was with each and every fan; there were so many of us, desperate to each have a moment of his time. I'm sorry you didn't get to see the second show, but so, so glad you got to meet Johnny on Friday.

WheresMyKoppy said...

Thank you Luisa for your heart-felt first person account! And thank you MM for giving us the chance to read it! There's nothing like hearing it in the original words of the person experiencing something so wonderful for the first time! We've all felt much of what you felt Luisa; in fact, I felt the same way when I saw Johnny skate for the first time last October at All That Skate Los Angeles. You CAN hear his blades during 'Heartbroken'! Such a beautiful number! I wonder what Johnny would think if he knew you were plotting how to get out of the hospital to come and see him when he was last there? LOL!

Barbora said...

I was on this show on friday and Johnny was AMAZING! After Bad Romance I jumped over mantinel and give him a flowers - and get huge and kiss! I was sooooo happy! Only one little sad thing is I have not photo from this "happiest moment on mylife", but its still in my memories :)
I hope he´ll come to Prague again <3