Monday, April 25, 2011

RSVP: Maybe • Yes • OMGIDIE

Oooooo ... this just popped up this morning on Johnny's website!
I have of course already happily accepted his invitation
and forwarded my regrets to Will and Kate,
since I couldn't possibly risk not making it back from London
in time for this rather more important event ...
Art is from the fab eDressMe page, where Johnny's designs
will be available for purchase this Saturday
after they are unveiled on the ice à la Elise Øverland.
Johnny also tweeted yesterday that he's premiering
a new number at Ice Dreams!
So if there's any chance at all you can make it to the show--
this is a don't-miss event in Johnny history!
Click to get your tix today!

I'm having a lot of trouble putting any kind of coherent blog post together since the only thing currently running through my head is OMGICEDREAMSISSATURDAYOMG, but fortunately my friend and fellow Johnny blogger Nancy Knisley has come to my rescue. In celebration of the 1,000th quote posted on her blog, The Quotable Johnny Weir, she has put together another Johnny trivia quiz for us to enjoy! Test your knowledge of random Johnny stuff--all answers can be found on Nancy's blog. Check back tomorrow to see how well you did! (BTW Nancy is currently taking a break while recovering from knee-replacement surgery, so please feel free to stop by her Facebook page to leave well wishes for her. ♥)

The Quotable Johnny Weir 1,000th Quote Celebration
Trivia Challenge

[Note: For some reason I keep reading that in my head as
"The Portable Johnny Weir."
Which is certainly something every fan wants ... ]

1) Before the 2010 Olympics, in addition to two suitcases, Johnny planned to pre-ship a box of "necessities" that he said included:
a. Ten cans of sugar- and fat-free whipped cream
b. A foot massager
c. Bubble bath
d. Two cans of Pledge, two bottles of Windex, and a Swiffer

2) At the 2010 Olympics, Johnny discussed what item(s) of clothing with the members of the US women's bobsled team?
a. High-heeled galoshes
b. Winter gloves
c. Cashmere sweaters
d. Underwear

3) Johnny described his Child of Nazareth program as:
a. Baloney and cheese
b. Mountain Dew and Jesus Juice
c. Three glasses of Champagne
d. Like bunnies frolicking across a beautiful meadow

4) The hat Johnny designed for Adrienne Landau was inspired by:
a. Hobbits
b. Vanilla meringue cake
c. His mullet
d. Traditional Amish bonnets

5) Johnny said he doesn't like to share:
a. Snacks at truck stops
b. Hair-styling tips with Snooki
c. Straws
d. His closet

6) Johnny said this makes him angry:
a. Dry-clean-only drapes
b. Being limited to three bags of luggage on planes
c. Sweaty weaves
d. People who are stupid by choice

7) Johnny said he might watch this on Valentine's Day:
a. A Care Bears trilogy
b. 127 Hours
c. Birds pooing on his balcony
d. RuPaul's Drag Race

8) During spring 2011 fashion week, Johnny expressed an interest in learning to wear:
a. Stiletto-heeled skates
b. George Lopez's suit
c. Grandma chic
d. Pants

9) Johnny said the great idea that should have been his is:
a. The Dragulator
b. Wheeled luggage
c. DVRs
d. The light bulb

10) Johnny returned a Louis Vuitton bag he'd bought for __________, because the recipient hated it:
a. Justin Timberlake
b. Ping
c. His chihuahua, Vanya
d. Howard Stern

11) In addition to sharks and spiders, Johnny is afraid of:
a. Small men in boats
b. Cellulite
c. Kangaroos and koalas
d. A wookie jumping out of his closet

12) Johnny said he regrets buying:
a. $400 dollar Dolce and Gabbana jeans
b. A marabou pink shruggy kind of thing
c. His first car
d. Saddleshoes

13) Johnny said his next book will be:
a. A coloring book
b. About his childhood pony, Shadow
c. A tragic fairytale
d. How to Judge Figure Skating for Dummies

14) According to Johnny, if he opened a mall kiosk with Paris, they would probably sell:
a. Designer sunglasses
b. Properly sliced cheese
c. Tapered sweatpants
d. Five-minute eyebrow threading

15) Complete this sentence as Johnny did: "We are all ..."
a. Winning
b. Ninjas and pirates
c. Onions
d. A box of rainbows

16) Johnny said this was the accomplishment of a lifetime:
a. Walking like a dude in Asher Levine's show
b. Parallel parking
c. Appearing as a guest judge on The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection
d. Sewing buttons on sweaters

17) Johnny claimed this as his "most outdoorsy" activity:
a. Stomping down Madison Avenue in heels
b. Sleeping in the Olympic village
c. Skating in Elise Øverland's fashion show
d. Watering the plants on his balcony

18) Johnny said that in his final Poker Face costume, he looked like a drag queen and ... ?
a. Judy Jetson
b. A modern, Sex Pistol-y barbarian
c. A crazy helicopter and smart car
d. Very theatrical and dramatic

19) Johnny said he hates:
a. Airport scanners
b. Metal shards in his underpants
c. Having shopping cart wars with 80-year-old ladies
d. Missing an episode of Shameless

20) Though Johnny is mostly an open book, he doesn't like being filmed for Be Good Johnny Weir when he is doing what?
a. Working out
b. Succumbing to "The Church Giggles"
c. Driving into pedestrians
d. Eating

Johnny checks last-minute details on his eDressMe collection.
From Coco Perez--more pictures on his blog!

~ Our thoughts, our prayers, our hearts are with you ~
Please order a shirt today to help the people of Japan!
For more ways to pitch in, please see this article.

Yes, Ice Dreams is happening again
in Bensenville, IL, on April 30!
For every ticket sold, $1 will be donated to
the Japanese Red Cross.
More info on the Ice Dreams website; buy tickets here!
Want a half-price ticket?
Chleo' C-bladez Glitter Jr. can't go this year
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Interested? Contact her on Facebook or send me an email
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Yes! At last: Pop Star On Ice is now available on DVD!
Order yours today from the Pop Star On Ice website!

Please help Johnny meet his goal
of raising $10,000 for breast cancer research
by visiting his donor page! Any amount
you can give will help Skate for Hope
in the fight against cancer.
You also can get tickets NOW to see Johnny
perform in Skate for Hope on
Saturday, June 18, in Columbus, OH!
(Same weekend as the Annually Awesome

Johnny tweeted recently:
"Buy my single,'Dirty Love' via iTunes.
Tell all your friends to as well. The more copies sold
takes me one step closer to making a video! №1!"
You know what to do.
Please buy the song from Johnny's website,
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Hey, Welcome to My World also is available
as an eBook! More info on Johnny's website!

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aaaack said...

Thank you to Nancy and Binky, for another fun installment. Good quiz. For the few questions I did not know the answers to, the choice of answers was perfectly baffling.

Heart be still...regarding Johnny's skating and dress event. Looking forward to your account and accompanying ethereal photographs.

As for the wedding, I regard it like the Superbowl...a good time to shop at the food store because the aisles will be more clear.

Anonymous said...

love the trivia, love the dresses, Ice Dreams is going to rock!! Lucky people!!!


Princess Johnny-Love ♥ said...

hee hee! LOVE the trivia contest! these always make me wanna dive head first into a BGJW marathon!

are the answers gonna be posted tomorrow? i wanna know who the LV bag was for.

and - oh yeah! - my RSVP says OMGIDIE!! and how many suitcases am i allowed to bring?



WheresMyKoppy said...

Can't wait to see the dresses and to hear about Ice Dreams!