Friday, April 15, 2011

Brief Shining Moments from Budapest

UPDATE: New "Heartbroken" video from Budapest just posted!
Thank you so much to Tatiana Edrenkina
and Julieta (@lovelyreally)
for alerting fans,
and to f1orult on YouTube for posting!
And thank you to all who pointed out
that Johnny is wearing his new red-soled skates... :)

Oh hai!

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm currently buried up to my adverbs in a freelance project that has completely taken over my life and is essentially editing the book from hell which is even funnier because it's a religious manuscript, so I'm afraid I must ask you to just go ahead and make yourself at home while I diligently work on rephrasing all my polite margin notes to the author because I'm having trouble keeping the "f*ck" out of my tone (thanks to Jenn Kittler for that spot-on analysis of what's taking me so long to plow through this...)

Why a religious manuscript, you ask? Because there's nothing like a huge dollop of irony to top off one's life, and it so happens that my areas of expertise as a freelance writer and editor are (1) highly technical medical manuscripts, from which I have gleaned just enough health knowledge to be a danger to myself and others, and (2) Christian fundamentalist treatises that lay out in excruciating detail lots of irritating philosophies with which I disagree violently. LOL.

(Note: I love book editing and I volunteered for this project, so I have no one to blame but myself. Although it's tempting to blame US Senator John Kyl, R-Ariz., for absolutely everything in the world including the cancellation of All My Children, for which he is solely responsible. #NotIntendedToBeAFactualStatment)

So please help yourself to a Coke Zero, Diet Mountain Dew Supernova, or Diet Peach Snapple from the fridge, and grab a Ho-Ho or five from the box on my desk (really, go right ahead--there's like three more boxes in the pantry because the Wonder Outlet store is just a little too conveniently located to my house. And of course it makes sense to enjoy a sugar-free beverage with a Ho-Ho--just think of the calories you're saving ...), pull up a cat, and enjoy the brief but heartfelt coverage we have today from lovely fans who were at KOI in Budapest. I'll just be over here alternately facedesking and muttering all kinds of words to myself that would melt the face right off this earnestly evangelistic author ...

Group picture taken after the show,
according to @PlushenkoNews on Twitter.
Thanks to the Facebook group, "Kings On Ice Hungary,"
who posted it to their wall!

We also have three videos from Gabriella Lucz, who kindly posted them on Johnny's fan page with the most wonderfully charming comments, which I've included here :) Thank you so much for sharing these, Gabriella!

Gabriella writes: "Sorry, i'm just so excited :D
sorry about the voices and the picture isn't sharp ...
but i love this :D it's the final anyway :)
Don't worry i stop posting :D."
To which we all commented back, shrieking,

For this one, Gabriella says: "Not so sharp :D camera sucks :@
but ... there's Johnny :D." Which is a phrase
that pretty much always makes everything all right. :)

And here's the last one from Gabriella, who notes:
"I almost forgot :O that's the best ... Johnny's soo funny :D."

And that's all for now--Johnny's already in Prague, where he'll be performing in "Edge of Heaven" tonight at 8 pm and again tomorrow at 5:30 pm. We who are stuck here a billion miles away quietly contemplating gouging out our own eyeballs with a grapefruit spoon so we can stop. reading. this. manuscript. are hoping for Prague fans to be as warm and generous as those in Budapest--which is a fairly safe bet since Johnny's fans all around the world pretty much rock. :)

Just for fun: Here's the Google Translator version of a Hungarian article covering what was said at the press conference on Wednesday. Sample sentence: "Obviously been discussed for many weird little creature exhibitionist, sharing many personality--all this we did not find anything, even though every athlete is so loose, funny, open, direct, and it would be nice!" I'm thinking Google Translator didn't get really good grades in Hungarian ...

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WheresMyKoppy said...

(1) highly technical medical manuscripts, from which I have gleaned just enough health knowledge to be a danger to myself and others, and (2) Christian fundamentalist treatises that lay out in excruciating detail lots of irritating philosophies with which I disagree violently. LOL.

LOL indeed! Interesting your two specialties have so little to do with each other! Can't even imagine trying to do the fundamentalist things...EEK!

Once again, great blog MM! I just love your sense of humor and ability to make something great out of such an irritating work situation!

Thank you to the wonderful fans supplying the videos and the pictures! I'm sure Prague will be wonderful for Johnny! And you're right, all his fans pretty much rock!

Oh, and one more the google translator translation! ARen't they great? LOL!

Peace said...

Thank the gods, because I fell asleep and I am NOT a happy camper when I get up (I hate camping now that I'm old anyway but I love naps. whut?) ..when I get up and there's little to no Johnny activity, so good thing there is somebody in Budapest with a camera and some Johnny love, and that Binky sleeps weird like me.

Obviously been discussed for many weird little creature exhibitionist, sharing many personality"

Hungarian to English to google to Binks to Peace translation: [Johnny is] "Obviously the topic of covos and interest of serious fangurls with saysomethingunderpant t-shirts [lurking outside the KOI rink flailing helplessly in Hungarian but acheiving the HUngarian non-tourist moroseness from worryage that Johnny would get away before they could love him up], looking adorabley cute and not fat at all, blah blah blah why can't they all be like JOhnny!"

Maggie St. said...

As Gabriella and her friends so eloquently stated:

aaaack said...

Thank you, Binky, for another great window into Hungary. If not for you and the Internet, we would all be languishing at loose ends. For indeed, Johnny is our addiction of choice.

Reading the broken English translated from Hungarian reminds me of the scientific papers I have proofread for geophysicists. If you ever get to the point where you cannot stomach to proofread any further, I attach one invisible coupon worth one pass of free proofing of any manuscript under 40 pages in length.

You have earned this for services rendered to Weirlandia, along with an invisible gold medal for exceptional blogging. On this medal Johnny's head appears in relief surrounded by a coin edging of laurel. We have commissioned the Canadian mint to make this custom commission with the help of their designers, presses, annealers, and lasers.

BTW, there exists a medal design worthy of the skating judges

Anonymous said...

LOL at "pull up a cat" !!! :) That's so much a part of my life I don't think I could ever do without it - great blogpost Binky - I still have a lot of catching up to do . . .